Aobara-hime no Yarinaoshi Kakumeiki Chapter 13

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※Return to Alicia’s eyes.

 Princess Alicia's day is downright hectic.

 Alicia studies manners, dance, embroidery, history, religion, language, astronomy, pharmacy, current affairs, etc., etcetera and etcetera. Since there are only a few ways to ascend the throne as a queen, there is a wide range of disciplines to be studied.

 Each study was given a private tutor, and in turn, he/she appeared before Alicia and taught according to the schedule, which was incorporated into her schedule without any delay of a fraction of a second. For a 10-year-old girl, it is a life that was cramped.

 Not long ago, many of the disciplines that were crammed as a successor to the throne was extremely painful for Alicia. The more you learn about history, the more likely you are to become a queen. If so, how fun it is to throw out such a boring study and run around the garden!

 However, after recovering the memory of the "Night of the Revolution", Alicia seriously worked on her studies in a different way. If I say that I have changed, the tutor of history will open his mouth in shock, and the tutor of language will be emotional to tears.

 Nevertheless, humans are not so easily reincarnated. As it was not serious until now, when I suddenly listened to it seriously -- and it is because there is no acc.u.mulated knowledge -- it is an overload.

"I don't want to move my head even a millimeter more.……」

Good work, dear Alicia. I will prepare a sweet tea now」

 At the end of the day's Cla.s.s, a young princess sat down at her desk and her servant entered the room with a tea set.

"Are you going to skip the cla.s.s like you did before?"」

 While pouring tea into the tea cup, the maid glances Alicia with a glimpse. Alicia dipped her neck, sniffing her nose to the smell of tea.

"Is it so funny for me to be serious about my studies?"」

"That's right, I ran away with you like that a while ago. It was fun to raise a castle and pretend to be a princess.」

 Annie, whose mouth is too honest, laughed around saying so without hesitation. For Alicia, who does not have a brother, Annie is like an older sister who is separated by a year. She knows that, and she goes beyond the master-servant relations.h.i.+p and takes care of Alicia.

"I am afraid that I will suddenly become a smart person and force myself to break my body. The night is also long, and the rest is.......Are you worried about something?」

 In a sharp and concise word from Annie, Alicia was a hermit.

 For the purpose of "changing the future", after interacting with the messenger of the star, Alicia imposed on herself to work on the studies that she was not good at. It is necessary for Alicia to have as much information as possible in order to change the situation for the better.

 It was a lucky coincidence to find and be close to Clovis. But beyond this, it does not always work.

 The biggest problem that awaits us in the future is the war against the neighboring country Airdal. As a result, King James will die, and the kingdom will be effectively controlled by its neighbors, attracting the night of the revolution.

 It is impossible not to change the future, but to let Alicia's beloved father die is also not an option. In order to do so, it is necessary to avert the war against the waiting Airdal. That is why Alicia puts in so much effort to the studies that she is not good at.

 …... And for such a solid oath, of course, is not told told to anyone. Of course, this also applies to Annie who is be able to be like my sister.

Somehow, yeah. I just had to get a hold of myself.」

 To the poor reply of the closed up Alicia, Annie did not pursue any further. You will probably feel the doubt being swallowed up, and her will to silently put tea and sweets in front of Alicia.

 The smell of sweet tea gently tickles the nose. I felt like Annie's care was being poured into the tea brewed with the intensity suiting Alicia's taste, and Alicia began to cry silently. Knowing or not knowing the appearance of such a princess, Annie gently cuddles me next to her.

Let's eat.」

"Yes, please enjoy」

 After rubbing her eyes, Alicia puts her mouth on her tea, when someone knocked on the door.

"You look a little tired, so let's report it together tomorrow」

"No, it’s okay, don't worry. Tell me how it was today.」

 Sitting across from Clovis, Alicia smiled with her sky-blue hair.

 As a special rule between Alicia and Clovis, the day he was on duty he was supposed to report what he had done on that day, thus meeting once a day in the evening. This is Advisor Otto’s idea.

 Normally, even if there is no such decision, the master and his Advisor will meet face to face. However, this is not the case for Alicia, where the amount of official duties is small. However, communication was required to enhance the relations.h.i.+p of trust between the two, and this kind of commitment was made.

As for Alicia, it is difficult to let a young man who is nearly 10 years older carry her feet, though there is no much use, and she tried to refuse him asking whether it is troublesome for him as well. However, it was Clovis who did not yield unexpectedly.

He did not show how he disliked her, but rather, his facial expressions remained calm and composed, because a feeling was strangely coming back to Clovis, he accepted that it would be okay with her. It is not unreasonable for Alicia to see this handsome aide as a large black dog with good hairiness at times.

 There is also a cup of tea prepared by Annie in front of Clovis. His is sweet and modest, unlike Alicia's. After reaching out to recommend to Alicia and having a cup of tea, Clovis slowly raised his face.

Today, I have been tested by Lord Naizel.」

"Tested? What was it like?」

 It was reminiscent of a bundle of parchment paper that the aide brought, and Alicia bent her mouth to the letter. But what Clovis explained briefly was somewhat different from Alicia's imagination.

"So you pointed out the bulls.h.i.+tness of the report with just the knowledge in your head, without having any material at hand?"」

"It's not a big deal. By chance, it just matched the content of the records that I read」

Young aides talk like they are nothing, but given the same amount of time and resources, few of them can a.n.a.lyze like him. However, the ability to draw out the information as needed is more important than the enormous amount of knowledge.

"Oh. I wish I had a clever head even half of Clovis’s.」

Ms. Alicia?」

Clovis blinked his purple eyes at Alicia, who was envious at the desk. However, immediately, he looked at the thick books that had been piled up on the desk of the young mistress, and it seems that there was a reason.

Author’s Note
It's bad, but I'll cut it once.

It's a little short and early but here's this week's chapter. I wasn't sure whether to keep the swear word but I just left it as is, so Alicia is a bit of a swearer now ^^'' I have a lot of misfortunate stuff going on right after I started doing this, but don't worry I'll keep up with the schedule unless further updates. That's why thank you all for the encouraging comments and know that I read everyone one of them ^*^ Happy Late Valentine's Day~

Aobara-hime no Yarinaoshi Kakumeiki Chapter 13

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