Kanna no Kanna Chapter 69

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short chapiter. features [sword] n [legion]. 3rd person

[void] atrribute, previously translated as [sky]

100% accuracy and grammatically correct not guaranteed. revisions, corrections and edits are periodically done. only on my site tho. corrections are welcome

obligatory textg uh oh

Captivate without knowing it

mata ka yo

Rewinding time, again.

「Eh? Wai-wait a minute!? Eh!? What just happened~!? Where did that gargantuan~ ice came from!?」

At the height of his confusion, [Legion] screams madly.

He was trying to summon the [ace up his sleeve] when [Heavenly Sword] suddenly grabbed his collar and tossed him away, causing him to bite his tongue.

When he tried to raise a voice of protest, a [white-haired] man entered this s.p.a.ce unnoticed by him and destroyed [Legion's] summoning magical formation that he poured all his skills to create.

Even though his mental capacity was already pushed to the absolute limit, the next think he knew, [Heavenly Sword] who chased after the white-haired man to dispose of him was sent flying back by a colossal chunk of ice that followed right after. 《rechcek flow n grammar》

He could not keep up anymore.

After taking one or two minutes to calm down, [Legion] devote his mind to a.n.a.lyze the situation.

「………First of all, is [Heavenly Sword] safe~?」

Looking at her direction, he can see a colossal ice lump stuck in the cave's wall. Just the ma.s.s alone is a dreadful medium of destruction but when it is coupled with tremendous speed, its destructive power is terrifying to even imagine.

When [Legion] was still in chaos, he managed to catch a glimpse of [Heavenly Sword] between the ice lump and the cave wall.

The colossal ice lump wedged one meter deep into the bedrock. As can be imagined from that kind of impact, it is safe to say that hoping for her [safety] would be hopeless.


「What is it this tiーーgyaaaa!」

All of a sudden, a nearby cave wall shatters just as the sound occurred, blowing away [Legion]. To his surprise, [Heavenly Sword] walks out from the destroyed section of the wall.

However, to say that she is completely unharmed would be incorrect as her left arm looks like it was wrecked. Even so, [Heavenly Sword] firmly steps on the ground while carrying a sword in her right hand. Her imposing figure does not project any weakness at all.

「[Heavenly Sword]!? How did you escape safely?」

[Legion] is astounded while looking back and forth between the ice lump and [Heavenly Sword]. His bewilderment at watching her walking out of that bedrock overpowers his intention to complain being blown off.

「It's hard to say I'm completely intact with this arm but I'm fine, more or less.」

The white-haired man's [superma.s.sive ice sh.e.l.l] went far beyond the imagination of [Heavenly Sword].

Despite the absence of prior mana signs, it was an attack with formidable power and range.

Even for the [Heavenly Sword], receiving that attack from the front would not end well for her but she could not escape as the ice was too wide for any evasive maneuver. [Heavenly Sword] who came to that conclusion gave up in getting out of her situation with all four limbs intact. Without any hesitation, she used her left arm in place of a [cus.h.i.+on] to minimize damage from the impact.

As a result of her quick thinking, she was mostly uninjured after being sent flying by the colossal ice lump, with the exception of her left arm. [Heavenly Sword's] next course of action was to face the incoming cave wall and slash it using her right hand.

With her strength, even with only one usable hand, an ice lump with volume only at [this level] would have been instantly cut into pieces. However, [Heavenly Sword] abandoned that approach the moment she felt its density when the ice slammed her away. Rather than the ice, [regular] bedrocks are much easier to deal with.

[Heavenly Sword] cut into the bedrock faster than the imminent colossal ice lump that threatened to crush her between the two. Her action secured her a [blank s.p.a.ce] the size of a person with a depth of about 2 meters.

That was how [Heavenly Sword] managed to escape death.

After that, she continued digging a tunnel by cutting the bedrock with her sword and completed her escape by blowing away the last obstacle.

「It's very excellent of you to make such a decision in that instant ne~」

「I don't have the confidence that I'll be able to do the same thing again.」

Against an attack that specifically targets the [opening] of a person's psyche, it can be said that she was lucky to survive at the expense of only one arm. If her judgement were delayed even by a few seconds, far from only her arm, her whole body could have been crushed.

「Nevertheless~, that is unlike you. If you had demonstrated your true~ ability, that level of magic would've been easily broken, right~?」

「I won't deny that but this is also the result of my immaturity. Not sensing any mana is not a good reason to let my guard down. In hindsight, a broken left arm is a small price to pay as compensation.」

「Normally, if one got their arm broken~ they won't speak of such dry lines ne~ ………Well, in your case, even with an arm or two crushed, you won't face any particular problem though.」

「Don't liken me to a [Kraken]. I'll cut you down, you know.」

ーーーIncidentally, Kraken is a humongous squid-type super dangerous magic beast with an rank designation.

From the viewpoint of [Legion], she is no different compared to the Krakenーーrather, he is more afraid of an angry [Heavenly Sword] than any [magic beast], never mind a Kraken.

「Okay~ let's stop the idle chat for now~. That white-hair's magic seems to have inflicted a critical damage to the surrounding bedrock.」

「We have no choice but to abandon this place, do we now? Your specially made magical formation was utterly destroyed after all.」

「uuuu Please don't remind me of that.」

The ice mountain had disappeared, leaving behind a ground so devastated that it is impossible for anyone to know there was a large scale magical formation drawn here.

Despite his whining, [Legion] laid his hand on the ground to construct a new magical formation. This formation has a structure similar to the summoning type. A [teleport] magical formation to be precise. It is a long distance movement spell that could only be utilized by a scarce few magicians of the [Void] attribute.

「………However, now that the situation has come to this point, we have no other choice other than to return to our [home country] for further instructions.」

「Indeed~ All the instructions issued to us were based on the premise that [this operation] will be successful. Therefore, there are various~ points that we ought to investigate in depth ne~」


Various unprecedented abnormality occurred thus far.

From among those abnormality, a particularly conspicuous [white-haired man] left a strong impression in [Heavenly Sword's] mind. Although at the time she used only a third of her true strength, she received a severe reprisal on account of her pride.

There is no point in presenting an excuse.

Instead, he should be praised for his masterful obscuring of mana and that instant invocation of powerful magic but for [Heavenly Sword], the man's most striking feature is his crimson eyes.

ーーーShe felt from him a will of iron, just like a personification of himself.

In fact, her delayed reaction was partly because she got fascinated by his pupil.

『How strange. Recalling those eyes makes my heart race.』

Touching her chest with her unhurt right hand, she could sense her heart beating just a little bit faster than usual. It is different sensation from the one caused by exhilaration of battle or extreme indignation.

『Also, my cheeks are hot.』

Just what is this indescribable feeling of hers?

Before [Heavenly Sword] could arrive at an answer, both of them are enveloped by the light emitted from the magical formation and disappeared from the cave.

A few minutes later, all traces of their existence vanish alongside the cave-in, buried under a mountain of rocks.

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next is last for this arc, interlude 4

Kanna no Kanna Chapter 69

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