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The Forgotten One (3)

No, definitely not. It was all the more reason to think he was right. Wasn't it great to have someone voluntarily pick you up!

Reason? I don't give a d.a.m.n about any 'reason'!!

And just like that, the three of them (with a spirit) smoothly entered the palace in the royal carriage. They were even escorted to the ballroom where the ceremony was held.

When Ye Lang was about to enter the ballroom, it wasn't too late, nor was it early. There was still some time before the ceremony began.

Other than the royals, there were officials and other peasants outside sat in different areas. Even the huge parade grounds outside the palace were filled with people. Most of the attendees were there.

This ballroom, on the other hand, was where all the high-level officials and the most powerful and influential aristocrats gathered. Other than the royals' tables, this was the most powerful, most decorated area of all!

To start the ceremony, the empress dowager and the emperor would, through a special alchemy tool, talk to all the people of Dragon City. That would be the moment the party began across the lands.

Since there was still time, and they didn't see Princess Longji, Ye Lang started to look for a seat, and maybe some appetizers.

"You mean lady!!"


The spirit girl dropped her things on the floor. This voice was one Ye Lang didn't want to hear at all. In fact, he hated this voice.

Only one person would call her 'mean lady'-- and that was the little princess. You don't need to ask why she was there, this was her territory!

"You're so annoying!" said Ye Lang, very honestly expressing his feelings.

"...No, YOU'RE annoying. You mean lady, give me my baby back!!" shrieked the little princess.

"This is irritating! As I said, I can pay you back, and YOU said no! Alright, let me tell you this, I'll give you another one next year. So stop annoying me!!" frowned Ye Lang, as if he was disgusted.

Was that a look of disgust? Who dares look at me like that, you vile woman…

The little princess was very upset. This was the first time anyone had looked at her liked that. People have showered her with love all her life. Everyone liked her. No one had hated her like this!

"Next year... Will you really give me one?" asked the little princess, peering suspiciously at the spirit girl.

"Relax, even if I can't visit, I will send someone to bring the plant over!!" Ye Lang waved, then continue looking for food. However, the spirit girl was only looking. She didn't eat. Instead, she put them in her pocket.

Obviously, this was because Ye Lang wanted to eat and the spirit couldn't.

The little princess looked at the spirit girl, a little weirded out. Why did this mean lady not eat? And even if she had to pack, she should've at least taken a few bites here!

After watching her for a moment, the little princess left. She didn't want to waste time with the spirit girl. Her siblings were everywhere in the ballroom, it would be too easy to find someone that would shower her with love.

Upon making her appearance and greeting everyone, the empress dowager noticed the spirit girl in a corner. "Fair maiden, come. Let me introduce you to my son."

"Oh…" grunted the spirit girl, then walked over.

At this point, due to the empress dowager, everyone's attention was focused on this spirit girl. All eyes were fixed on her, some in a daze.

The spirit girl's flawless beauty emitted a mesmerizing aura wherever she went. It always attracted everyone's attention!

Who was this girl?

At this point, everyone had a thought. Although they'd heard of a name, only very few people had personally met her.

And even the people who'd met her were wondering. Was that really her?

Before, the spirit girl was only in casual attire- and it was enough for people to swoon. However, there was still a huge difference from her wearing a full ball gown. Clothes made a big difference!

"Fair maiden, these are my grandsons and granddaughters. Mix around, get to know each other!" After spotting her, the empress dowager seemed to have the desire of making the spirit girl her granddaughter-in-law again.

Well, it's all up to fate!!

"How do you do, I'm Lady Marge. You can call me Lady," said the spirit girl with a curtsy. Perhaps this was what the empress dowager liked about her. Although Ye Lang was always clueless, he still had his manners and etiquettes.

"How do you do, Lady Marge. I am Long…" The prince and princesses started to introduce themselves, but they all bore different att.i.tudes. They were polar opposites-- the warmth of the princes and the iciness of the princesses!

Men were always warm and pa.s.sionate when they met this beautiful woman, while the women were a little jealous to see someone prettier than themselves.

And the spirit girl's beauty was enough for almost every woman on earth to be jealous!!

"May I know where Princess Longji is?" the spirit girl wasn't the least bit interested in them. She was only interested in Princess Longji. Ye Lang thought Princess Longji would've definitely been among these people.

"Longji? You've heard of her? She's not here yet. She's one busy person, and she'd usually only arrive at the very last second. Perhaps she would be very late today!!" The empress dowager was puzzled. How did this maiden know of Princess Longji? That thought quickly vanished though.

Princess Longji was very well-known across the Vermilion Bird Kingdom. She was the most looked-up-to in her generation!

Many people wanted to get close to her because Princess Longji wasn't just a pretty princess. She was also a very capable leader. A powerful, influential and beautiful princess was the perfect candidate for all the men.

"Sister Longji will definitely be late. It's just HOW late," said the little princess.

"Mm!" Everyone agreed.

Looks like Princess Longji was the late type. When he heard this, he directly excused himself to look at more food.

Since Princess Longji was going to be late and the ceremony hadn't even started, he didn't have to wait!

The people watching her could easily guess that this Lady Marge had rushed here for Princess Longji. But why?

They couldn't guess, so they could only continue to watch the spirit girl!

"Sigh, you are so stupid! You've revealed our mission again!!" Coldblood Five and Seven were exasperated, but they couldn't do anything about it.

The princess hesitated as they watch the spirit girl leave. After a moment, they still didn't approach her. They were still princess after all, how could they let down their pride!!

"This maiden… Oh fine! I'll just leave it up to fate!" The empress dowager saw everything, but she knew she couldn't do anything about it. She was about to leave to meet the people with the emperor later anyway. Things like these require certain karma.

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The Silly Alchemist Chapter 208

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