The History of Woman Suffrage Volume IV Part 162

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_See_ Conventions.

DENTISTRY, women in, 464; 700.

DISFRANCHIs.e.m.e.nT, degradation of, Miss Anthony on, 27; 44; 73; 83; 107; Mrs. Stanton on, 133; 151; 172; great sp. of Mrs. Stanton on, 176; 195; 196; Mrs. Merrick on, 243; 255; men wd. not endure, 373; same, 375.

--disadvantages of, 41; 42; 45; 46; 73; 79; 138-9; 190; 195; 196; to women wage-earners, 312; same, 377; 359; 365; 373; 379.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, gift and trib. to Miss Anthony on 80th birthday, 399.

_See_ chapter on D. C.

DIVORCE, 68; 100; 103; national law, women should have voice in, 165; evolution of, 297; in Wyoming, 362; in Wy., S. D. and Ok., 460.

DOMESTIC, household demands on women, 209; too much housekeeping, 210; future domestic service, 210; effect of domestic life on women, 258; home life of woman suffragists, 279; what home means, 285; woman's position in the home, 292; husbands do not support wives, 171, 208, 311; home vs. factory work, 311; college women and home, 358; need of trained work, 358.

_See_ also _Domestic_ under Suffrage.

DONORS, to Hist. of Wom. Suff., v, vii; to Int'l. Council of Wom., 126; Mrs. Southworth, 257; Miss Anthony, 287; in Conn., 536; in Ga., 582; Mrs. Avery, 642; in N. Y., 849.

--women, for education, 356; in Calif., 507; in La., 688; in Md., 700.

DOWER. _See Laws_ in each State chapter.

DRESS, descrip. of delegates', 56; of Miss Anthony at conv. of '90, 173; on 80th birthday, 403-4.

EDUCATION, higher education of women, resume of, 463, and in each State chapter under head of _Education_, beginning 465.

--majority would never consent to, xxii; statistics of, x.x.x; same, 18; 5,000 teachers in Ind. ask for ballot, 37; educated women will not stand subjection, 44; educated women deprived of ballot, 74; intellectual capacity of women, 90; 101; more than some Senators, 113; woman senior wrangler at Cambridge, 176; a century ago, 192; training of girl of future, 209; easily obtained, 292, 316; Mrs. Sewall on Govt. no right to educate women and refuse them representation, 307; its effects shown in Amer. women at Int'l. Council in London, 353; woman's from beginning of century, obstacles, direful predictions, 354-6; health of women graduates, 355; women on Faculties, 355; donations of women to, 356, 507; must lead to suff., 356; effect on domestic life, 357; Catholic, 464; same, 575; in Gr. Brit., 1024.

_See_ also Donors, Illiteracy, Public Schools, Universities.

ELECTORATE, character of, xxiii; elements needed, xxvi; what composed of, 23, 37, 39, 68, 81, 138, 148, 195, 258, 269, 316, 324, 371, 415; in Col., 514; in S. D., 556; in Wash., 1098.

ENROLLMENT, Nat'l., for wom. suff., 137; 878.

_See_ Pet.i.tions.

EQUAL RIGHTS, a.s.sociation for, 14; demand for by Int'l. Council, 136; they belong to women, no thanks to men, 146; crime of denying to women, Mr. Foulke on, 167.

_See_ Progress of.

EUROPE, wom. suff. in countries of. _See_ chapter on, 1038.

FEDERAL SUFFRAGE, argument for, 6 et seq.; Miss Anthony on, 10; 78; Sen. Blair on, 145; 201; 218; 234.

FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S CLUBS, legis. work, 452.

_See_ closing paragraph in various State chapters, beginning 465, and also page 1050.

FLAGS, at conv. of '94, 221; Col. presents one to Miss Anthony, 222-3; at conv. of '95, 236; flag not desecrated by four stars, 278; golden flag presented to Miss A., 400.

FOREIGNERS. _See_ Immigrants.

FOREIGN COUNTRIES, wom. suff. in. _See_ Chap. LXXIV.

FRANCE, wom. suff. in, 343, 1040; eminent advocates, 1084.

GEORGIA, curiosities in, 228; nat'l. suff. conv. in Atlanta, 236; illiterate vote, 246.

_See_ State chapter.

G.o.dDESS OF LIBERTY, in N. Y. harbor, 47; same, 115; Miss Anthony's features, 120; Wy. represents, 201; on nat'l. Capitol, a mockery, 375.

GOVERNORS OF STATES, position on wom. suff., 212; list favoring wom. suff., 1078; of Wy. testify for wom. suff., 1087 et seq.

GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC, favors wom. suff., 184; 644; 893.

GRANGES, favor wom. suff., 184; always recognized equality of woman, 228; position of woman in, 327; nat'l. adopts wom. suff. res. in 1900, 447-8.

_See_ various State chapters.

GREAT BRITAIN, Chap. LXXIII; efforts for Parliamentary Franchise, 1012, 1020; Primrose League and Liberal Federation, 1013; better laws, 1021; local gov't., 1022; office holding, 1023; education, 1024; colonial progress, 1025 et seq.; pet.i.ts. for suff., 1015, 1017, 1020.

-- gives local franchise to women, xiv; more liberal than U. S. on socialistic questions, 167; enfranch. workingmen, 305; same, 311; progress of wom. suff., 353; Mrs. Blatch on women on boards and wom. suff. in, 368; remonstrants in, 369; eminent advocates of wom. suff. in, 1083.

GUARDIANs.h.i.+P, equal of children. _See_ Laws.

HAWAII, Nat'l. Suff. a.s.s'n. demands rights for its women, 325; injustice to them, 330; resolution against "male" in its, 343; pet.i.tions Congress in behalf of its women, 346; outrageous adopted by Congress, 346; Hawaiian members object, 347; Miss Anthony's work for its women, 365; appeals to Congress for rights of its women, 446.

HEAD OF FAMILY. _See_ Laws and pp. 458; 945; in Va., 966.

HEARINGS before Congressional Committees in '84, 36, 42; in '86, 78; in '88, before Senate com., 137 et seq.; in '89, same, 156; before House, 157; in '90, before Senate, 158, 162; before House, 163; in '92, before Senate, Mrs. Stanton on Solitude of Self, 189; before House, 194; in '94, before Senate and House, 235; in '96, before Senate and House, 267; in '98, before Senate, 305; before House, 318; in 1900, before Senate, 367, Miss Anthony's plea at 80, 373; before House, 373; first appearance of "antis," 381-4.

HISTORY OF WOMAN SUFFRAGE, how it was written and published.

_See_ Preface.

IDAHO, adopts wom. suff. amend., xxi; welcomed by nat'l. conv., 272; story of amend, camp'n., 283-4; gift to Miss Anthony, 390.

_See_ State chapter, also Statistics and Testimony.

ILLINOIS, great pet.i.ts. for wom. suff., 39; laws for women, 276.

_See_ State chapter.

ILLITERACY, percentage of, smaller among women than men, xxii, 216; in Ga., 246; shut it out from electorate, 316-17; not the ignorant alone opp. wom. suff., 338, 493; decides fate of women, 371; in S. D., 556.

IMMIGRANTS, English view of, 23; their enfranchis.e.m.e.nt, 37; same, 39; polit. danger of, 68-9; German view, 73; in Neb., 81; 82; welcome to, 116; enfranchised, Mrs. Stanton on, 138; political rule of, American women in majority, 148; placed over women, 195; preferred to Amer. women, Mrs. Stanton's picture of, 269; should be welcomed but not enfranch., 316, 317; in Mich., 324; compared to Amer. women, 415; 418.

INDIA, effect on its women of English laws, 330.

INDIANS, preferred to women voters in S. D., 182, 557; Gov't. favors over women, 213; vs. American women, 313; effect on women of "land in severalty," 330; Gov't. grants privileges denied to white women, 374; authority of their women, 1041.

INDIFFERENCE OF WOMEN, xxii; same, xxiv; reasons for, xxv; same, xxix; causes of, 20; men will decide the question, 39; no means of knowing, 46; all women should not be punished for, 84; fear to speak, 92; pity for, 121; women put everything before suff., 149, 150; is result of disfranchis., 160; does not affect the right of suff., 168; Miss Blackwell on, 198; women too much flattered, 208; dangers of, 259; always existed, 275; women do not think, 285; Miss Blackwell gives examples, 320; parable of good Samaritan, 360; natural conservatism, 372; timidity and ignorance, 415; selfishness, 420; those who have all the rights they want, 461; same in Col., 517.

INDIRECT INFLUENCE, needs responsibility, 55; 96-7; suff. would destroy, 107; 168; 517.

INDIVIDUALITY of woman, suff. a guarantee of, 82; should not be allowed to wives, 100; Mrs. Stanton on right to, 189; Rev. Anna Howard Shaw on, 230, 361; Mrs. Spencer on, 328; new civilization will recognize, 336; 418.

The History of Woman Suffrage Volume IV Part 162

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