How To Say I Love You Chapter 26.1

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Chapter 26.1

Ji Mian went a little further . He stood by the b.l.o.o.d.y puppet, waiting to calm down and made an OK gesture to Luo Zhang Wei .

“Action!” At the Luo Zhang Wei’s command, several cameras began to operate simultaneously .

Ji Mian’s hair that he had combed meticulously originally was already completely dishevelled, his face is covered with blood spots, and eyes, cold . Before, he always wore a pair of gold-rimmed, looking both elegant and handsome . Now, he was like a madman . A group of bodyguards were held back by his momentum and dared not even raise their heads .

He threw away his tie and rubbed his hair . Then he took out his cell phone and said calmly, “Come and collect Tu Biao’s body . I’ll give you 30% of this big deal . ”

It was Tu Biao’s subordinate who answered the phone . He was also an ambitious man who immediately rushed over to help Ling Tao . With Ling Tao’s support, he can not only take over the position of leader of Tu Biao’s Gang but also gain huge benefits . Why not do so?


After hanging up the phone, Ji Mian walked towards the bodyguard Ling Feng’s body . He was trying to pick up the person and saw the smudges on his face . He quickly took out his handkerchief to wipe it . His movements were very gentle and careful, but the tears and bloodstains had already condensed into a block that couldn’t be wiped clean . He was stunned . After some time, he folded the handkerchief neatly and put it back into his suit . Then he slowly walked forward with Ling Feng’s body .

In the underground parking lot, the light was so dim that it was shrouded in shadows and only the exit was lit by one light . Ji Mian headed for this light, moving one step at a time, with the heavy and slow footsteps reverberating in the open and quiet underground parking lot…

The camera zoomed out slowly, and his figure holding Ling Feng’s body disappeared in the long pa.s.sage . The murder scene of the relatives was over .

“CUT!” Luo Zhang Wei stood up excitedly, “This one has pa.s.sed!”

The bodyguards were relieved, but Xiao Jiashu didn’t respond at all . His eyes and eyebrows are peaceful, his expression is quiet, even his eyelids were not trembling like he was dead . Before the shooting started, he hypnotized himself repeatedly . As a result, he successfully let himself sleep in the past . This was a bit troublesome .

Fearing that he would wake him up, Ji Mian took him to Huang Zi Jin and whispered, “Move him to a chair, he’s asleep . ” 

Huang Zi Jin’s mouth was slightly drawn, but when he saw that the young one was sleeping soundly, he couldn’t bear to wake him up, so he had him move to the chair .

All the crew members around laughed, but they had to show their admiration for young master Xiao . How good was his mental fort.i.tude to be able to sleep when playing a corpse? He completely was a dead body, there was no state .

Luo Zhang Wei picked up his loudspeaker and seemed to want to berate the young master Xiao, but he let it fall back down gently, with a look of wanting to both cry and laugh on his face, “Let him sleep, don’t disturb him . You come and see the video . ” He deliberately lowered his voice, and his tone was full of tolerance and appreciation for the outstanding younger generation .

In the end, Ji Mian’s acting skills were still in full swing, especially when he walked to the dim light with Ling Feng’s body in his arms, it was a heartbreaking scene for no reason . He didn’t even have a single line . He just simply walked, but he gave a very good performance of a criminal at the end of the road .

Luo Zhang Wei played the footage of today’s shot scenes in order, nodding, “Yes, I got the effect I wanted . Let’s pack up and go home . Huang Zi Jin, this is Xiao Shu’s red envelope[1] . Don’t forget to give it to him later . His performance today makes me wonder that he is a good seedling . You and Huang Mei Xuan must cultivate it well! “

  [1] Red envelope: It’s supposed to represent good luck and prosperity with money usually contained inside

“Thank you, Director Luo . He’s in your hand now . You’ll also have to cultivate him . ” Huang Zi Jin accepted the red envelope and thanked him sincerely . He had seen the change in Director Luo’s att.i.tude towards Xiao Jiashu . Before, he would call the former, “Xiao Jiashu” in a very intolerant voice . Now, he changed it to “Xiao Shu” . Every word and his deeds was a little intimate, which showed his love for talent . In this way, the Xiao Jiashu was finally established in “The Apostles” group, and he did what Xue-Jie entrusted him with .

“I will certainly cultivate him . Since his acting skill can reach this level, I won’t allow him to act as he used to . It’s only his first time making a film, and he can already achieve this . His talent is rare . ” Luo Zhang Wei pointed to the young man who was having a good sleep . He said, “As long as he doesn’t slack off, he will definitely become one of the top actors in China in the future . ”

“Director Luo, am flattered . ” Huang Zi Jin’s heart was happy, but his face was modest . When they talked, Ji Mian had come to Xiao Jiashu and stared in silence . The gift of being a corpse and falling into a deep sleep, eliminating all mental activity in the next second was terrifying .  

Fang Kun came to call him, but he raised his hand and stopped him from moving . He had to make a plan to let him get into the car . When they pa.s.sed by Lin Le Yang, they pretended to be polite and asked, “Shall we go together?”

Lin Le Yang’s grey eyes brightened . He wanted to say yes . Seeing that there was a lot of staff around, he had to shake his head . He had promised not to be too close to Ji-Ge in public .

How To Say I Love You Chapter 26.1

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