Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou no Aruji o Mezasa Nakya, ne? Chapter 339 Part1

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Year 7448, Month 4, Day 15

After the shower, Al became worried again.

Because he had been too busy recently, his work, literally, just work, was not going well.

The minerals gained by beating the shadow dragon could be used to make useful weapons.

Not to mention that from the beginning of the New Year, Al had been making the necessary weapons even when he got a nosebleed.

However, there was a strong possibility of doing battle in dungeon.

Discuss terms with the ranchers of meat farms in the capital suburbs to reach an agreement.

Negotiate with horse dealers.

And the acquisition of Winston Carrim – the capital's armor maker, car rim manufacturer, and craftsman leader – to move it into the city (After showing Winston Carrim the dragon scale, Al promised to give him the status and money as a royal craftsman had, so it was not so difficult to negotiate with him.)

What exceeded Al's expectations was Mr. and Mrs. Donneol – La.s.seg and Milly – who stayed here as the manager of the company in the capital. After receiving Leila.Yotlen's training as a manager, they were qualified to become an agent. (They hadn't received adequate training, so their performance was not satisfactory.)

Besides, detailed adjustments and negotiations were also needed, so Al didn't have spare time to concentrate on his work.

What Al had completed were:

Axles made of special steel and tungsten ball bearings for wheels (four large six-horse carriages)

Wheels (16 plus one spare tire)Rubber tires of the same number (with air pipes inside)Guns used in dungeon and test bed for new semi-automatic pistols RDX gunpowder (experimental article) used in dungeon

He only finished these.

And the rubber he used to make current tires was the same as he used to the tires at beginning. He didn't adopt plywood carca.s.s structure, so the air pipe was also inside. However, a thin steel plate was attached between the air pipe and the tire, and the nerve extracted from the nerve fibers of the shadow dragon was put in the tire as a breaker cord.

“Ahhh, carriages are not enough… and large presses… threading machine…”

Press machines and threading machines had been invented in this world.

A press was like a juicer used to extract juice from grapes to make wine, or a machine used to squeeze oil from the seeds. And high-hardness steel was necessary for making a threading machine's blade, which should at least hard enough to cut off an iron rod. Press machines and threading machines usually were not large because of metal problems.

“Bastoral can also become a manager… but if he becomes the president… then he has to be a.s.signed to the company… I'd better go talk to him tomorrow.”

As Al said to himself, he took the pen and continued to write the unfinished list of manager candidates.


Year 7448, Month 4, Day 16

“I want to entrust the company to you. Then you can a.s.sign tasks to others as the president, and you are mainly responsible for calculating taxes.”

After Al finished running, he greeted Saji before going to capital.

“Hey… Don't you want me to go with you… I want to improve myself a bit… Is it okay to leave me, Baldoggie's boss, the ramen restaurant's boss and the condom merchant here? “”

Saji felt aggrieved.

Al comforted him.

“It's okay. You only need to receive training from La.s.seg and Yotlen before you move. It will be a problem if I keep you here.”

This was a real problem – Al never thought about getting Saji to work in the capital forever.

It's a waste of talent if a valuable reincarnator only worked in the capital.

“I still prefer serving as a salesman for the time being… because the trial sale of ramen has fetched the public, and there are people coming to the company to ask when ramen will be on sale.”

Standing nearby, Kathy listened to their conversation and also told them her thoughts.

At the beginning of this month, the ramen tasting in front of the company in the capital was very popular. After that, a continuous stream of customers came to ask when the company would start selling it officially.

However, before officially opening a ramen store, reincarnators under Al's leaders.h.i.+p who were temporarily serving as clerks and chefs also needed to receive a certain level of training.

Everyone was not very skilled, so the technique was poor.

Firstly, cooking the noodles was not a problem, but it took time to put the food into the plate. If the number of customers increased slightly, they would be in a hurry.

If their speed was a little lower, the noodles would be soaked in the soup that was hard to cook. It was not uncommon to get the wrong order.

As a result, they couldn't provide restaurant services equivalent to consumption.

"I deal with customers joyfully and get used to charging gradually…"

Kathy always talked about business in the store full of pa.s.sion. She was as weak as a pupil of fifth or sixth grade in calculation in giving changes to her customers, though she had been used to the charging work, in other words, she would make a mistake if she did a slightly complicated calculation. At present, only the reincarnators under Al's leaders.h.i.+p could finish ringing up the sale, paying taxes and other work perfectly in a short while.

OK… According to what you have just said, you can continue with the work. But I will take part in the training before removing to a new house. Please take me away."

"Of course. You have lots of things to do. Please do them at your utmost."

Saji approved of this explanation. Their conversation was over.

Al gave him some simple commands before changing his clothes and riding his horse to the capital.

"AI is busy…"

Zenom stood up and crossed his arms over his chest, watching Al's receding figure.

"Saji, would you mind checking if the reservation is OK before taking a bath?"

Al had instructed Saji to check the half-done name list and try to make an example of paying taxes before writing.

"OK. Since there are fewer Exterminators and both Maru and Rinbo are there, I think we'd better go to the third layer."

While answering, Saji took out a small sandbag that he used to do weight training. He started running with the sandbag at the end of last year.

The political party that Maru and Rinbo had joined recently was called Exterminators, however, Kuro and Mary were members of Slaughterers.

"Although it doesn't matter, Ralfa and Mekku looked worried."

Zenom smiled while talking.

According to the plan, Exterminators going to dungeon this time included Zenom, the leader, Ralfa, Kimu, Ruttsu, Henry, Mekku, Jesu, Maru, Rinbo and Saji.

If this was Saji's last time to go to dungeon, people using Healing Magic would mainly be Ralfa and Mekku.

Zenom had to seize the opportunity to use Healing Magic since Ralfa and Mekku didn't had large amount of mana.

In the third layer of dungeon, they mainly had to deal with Goblin, Gnoll, Ork, Hobgoblin and others. Except for Ork and Hobgoblin, more than a dozen or twenty Goblins and Gnolls often appeared together in most cases. Although their individual ability to fight was weak, they couldn't be underestimated as they were greater in number. At first, they were easy to be dealt with, but after four or five days in dungeon, people became distracted.

Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou no Aruji o Mezasa Nakya, ne? Chapter 339 Part1

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