How To Say I Love You Chapter 23.2

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Chapter 23.2

The onlookers thought that he would NG as soon as he appeared, but they didn’t expect that he would play a n.o.ble young man who had been tortured and was paralyzed by fear . They couldn’t help being dumbfounded . Even Luo Zhang Wei gave a little “eh” and his face was full of wonder .

Realizing that he was acting, Xiao Jia Shu was afraid to move, but the fear in his heart was so strong that he could not get rid of it for a while, and his body was stiff . But this kind of rigid state just coincides with Ling Feng’s situation after being tortured, and so it pa.s.sed smoothly .

Ling Tao, played by Ji Mian, did not dare to show his concern for his younger brother . After his earlier words, he remained silent . He put a pistol on the tea table and said slowly, “Fang Ming, you know the rules of the road . Do it by yourself . ”

As a scapegoat, Fang Ming naturally felt dissatisfied . He took the pistol and aimed it at his temple but turned the gun head and shot Ling Tao at the moment when he pulled the trigger . After pulling the trigger several times, the gunshot did not sound, and Ling Tao was not hurt, because there was no bullet in the magazine . Fang Ming’s expression changed from cruel to unbelievable, then deep fear .

Ji Mian spat half of his cigar in his face . He closed his eyes in avoidance, slid a sharp dagger out of his sleeve and cut Fang Ming’s throat . The expression of fear solidified on Fang Ming’s face . The mechanism hidden in his neck spewed out a lot of blood, splas.h.i.+ng all around and on to Xiao Jia Shu’s side .


Ji Mian’s lenses were also stained with a few drops of blood, so he had to take them off and wipe them with a towel . All the hair that had been combed to the back of his head were disorganized and slightly dropped on the sides, which made his elegant face wilder . His real face, hidden by his lenses, was finally revealed at this moment . His face was cold and cruel, and his pupils gave out a fierce light, like a wolf tearing at its prey, without any humanity .

He was not acting at all, but Ling Tao came to from reality to fantasy . He was the biggest drug lord in Southeast Asia . He was ruthless and murderous . But when he put on his and looked at Xiao Jia Shu, all the ferocity disappeared in an instant, which turned into a kind of tenderness and love .

“Xiao Feng, come here . ” He reached out his hand and sounded a bit cautious .

Xiao Jia Shu, who was stunned by the whole process, suddenly understood Luo Zhang Wei’s meaning . What do you mean to enter the play, what do you mean regard Ji Mian as your brother? No, it’s not like that . His relations.h.i.+p with Ji Mian was not Xiao Jia Shu and Xiao Ding Bang, nor Xiao Jia Shu and Ling Tao, but Ling Feng and Ling Tao, two blood-related brothers .

“Brother?” He involuntarily called, but his face was full of confusion as if he could not be sure that the ferocious wolf-like man would be his brother . Because of a look in Ji Mian’s eyes, he finally entered the play .

Ji Mian pulled him onto the couch, took out his handkerchief and wiped his face carefully . Several people on the scene were silenced by his cruel behaviour and did not dare speak for a while . Two bodyguards removed the body . Another one came to Ji Mian’s ear and whispered, “Ge-ge, they injected him with Ebola and AIDs . ”

Ji Mian’s eyes shook fiercely, the back of his hand holding the handkerchief burst with veins[1], the angle of his jaw tightened at a speed visible to the naked eye, and even the muscles on his cheek shook . This kind of acting has reached a mindboggling level . Xiao Jia Shu couldn’t help staring at him, but he was held in his arms the next second . A big hand presses on the back of his head, forcing him into a hug and the other hand tightened around his waist so that he couldn’t move at all . Ji Mian looked down and easily finds a pinhole hidden in the back of his brother’s neck . The news confirmed .

  [1] He held the handkerchief tightly that it started to show his veins . Hope that was clear .  

Xiao Jia Shu didn’t know what it was like to be addicted to drugs, but he could fully understand Ling Feng’s feelings . The reason Ling Feng wanted to restrain his physiological reaction was not that he was afraid of being disgraced, but that he didn’t want his brother to worry more . What he keeps was not his own dignity, but the dignity of his brother, even if he was a murderous devil .

Drug use is not what he wants, on the contrary, he is more eager to get rid of drug control more than anyone else . But he also understood that this kind of drug was one that could not be gotten rid of, just like Xiao Jia Shu could never fully get rid of the fear of darkness and enclosed places . Turn these two kinds of fears over, that was Ling Feng’s mood . Xiao Jia Shu thought a lot . In fact, it was only for a moment, he closed his eyes and forced himself into the dark . Then he imagined Ji Mian’s hands as a cramped s.p.a.ce to confine himself . The fear that had been buried in the deepest heart surged .

He began to shake and twitch uncontrollably . His face was white as a sheet of paper . His tears were running down his cheeks . His snot was drawn into a thread and slowly fell . He looked very embarra.s.sed, but his hands are always clenched into fists, which were placed rigidly on both sides of his body . He was afraid to hug his brother back because his shaking fingertips would expose his current situation .

His upper and lower teeth collided with each other, making a slight rattle, but he tried to keep his voice under control, opening steadily, he slowly and sadly said, “Ge-ge, you said, in this life, never, ever, ever, enter into the underworld . You forgot, Mom and Dad . Yeah . How did they die? ” The sentence was occasionally broken by gasps .

Ji Mian said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “I haven’t forgotten . But Xiao Feng, you don’t understand that once a person’s hand is dyed black, it can never be washed white . “

As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Jia Shu felt that his back had been stabbed . It was Ling Tao who stabbed the dagger into Ling Feng’s heart . He immediately broke the blood bag under his tongue, which was mixed with tears and snot, and then slipped on the jacket of Ji Mian’s suit . His eyes looked straight ahead, but there was no focus . As if there was a scene of childhood- he and his brother were hiding in a safe house, his parents were suffering from inhumane torture, and his brother covered his eyes all the time, forbidding him to look even if it was a glance . He said, “Don’t be afraid . Your Ge-ge is here . He will protect you . ”

Now, they had grown up, but he didn’t realize until then that they had been trapped in that dark room and could never come out . Thinking of this, his eyes finally dried up, no tears rolled down, no light radiated from his eyes, but for a long time, he had sorrow shown in the loose pupil . He was dead .

The camera slid down the back of his head, showing dagger held in a bone-white hand and stabbing his heart .

The scene was over .

The stage was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard . Luo Zhang Wei stared at the screen and couldn’t recover for a while .

How To Say I Love You Chapter 23.2

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