Public Secrets Part 322

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could possibly dream of"

"I've already asked you too many times." He cupped the back of her head

in his hand. "How's this?" The kiss was soft, gentle, and promising.

"No one's ever going to love you more than I do. I only want a lifetime

to prove it."


"That's good." She blinked back a film of tears. "That's very good."

Taking the ring from the box, she studied it. "Why three circles?" she

asked, running a fingertip around the trio of linked diamond spheres.

"One's your life, one's mine." He took it from her and slipped it onto

her finger. "And one's the life we'll make together. We've been

connected for a long time."

She nodded, then looking up, reached out to him. "I want to start on

that third circle, Michael. Right away."


NORA ROBERTS was the first writer to be inducted into the Romance

Writers of America Hall of Fame. The New York Times bestselling author

of such novels as Montana Sky and Divine Evil, she has become one of

today's most successful and best-loved writers. Nora Roberts lives with

her family in Maryland.

Public Secrets Part 322

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