Akuyaku Reijou Ni Nanka Narimasen. Watashi Wa『Futsuu』no Koushaku Reijou Desu! Chapter 91

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Lunch and mofu cravings.
Now then, it's time for lunch. Dober-san declined since he had his own lunchbox made with loving care of his wife or something, but everyone else had joined us.
I spread a large, pink blanket at the usual sunny place in the vicinity of the Knights Order headquarters, and lined up the lunchboxes. Today, I painstakingly made a piece of work. However, I thought that Dober-san would join us too, so there's a little bit too much, I think?

"… There are many dishes I have not seen before, huh."

The son of Marquis Roswayde looked at the dishes in wonder.

"Rosarin's cooking is really delicious."

"… It's not the Duke family's chef's?"

"I made it myself."


Silence speaks in the lack of trust in me. Hmph. You don't have to eat if you don't want to. Even though the son of Marquis Roswayde ate my barbecue and soup before, Adeil-san ate my homemade sweets as well.

"If you don't want it, I am going to give your shares to Curtis."

"Seriously? I will have it, I will eat!"


Curtis made an unexpected entrance. Hugh-san was with him too.

"Rosarin, I want to eat too!"

I saw Curtis like a s.h.i.+bInu begging me for food. I can't win against a hungry puppy.

"… Eat as much as you please."


Curtis swiftly took off his shoes and sat down on the blanket.

"Your manners, Curtis."

"Thank you for the meal!"

Curtis obediently thanked for the meal and started eating Karaage.

"So good~!"

"That's not fair, Curtis! I am also going to eat!"

Dirk started eating undauntedly too.

"Yummy… Rosarin's warm meal after such long time…"

We couldn't eat lunch boxes together recently, after all… should I make a special bag for Dirk's lunchboxes? Freshly made food is the best, after all. I am glad that Dirk is feeling happy. It was worthwhile doing my best.


Holy Beast-sama and Darkness-sama ate in silence. Is it tasty? Is that so?

"May I have some too?"

"Go ahead."

Hugh-san was hungry as well, so he joined us. He then pulled out many sandwiches he brought for his lunch.

"Adeil, how about you eat this if you don't want that? You like sandwiches, right? I will eat your share."

"I did not say I won't eat it!"

"…… What the h.e.l.l is this?"

"… It's super good."

Hugh-san showed surprised expression. What he ate was a croquette.
And, Adeil-san forgot his character once again. What he ate was full of ingredients s.h.i.+gure-Ni I made today.

"Adeil-san, that is Hundredth Million Buffalo beef stew."

"… Wha?"

"… That's an ultra high-cla.s.s ingredient."

The son of Marquis Roswayde's expression was sour, for some reason.

"Is that so? I am glad it suits your tastes. It was worthwhile hunting it yesterday."

"It should be quite expensive, you know? Is it all right to make such luxurious lunchboxes every time?"

"Eh? I hunted it so it was free of charge, you know? If you want a compromise, then the only cost was my labor."



Weird. Something is off. Buying (katte) and hunting (katte)… maybe? I could understand why they were speaking of it being expensive then. After I explained, the son of Marquis Roswayde who now understood had snapped.

"In what world is there a young lady who goes casually hunting an S-rank monster to put into a lunchbox! Your lack of common sense should stay within the bounds!"

"There's one right here! It's the result of the affection for my beloved future husband and thoughts of wanting to let him eat something delicious, and wanting to reward the knights who were forced to do boring paperwork because of me!"

"Your heart is wonderful, but your actions are strange!"

"… It's Rosarin we are talking about, she can't help it, no?"

"………… Indeed."

The son of Marquis Roswayde ended up a.s.senting to Curtis words.
Wait, what do you mean by that, Curtis.
Don't just agree there, son of Marquis Roswayde.
Noticing that I was glaring at him, Curtis tried to deceive his way out with the words "It's tasty, so eat!" while stuffing food into the mouth of the son of Marquis Roswayde. Even if I say so myself, it was a fairly good method.

"… It's delicious."

In the end, the son of Marquis Roswayde started eating too. He seemed to like it as he ate in silence.

"… By the way, Miss Rosarin. Why are you sitting on top of Dirk's lap?"


It's a habit, so I sat down as usual.

"Eh? They are always like this during lunchtime, ya know?"

"… I see."

The son of Marquis Roswayde said in a tone of resignation.

"How about minding the public for once?"

Right! Being pointed out by Adeil-san who completely lost his Fake-Onee persona, I promptly got off Dirk's lap and sat next to him.
Hey! Stop making a lonely expression, Dirk! Won't you make me feel as if I have to sit on your lap!

"… Adeil, you are different from usual, aren't you?"


Adeil-san froze after being pointed out by Dirk. He roughly scratched his head.

"… That's as it should be."

"Hmm. Isn't that way better?"

"Indeed. I feel there's a usually a distance between you, Hugh, and Curtis, but I could see you getting naturally along now."

Dirk agreed with the words of the son of Marquis Roswayde. He's unexpectedly sharp.

"… That might be so."

Adeil-san did not deny. He might be a close friend of Dirk and the son of Marquis Roswayde too.

"Like that, you are naturally cool."

"… Eh?"

No, don't take it so seriously. I was quite fond of Adeil-san in the game. My real opinion has just…! Awawawawa! Dirk, don't be saddened!

"… Hmm~ they how about you date me?"

"Not possible. I am Dirk's, after all."

I replied reflexively. Dirk was obviously feeling relieved.

"Whoa, I thought so. It's good to be pa.s.sionate, but wouldn't it be better to remove the wounds on your back and neck? Even if it might be to honor your first experience."

Adeil-san grinned. First experience?

"…? … !! Let's erase it! We did not do it, but let's not leave any trace behind!!"

Adeil-san's remark basically meant 'having fun in the night'! There certainly is hickey on Dirk's neck, so it can't be helped that he misunderstood!

"Eh? No way!"

"We will get misunderstood that we want all the way, though! At least the neck!"

"… All the way?"

Dirk looked puzzledly. However, realizing the meaning, he instantly blushed.

"… Rather, even though you did not do it, what have you two lovers done to cause such wounds on Dirk's back?"

Delicacy? Is that delicious? Curtis dropped the bomb.

"That's – "I will die from embarra.s.sment, so stop it! I will do dogeza or anything, so please don't say it! I won't talk to you for a while if you say it!"

"… You are desperate, aren't you?"

The son of Marquis Roswayde was surprised. I got teary-eyed.

"… And so, why?"

And, being able to read the mood, but not minding at all, Curtis pressed for the answer.

"If you ask again, I won't ever give you snacks again."

"Got it. I won't ask."

Sensing that I was being serious, Curtis quickly pulled back.

""They are completely tamed.""

The twins seemed exhausted. I cannot deny that. Curtis can't operate without snacks.

Akuyaku Reijou Ni Nanka Narimasen. Watashi Wa『Futsuu』no Koushaku Reijou Desu! Chapter 91

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