Super Powered Teacher Chapter 3

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SPT Chapter 3: School Uniform

Posted on June 3, 2015by sylver135

Here’s another chapter of Super Powered Teacher. Here’s another song. 记念 by 雷雨心. Unfortunately (for me at least) there is no official version, just this live version.



Right when Ke Ran returned from the student council meeting, she heard about the news of Ren Bi quitting, unable to help it she let out a sigh.

She knew that it was definitely related to Tang Zhuo Hui and her group of friends, even though she didn’t know what exactly they did to Mr. Ren, but this is not the first time. Tang Zhuo Hui’s father is the director of the school board, her mother is also the CEO of a big company. Its like she has a ring of light above her head, that light making the eyes of the surrounding people go blind, no one can do anything about her, even if Ke Ran is the president of the student council, and the cla.s.s representative.

Just sitting at her spot, Zhang Xin at the same table came close and said lowly: “Did you hear, Mr. Ren left, another of Tang Zhuo Hui’s group’s masterworks.”

Ke Ran glanced at a couple of boys and girls surrounding a laughing girl, and then said lightly: “Don’t say nonsense, careful that she hears it.” The sound of her voice is gentle and soft, making people feel as though they’d eaten a really sweet marshmallow.

Zhang Xin pursed her lips saying: “They’d be pleased if they heard it, this news was spread by them, they think of it as an achievement. Did you know, they say that An Jing sacrificed her body to seduce Mr. Ren into opening a room.”

Ke Ran used the pointy end of her palm to lightly cover her mouth: “Ah, An Jing she, she actually…” But then thinking of what happened yesterday at the stairs, a person suddenly flipping An Jing’s skirt, and she just blankly stood there unfazed… (TL: Does someone want to tell me where’s the pointy end of the palm?))

Zhang Xin said in contempt, “What is there to be surprised about, that s.l.u.t is willing to do anything. Although that Mr. Ren isn’t a good guy either, a complete old pervert, Pei, it’s better that he’s gone! Oh right, I heard that Mr. Ren’s successor has already been decided, he is a top student from Northern University, hope he’s hot, hehe.”

Ke Ran sighed saying: “I only hope that we can stop switching home room teacher’s so often, this our last year of high school…”

“Ke Ran, the head of education is calling you to go to his office, at the second group of the grade.” A student told Ke Ran while he/she walked into the cla.s.sroom. (TL: 年级二组, I have no knowledge of the Chinese education system so I don’t really know what this is))

Even though the head of education was calling her, Ke Ran didn’t show any haste, taking her time to stand up, slightly arranging her clothes. Only then did she use a speed even slower than a normal person’s to quietly walk out of the cla.s.sroom.

Coming to the second group of the grade, the head of education Ren Peng Yu was talking to a teacher who from the back looked very young. Seeing Ke Ran, she waved her hands saying: “Ke Ran, come over, this is Xia Yu, the temporary home room teacher of your cla.s.s will be him. I’m more busy, so you’ll be responsible to help him quickly get familiar with the school and with your cla.s.s’ situation.

Ke Ran nodded her head, looking towards their new home room teacher, Xia Yu also just right looked over. The two people’s eye’s directly met, both surprised. Ke Ran honestly didn’t think that their next home room teacher is actually that hoodlum who openly flipped skirts in school, and Xia Yu didn’t think that one of the two people he did his best to avoid would appear in front of him so quickly, and is also the cla.s.s representative of his cla.s.s, the student council president…

Meeting under this kind of situation, Xia Yu felt incredibly awkward, but that pretty girl named Ke Ran just silently looked at him, no sort of emotion in her eyes.

“h.e.l.lo, um, cla.s.s representative comrade.” Xia Yu awkwardly laughed.

Ke Ran slightly nodded her head saying: “h.e.l.lo, Xia Laos.h.i.+.”

Ren Peng Yu did not have a smile on her face, saying blandly: “That’s enough, then he will temporarily be in your care. Remember Xia Laos.h.i.+, tomorrow is your first time teaching, the and other leaders will be listening at the side, consider it your first test. This will decide your future, I hope that you can treat it seriously, that’s all.”

Waiting until Peng Yu left, Xia Yu said with a helpless face: “And I though teachers were really impressive, who knew I just got here and was already being lectured. Hope there can be something for me to look impressive about in front of the students…”

Ke Ran continued looking at him like that, without any expression towards his words, and not speaking.

Xia Yu could only let out a cough, saying: “Um, I’m still not too familiar with the school, can you take me around if you have time later.”

“Later is self-study time, and then in the afternoon school will be over. If you want me to take you around the school, then we can go now.” Ke Ran said, “Although let me say first, I walk slow, we might not be able to visit all the areas.”

Xia Yu was pretty thick-skinned, at this time he had already readjusted himself, nodding his head as if nothing had happened: “I’d already heard that Coral is very big, like a city within a city, although I hear that the Coral University at NanAn City is even bigger.” (TL:Thick-skinned)

Ke Ran only gave a light En as a response.

Xia Yu knew that this girl G.o.d knows how much was looking down on him in her heart, this kind of att.i.tude was already considered pretty good.

The two people walked to the bottom of the stairs, Xia Yu suddenly asked: “Is it prohibited to drive in the school?”

Ke Ren was dazed for a bit and then said: “Of course not.”

“Then what about your car, taking a drive around shouldn’t take too much time ?”

Ke Ren said a bit embarra.s.sed: “I don’t have a car, I only have a bicycle.”

Xia Yu didn’t even notice her awkwardness, saying while smiling: “Bicycles aren’t bad either, lets go, I’ll pull you.” Finis.h.i.+ng he started pus.h.i.+ng her forward without giving her a chance to speak.

Ke Ran didn’t have a chance, only able to say: “Wrong direction, it’s this way.”

At the carport, the majority of cars parked are very cool looking cars, there really weren’t that many bikes, Xia Yu said quizzically, “Aren’t you guys a posh school, I thought you would all be princesses and young masters, but there’re actually people that ride bikes.”

He said this very naturally, Ke Ran did not feel any hint of discomfort, lightly saying: “How can a posh school only have upper cla.s.s students? A lot are supported by their families’ entire savings to come here.”

Xia Yu carried Ke Ren, going around the school according to her instructions. Along the way, if Xia Yu didn’t ask, Ke Ran would not open her mouth. At this time they came to a sports ground, a lot of people were surrounding two girls that were break dancing.

Xia Yu let Ke Ran get down the bike, the two people walked around the sports ground should to shoulder. Seeing Xia Yu looking at that side the whole time, she opened her mouth for the first time on her own and said: “Those two girls are in 3rd year middle school, very good at break dancing, and are very pretty, so they are very popular, although..”

Xia Yu smiled picking up and saying: “Although they aren’t very good students is it?”

Ke Ren didn’t say anything.

Xia Yu looked again for some time before taking back his gaze: “En, Coral’s school uniform is pretty nice, has a lot of feel.”

Coral’s school uniform is an English style white s.h.i.+rt with 2 thin black ties. The bottom is trousers for boys and a black and red checkered skirt for girls. On the legs are black stockings, all of this fully displaying the youthful beauty of the girls.

Xia Yu noticed that some more open girls purposely chose a smaller size skirt to have the effect of a short skirt, and some more conservative ones thus turned into long skirts. The socks on the legs were also all different, some just pa.s.sed the knees, some were below the knees. Xia Yu glanced at Ke Ran beside him, discovering that the length of her skirt was pretty moderate, not too long and not too short, just reaching her knees, her socks were obviously below her knees a bit, a pair of delicate legs being outlined with an elegant curve by the socks.

In a moment Xia Yu thought of the view he saw under her skirt yesterday, the skin of her white, soft thighs still appearing in front of his eyes.

Ke Ran noticed Xia Yu’s gaze, a pink cloud slightly appearing on her face, finally unable to resist giving Xia Yu a light glare. Actually Xia Yu didn’t have any other thoughts, but combined with his actions yesterday, being mistaken served him right.

Xia Yu acted like he didn’t care at all smiling while saying: “Not bad, Coral’s atmosphere is very nice, before when we were in the beginning of high school, what we hated the most was wearing the school uniform. Oh right, is the school uniform mandatory?”

Ke Ran nodded her head saying: “Yes, but there really isn’t a very serious punishment measure. Some rebellious students won’t wear the uniform and the school doesn’t really care.

Xia Yu leaned against a pole watching the students in the sports ground laughing while each doing their own thing. Everywhere there was the sound of laughter, that kind of feeling was truly very nice.

Super Powered Teacher Chapter 3

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