Kanna no Kanna Volume 4 Chapter 42

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obligatory text gaaoo

There are quite a few protagonists involved recently (just before the duel with botchan).

k-kanchigai suru yo ne. b-baka

Although its sudden, lets talk about my friends.

………This is the second time I've done this. Its not about the childhood friend Yuuzuki, whom I've talked about before. This time, its about the two female friends I've known since middle school. Up till now, their name came up several times.

Hiiragi Misaki. She has a black belt in karate, a lively girl.

Asagi Ayana. A genius with the ability to secure top ranks in the national mock exam.

Though their type are exact opposite of each other, both of them are best friends. When they hang out together, attracting attention from the crowd was the norm of their daily lives, as the pair of them are [bishoujo]. It sounds like I'm announcing their profession but it's true, so no argument can be made on that point.

The original materials can be compared to beautiful gems but after entering high school, they were further refined and polished. By the end of high school second year, their popularity grew to such an extent, the school was practically divided between the two of them.

While Misaki was tomboyish, her body began to exude a mature charm. Combining the sensuality of an adult with the childish innocence still present in her countenance, a beauty like no other.

Ayana, on the other hand, was pet.i.te. A trait which further increases her prominence. She was a rare beauty with both adorably cute atmosphere and loveliness in one package.

I was on good terms with both of them, forming a group in high school along with my childhood friend, a certain hetare ikemen, Yuuzuki.

Unsurprisingly, any scene where Yuuzuki and the girls are together can only be described as exceedingly picturesque.

In the first place, Yuuzuki was not the kind of person other people would hate. He doesn't turn into a target of envy even if he became friends with the two bishoujo. For example, if there are someone from among the students harboring feelings towards Misaki or Ayana. When they knew they have Yuuzuki as their opponent, they will be convinced to give up and say [it can't be helped.]

……Can you guys guess which template situation are going to happen next?

That's right. Including the grudges and jealousy directed originally towards Yuuzuki, those envious b.a.s.t.a.r.ds pooled together even my share and it all came cras.h.i.+ng down to me. Its a typical pattern that happens when the protagonist is close to you.

To make things worse, its not only the guys targeting me, but also the female students. This case was related to Yuuzuki.

[I'm not h.o.m.o!] so I appealed but it wasn't effective.

Things weren't so bad during middle school but it escalated after entering high school. I was involved in several events called [behind the school gym].

All those events can be summed up in a few sentences. Most of them were complaints about me being too close to the trio, and so on and so forth. Occasionally, some of them resort to physical means.

I just ignore the former.

As for the latter, they were good practice partners.

Holding to [an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth」bit of wisdom is my principle. In reality, I didn't go that far. I just carefully, precisely and thoroughly break their will before politely asking them never again resort to such violent actions. The bad one here are those who badmouths the friends.h.i.+p of others and even worse than that, are those who turn to violence to speak for them.

The cost for all that events was my own body. Luckily, I don't have to worry about reprisals because I did it properly with moxibustion.

………Well, doing a [carefully, precisely and thoroughly] routine too far causes my infamy to spread wildly. It was only appropriate my friend counts are low. Thankfully, other than the trio, my other friends are normal because, I'm not too fond of grouping up and and making a ruckus. Despite that, there were also times when I was horsing around with my friends, resulting in a very boisterous commotion.

The reminiscence became rather lengthy. Again with this pattern.

What I wanted to say was, I'm already familiar to this kind of development. Forced to a duel-like situation because of my relations.

Even though I'm not the protagonist!

《keep dreaming》

「Why are Kanns.h.i.+ being melancholic de gozaru ka?」

「Oh, I was just thinking that there sure are a lot of troublesome matters these days.」

「………Limited to the matter this time, this one is of the opinion that Kanns.h.i.+ plays no small part to propel that argument into this predicament de gozaru yo. Kanns.h.i.+ is in no position to be uttering that at this moment de gozaru ga.」

At dusk, the very same day we got into an argument with the botchan, we were once again inside exam hall of the guild. Chloe was with me in the room. The Ryujin basan came too.

「You're being considerably calm ne~.」

「Though its botchan's fault I got into this situation, I don't know why I should be nervous.」

「How frightening ne~. To readily a.s.sert that its the n.o.ble's fault. I'm rather interested in your past experience, seeing you behave like this at such a young age.」

My experience, huh. Such as, immediately after being summoned to this world, I was about to be disposed of. Or that time when I almost got crushed to a paste by a giant golem in the Sacred Mountain grotto. Or when I narrowly avoided being burnt to ashes by a mysterious magician.

Compared to that, its impossible to be nervous when facing the tantrum of an angry obotchama in a duel. According to obotchan, due to the disgrace he was subjected to, his honor was tarnished and so, proposed this duel to reclaim his honor back.

I'm sure he initially wanted no less than to punish us severely with the power of n.o.bility at his back. I was convinced of that by the time I saw my opponents.

Usually, a duel is a one on one match. However, our opponents are a total of three. Me and Chloe as a team. The trio of botchan with his escorts. In other words, he proposed this duel with this arrangement from the start. Well, if our opponents excels in cooperating during a fight, that would be a different story.

「That weapon, didn't you pa.s.s the exam unarmed?」

「Because this isn't an exam.」

Basan points out to the ice axe beside me.

During the test, a large axe was also prepared but it weighs almost as heavy as the real article, blunted edge notwithstanding. Its hard to control with my current strength. On the other hand, I can brandish an axe made with Spirit Art freely. Even if it has the same volume and dimension, most of the weight were alleviated by the spirits.

(This would be easy enough if only I can attack from a distance.)

If I engage them using long range technique that are currently under development, such as the ice shuriken, I'll be able to overwhelm them unilaterally. That plan should work, if my opponents are just mediocre.

At first I thought I'd proceed like that but the situation this time was not good. The main cause was the Ryujin basan who planted herself as the umpire to this duel.

「Is it a magic tool that solidifies attributes to be used as weapons? You have a very unusual item ne~.」

「As you know, I don't have any mana. Having these kind of magic tool would help a lot.」

The big axe I made this time was a little different from usual. A blue gem was embedded in the middle of the long ice handle. The magic tool pointed out by basan referred to this gemstone but its actually just a regular gemstone. This was one of the gems I had in my stash. I keep only the blue gemstone with me to serve as emergency money.

The other day, basan became aware of the fact that I don't possess any mana. I don't think she is a bad person but it is best to avoid any unnecessary scrutiny. Basan said it herself, her age and experience is not just for show. I'm afraid some bits of truth would get extracted from me if I talk more than I should.

As for this big axe, I pushed through by saying it is a product created by the effects of a magic tool. In the future, let's use this gimmick when I want to use my abilities in public.

Chloe already knew my circ.u.mstances but just a light version of it. She doesn't know how I obtained Spirit Art and the details surrounding that particular information. For the time being, I managed to convince her that I was capable of evoking magic without using mana. I lost count on how many times she saw me generating ice, so I decided to tell her at least that much.

「By the way, Chloe.」

「What is it de gozaru?」

「I've never seen you fighting, so I was wondering about your battle style.」

Its been about two weeks since we first met but I've never seen her in a battle. That was because magic beast almost never made an appearance during our carriage trip with Faima and her entourage after Chloe joined.

When Chloe was still being manipulated, she strikes from the shadows but later on, she clarified that it wasn't her actual fighting style. I need to know her fighting style in order coordinate our actions better. Although its temporary, as long as we are fighting side by side, it is a necessary measure.

「…It is hard to describe with words de gozaru na.」

「Then, how about this. Are you focusing on speed or technique or something else?」

「……Inexperienced as this one is, if it were to be expressed in words, this one excels more in technique de gozaru na. As Kanns.h.i.+ witnessed the day before, even though this one is part of the Black Wolf Clan, the mana amount this one possesses are just a meagre amount. Consequently, compared to the other clan members, this one cannot even begin to compare in speed and power de gozaru yo.」

From Chloe's explanation just now, one would a.s.sume amount of mana directly affects physical ability. Its not entirely wrong but its not the whole truth either. The reason I knew all this happened yesterday. I bought a book t.i.tled [Maryoku(mana) courses even 3-year old can understand] before returning to the inn. True to its namesake, it was very easy to understand even for me who can't read properly yet.

According to the book, in tandem with the commonly used jutsu-s.h.i.+ki, mana can also be used to improve physical abilities. Support type jutsu-s.h.i.+ki does not produce intense effects, but on the contrary, it raises body performance naturally without imposing too much of a burden on the body. In addition, higher mana amount used means a more powerful jutsu-s.h.i.+ki effect. Furthermore, the ratio of the increased effect is related to an innate trait of a person.

The trait was described as [to adapt oneself with mana].

Also known as [mana affinity].

「The Black Wolf Clan compared to the other races, has much higher mana affinity de gozaru yo. This trait contributes much to the strength of the Black Wolf de gozaru. However, it does not matter how high an affinity one possess, it is all but meaningless with low amount of mana de gozaru. Moreover, this one's attribute is [Thunder]. If its Fire attribute, [instantaneous power enhancement] and if its Earth attribute, [muscle strengthening]. Both attribute comes with jutsu-s.h.i.+ki that can cover either of this one's lack of power or speed de gozaru ga. The Thunder attribute, however, does not have any prominent support type jutsu-s.h.i.+ki. That is why this one devoted efforts solely towards improving this one's meager techniques de gozaru yo.」

Chloe showed a listless smile. I can sense that she was close to the point of resigning to her fate due to her [incompetence]. From her, I feel a deep sense of familiarity to my own state of mind.

「……The conversation has digressed de gozaru na. In short, that is the truth of this one's situation de gozaru. This one wishes to be pardoned for not being a dependable partner such as Real-s.h.i.+ de gozaru na.」

「…She is outside of common sense in various ways. If another unreserved transcendent power character exist, it will be a major problem.」

「……Isn't that too much de gozaru ka.」

「She can blow away heavy warriors wearing full plate armor in a direct confrontation.」

「That is……spectacular de gozaru na.」

Maybe she can even win against a heavyweight boxer in a head-on match. Despite all that, she was not the heavily muscular type but instead a slender type with only one part of her emphasizing itself with intense presence.

Just one person with all that attributes is enough, thank you.

buffer text. do read at tl site

Hmm, focusing on technique, huh…

I feel bad for Chloe, but I wanted power-type or speed-type for group battle like this but I won't voice out this selfishness.

「Then, I'll distract the two escorts. Chloe's opponent is that botchan.」

「Eh, this one de gozaru ka? This one thought our role would be reversed de gozaru ga.」

「In a one on one fight, technique-type s.h.i.+nes, am I right. Besides, I'm quite used to one against many situation, be they magic beasts or people.」

With the experience from earth and the perception I obtained from this world, even if I can't defeat those escorts, I can at least stall for time.

「Understood de gozaru. This one will swiftly defeat that botchan and provide backup de gozaru.」

「Ou, I'm counting on you.」

At this stage, devising further strategy is impossible. If I want to proceed past this point, I need to experience fighting multiple times alongside Chloe, taking note of her habit along the way. Only then, I can a.s.semble new ideas for our strategy.

Our brief strategy meeting was over but even then, the other party hasn't shown up yet.

「Chloe, did someone got injured badly during your escort request?」

「None at all de gozaru. When we returned to Draknil via a train station, it was only to the extent of acc.u.mulated fatigue de gozaru.」

「Then, why are they taking so long?」

「Even if you ask this one de gozaru…」

Let's ask someone else.

「Basan, don't tell me its actually tomorrow?」

「No way that's true. I personally confirmed it a while ago. They only said it will take a while to finish preparing ne~」


「Don't tell me he's going to fix his makeup or something like that.」

「Kanns.h.i.+, this one is sure our opponents are all male de gozatta zo.」

「I was just saying.」

As I was joking around, metal clanking sound can be heard from the hallway. Whatever the source is, it grows louder as it gradually gets closer as Chloe and I looked at each other in confusion. Eventually, the clanking reached the door and before long, the door was pushed opened.

Its the appearance of the n.o.ble botchan party but our interest was concentrated on the two hired escorts behind him. When I came across them at the guild entrance, they wore light armor similar to mine, emphasizing mobility in exchange for defense on vital areas only. Their equipment was a sword and light s.h.i.+eld.

And yet, when they finally came to the venue, both of them are clad with steel-looking, full plate armor. Only their sword remained as it was. Even their s.h.i.+eld was exchanged to a much larger version, twice the original size.

I wonder if he got satisfied looking at our dumbfounded face, botchan was grinning annoyingly as he continued on to the center of the room. Both the armor followed closely behind. One whole set of full plate armor, that must have been considerably heavy but their smooth movement belies that.

「That armor is made of mithril alloy. Such an expensive shopping ne~.」

「Mithril alloy?」

Here it is.

A typical fantasy metal came out.

I'm kinda interested on the alloy part.

「Mithril alone is softer than iron de gozaru yo. But by treating it as a catalyst, the resulting alloy is much harder and lighter than its metal const.i.tuents de gozaru yo.」

「……Is it expensive?」

「If you want to buy a standard-sized sword made entirely of mithril alloy, be sure to prepare 20 gold coins ne~. Let's see now, that is a full plate armor, so maybe around 50 gold coins ne~.」

An armor with a five million yen price tag.

「……Isn't that a bit too unreasonable for a pocket money of a botchan.」

「The Duke household won't be fazed by merely that amount. Remember this fact.」

It seems that my [make-up joke] unexpectedly became true.

「I've kept you waiting, gentlemen. My escorts' armor was not in good shape, you see. As an employer, I must be aware of any detrimental issues regarding my subordinates. Hence, at my discretion, I have provided them with the latest product available.」

Botchan there shamelessly began a speech.

I wanted to slug him.

「I want to slug him.」

「s.h.i.+!………Kanns.h.i.+, please bear with it de gozaru yo.」

Ooops, did I let that out.

「It appears to me that you're intimidated. If you cry to me asking for forgiveness right here and now, I will consider it.」

What did he misunderstand our lack of reaction for? Cause of that, some out of place remark pops out from obotchan.

Ah, this must be that scene. The scene where the rich guy acts arrogantly behind hired professionals. What a cliché.

「I had heard that the man over there had just become an adventurer today.」

You're in the same boat, dumbo.

「As for me, I regret to inform you that since my childhood, I've been trained by a former royal guard ceaselessly in the art of swordsmans.h.i.+p. Although, I'm still at the lowest E-rank right now, my abilities are surely equivalent to C-rank. In the near future, I'll be promoted to C-rank without fail.」

If so, then don't take a C-rank escort for your E-rank request!!

Don't bring them to your duel~!!

Don't be so extravagant in your equipments~~!!

「……Patience de gozaru.」

I had to swallow all the tsukkomi I wanted to throw at botchan when Chloe placed her hand on my shoulder.

「Chloe, was it? Even now it is not too late to become my subordinate. If you help me administer punishment to that insolent person, I will even forgive your transgression.」

「Redo your life from antiquity!!」

《it really got upgraded huh》

「tte oi Chloe! Where did you throw your patience to?! More importantly, where did your [gozaru] go?!?!」

I had to pin down Chloe to prevent her from las.h.i.+ng out. Chloe bared her fangs and growled just like a wolf. Subjected to such fierce intimidation, botchan flinched and went [hiii!].

Ah, this botchan has mental strength as thick as paper.

「H-Hmph! No matter how renowned the Black Wolf are, in the end, you are just like a beast. F-Fine by me. I-I'll just make you a slave and firmly reeducate you later.」

Still trembling from Chloe's intimidation, botchan somehow managed to spew some big declaration.

「……Listen here, let me make this clear. This is a duel with only honor at stake. Losing party complying with demands of the victor, such nonsensical rule does not exist. Also, in this Diagal Empire, owning a slave other than a criminal slave is a crime in and of itself. There is no way you would not be aware of this fact, being a member of the outstanding Duke household yourself, isn't there?」

After botchan's excessive outburst, basan interrupted him. As basan said, Diagal Empire, Yulfilia Kingdom and other countries as well, all of them prohibited slavery system with a very few exception. The only kind of slave existing now was the crime slave.

Those who are charged guilty for petty crimes spend a period of time as a slave. If they are deemed to pose no further troubles, they will be released from slavery. Conversely, a major felony will forever chain the convicted criminal, with no chance of release.

「Oops. What have I done. Apologies Lydeal-sama, it was a slip of the tongue.」

His seemingly polite mannerism towards basan shows her superior position.

「……You seem to know my name, don't you?」

「But of course. There is not a single person in this capital who is not aware of your fame and ident.i.ty.」

「I don't need flattery. More importantly, after this duel has concluded, there will be no more animosity nor grudges between both parties. Regardless of the outcome, I will not allow any lingering resentment to fester into another conflict afterwards.」

「You have my compliance.」

Botchan nodded in agreement while replying to basan but his face was clearly transmitting [h.e.l.l if I care, kuso baba]. Basan was able to read him too but her only reaction was just a scowl, a nigh undetectable one.

「Then, I'll explain the rules. The outcome of this duel will be decided when I adjudge all the duelists on either party to be incapable of combat. Attacking an incapacitated duelist will be deemed as breaking the rules of engagement. Same will be applied if any duelist refuse to comply with my restraining order. ma, That much should do. Uphold the rules, and you are free to do everything else. This guild employs an excellent healer, as you know. Whether you lost a leg, an arm or getting even your eyes crushed, she will perfectly heal you.」

As basan pointed out, without anyone noticing, the female staff whom I've met so many times now was already bowing politely at the entrance. Standing next to her was a familiar dandy figure.

「oya, You came as well?」

「The rookie under my charge raised a commotion in no time at all. It would be strange not to be interested.」

It was the examiner me and botchan had to fight during our examination yesterday.

「Then, you'll be my a.s.sistant. With your [eyes], nothing will be overlooked. Is that acceptable?」

「I respectfully accept.」

After the examiner nodded in agreement, he proceeded to the center of the room, placing himself the opposite of basan. His gaze naturally wandered over to the big axe placed by my side.

「You didn't use that weapon against me yesterday.」

I look away with all my might.

I look away as if my life depended on it.

「It seems that I've made you wary.」

I'm afraid of your eyes which seems like they can see through me.

While being nervous under the watchful eyes of the examiner, I waited for basan to begin the duel.

buffer text here. nyanyaa

nuru ne cho wa omos.h.i.+roi na

maryoku=mana until further changes

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