Rebirth of MC Chapter 206 Part1

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Golden Dragon Blood (The End)


Two people were sitting in a dusky prison cell. One was unperturbed and had silver hair, plus was wearing Taoist robe. The other one was smiley, had white hair with dragon horns and white clothes.

"En. I never thought that this jailer's tea would be so sweet" Huo Zaiyuan gently nodded his head after drinking a mouthful from the teacup in his hand.

"Haha… You are actually very calm. Do you think he will try to find you?" a person sitting in the corner raised his head and bursted into laughter. He pa.s.sively looked on Huo Zaiyuan, and then added: "Being forsaken by his own clan from birth… he must deeply hate this place… Why would he come back?"

"Are you acquainted with Zhanye?" Huo Zaiyuan asked.

"Zhanye… haha… worthy of the Evil Dragon. This murderous sounding name, really suits him" the man laughed again: "Of course I know him. I am his only kin left in this world. His mother was an elder relative of mine, the Dragon Clan's Temple Priestess. And I was the Temple Chief. After his birth, it was said he would be the traitor, thus he has been abandoned in the Cultivation Boundary. Because the Dragon Concubine thought I would sacrifice the whole clan for him, she ordered to kill his mother. As for me, I was imprisoned… and so…" while speaking, strong sorrow and hatred appeared in the man's eyes.

Huo Zaiyuan stared at him, frowning. Afterwards, he got up and sat down by the man's side. He stretched his hand to hug his shoulder: "Zhanye will come. But before that, we must leave this place"

"What!?" the man turned his head to look at Huo Zaiyuan, and suddenly lowered his voice: "Little child, even if he would come to rescue us, this prison is surrounded by Dragon Clan's Secret Boundary. Except for the Golden Dragon Emperor, n.o.body else can break this jail… or else, why do you think this erudite Temple Chief has been imprisoned here? Haha!"

"So only the Golden Dragon Emperor can?" Huo Zaiyuan looked at the jailer flas.h.i.+ng through the golden rays pillars (?).

"The Golden Dragon Emperor's throne can be inherited by the one who has his own blood. Unfortunately, his blood doesn't match with those of the commoners'. Average dragons can only breed one child throughout their lives… as for the emperor… ten times more. And among those children, only one carries the Golden Dragon Blood. The current Golden Dragon Emperor has thirteen sons. Pity that I, his nephew, rank fourth in seniority. Anyway, the Golden Dragon Blood will manifest whenever the child reaches adulthood, but all the thirteen sons, after growing up, didn't inherit the Golden Dragon Blood… Only the abandoned child… ha! So ridiculous" the man snorted in despise.

"If Zhanye is the Golden Dragon's successor, then I can break this cellar, because…" Huo Zaiyuan slowly pointed at the s.p.a.ce between the eyebrows: "A strand of his dragon soul is inside my body"

The man was dumbfounded.

Huo Zaiyuan and Long Zhanye got married in the Human Boundary. And being married in the Cultivation or Immortal Boundary meant that one's own soul and life were being handed over the partner. On the night of marriage, they settled an agreement.

"I see. No wonder he would come to save you. That's good. Since destiny allowed this Temple Chief Long Qi to reappear under the sun one day, then Long Qi is forced to comply with the destiny" Long Qi slightly smiled. His jubilant expression was like moon s.h.i.+ning through the night.

Huo Zaiyuan also smiled, while looking at him: "If we want to get out, then we must be quick. Otherwise if Zhanye gets here, he will really become the invincible Evil Dragon"

Long Zhanye and he have been together for three worlds. Even though, in the Human Boundary, the commander grandpa Long has tried to correct Long Zhanye's twisted character, but his cruelty didn't fade a little bit. After his dragon soul returned to him, although he was righteousness persisted, but his cruelty became even more apparent. Luckily, Long Zhanye didn't forget his agreement with him — don't randomly kill.

However, right now Huo Zaiyuan has been captured by his clan. Long Zhanye must have thought that they have injured him, thus getting angry and losing his mind… ahia… He hoped there was still enough time to stop him.

Long Qi was extremely familiar with the deployments' tactics. With Long Qi's lead, Huo Zaiyuan quickly undid the boundary. When only two layers were left, a dragon cry could be heard not far away, followed by a violent explosion.

"Darn!" Long Qi's expression suddenly changed.


The two accelerated the speed, knowing that Long Zhanye would kill the entire clan for real.


Floating golden hair. Black robe. s.h.i.+ny golden dragon scales covering the face. And a savage expression. Long Zhanye's whole body emitted a murderous aura. He looked at the golden robed person in the Main Hall, ferociously saying: "Return him to me!"

The solemn Golden Dragon Emperor observed the golden scales covering Long Zhanye's fierce face, and then said: "Thou carry the Golden Dragon Blood, how could We stop thee. Come here, come by Our side. Thou will become the most supreme Golden Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Clan. For Our…"

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Long Zhanye suddenly moved. He attacked the Golden Dragon Emperor with a killing intent. The latter was sent flying, and collided into the palace. The pedestal of the palace collapsed.

Not waiting for the Golden Dragon Emperor to defend himself, Long Zhanye turned into a golden shadow and swiftly charged towards the Golden Dragon Emperor. He ruthlessly clutched the neck, and then dragged him closer: "I will ask you again, where is he…?"

Golden Dragon Emperor didn't expect that Long Zhanye would be that strong. After he slowly opened his mouth, he spitted out: "That cultivator has died already… Ah!—"

Golden Dragon Emperor suddenly shouted because of the pain. Long Zhanye's sharp claws abruptly stabbed his chest. Afterwards, he pulled out a golden s.h.i.+ny pearl: "Since it is like this, then let the whole clan be buried with him!…" Long Zhanye coldly said. He threw the ragged and twitching body of the Golden Dragon Emperor on the ground.

"No… You can't…!" looking at Long Zhanye turning his body to leave, Golden Dragon Emperor tried to crawl from the ground. However, he was strengthless, since his golden pearl has been forcefully seized.

In addition to Long Zhanye's hate for his clan, Huo Zaiyuan has been captured, so right now his desire to kill, which has been suppressed for a long time, was taking form. His face wore a crazed look. Holding the golden s.h.i.+ny dragon pearl in his hand, Long Zhanye opened his arms and slowly soared in the sky.

Die! All of you! Die…!

Rebirth of MC Chapter 206 Part1

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