The Silly Alchemist Chapter 749

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Chapter 749
Captured (1)

Everyone had to admit that Ye Lang's firework show was impressive and nothing they had ever seen before. It was a mixture of all kinds of fireworks, enough to make one feel like they're dreaming.

The lights changed every second, none of the patterns repeated themselves. That was the most mesmerising part.

And that was why everyone wanted it to last forever. There was one exception. Someone kept hoping Ye Lang would stop, and that was…

“When the heck is this ending? Thirteen, you prodigal idiot!” roared Seventh Brother, venting his anger.

It had been forty minutes and Ye Lang's firework show was still going on. Seventh Brother could not stay silent any longer, Ye Lang had already spent at least a hundred thousand gold coins.

My heart… it's bleeding…

“Go be sad somewhere else! Don't ruin the mood!” Third Brother kicked him away. Many people wanted to kick him but Third Brother got to him first.

At this moment, everyone wanted to continue watching the show.

Seventh Brother wanted to scream at the skies about how he is hurting but he did not do that because he would probably sustain real physical injury after this.

Thirteen, I hate you!


Ye Lang was preparing the next round of fireworks. He was just about to light them when he sneezed. The girls looked at him.

“What's up, brother? Have you caught a cold? We've played long enough, we can wrap it up soon,” said Ye Lanyu.

“No, someone must be thinking about me! Let's carry on, we must go on because I don't know when is the next time we get to do something like this,” said Ye Lang, shaking his head with a smile.

“?? We won't have a chance again?” said Ye Lanyu, puzzled.

“Some of us will have to part in the future…” said Ye Lang. “It is what it is. Life is filled with meetings and separations!”

“Are you talking about… Little Kaline?” Ye Lanyu looked around and named the little princess first because recently, something happened that made everyone suspect that she was going to be sent home soon.

“No! I don't want to leave you!” The little princess grabbed Ye Lang's clothes, shaking her head with determination.

“Little Kaline, you're growing up. You can't stay with me, you must return to Ai La!” Ye Lang patted her tiny head.

“I don't want to grow up! If I have to leave you, I'd rather not grow up forever,” said the little princess, shaking her head. Her teary eyes glimmered in the light of the fireworks.

At this moment, everyone could tell that the little princess missed him a lot. She relied on him a lot, there was an inexplicably deep connection between them.

However, they still had to separate sooner or later. She couldn't possibly stay here forever, Ai La Empire would still come to bring her away.

She was the Ai La Empire's princess. No matter how special she was, her ident.i.ty would cause her many inconveniences! She had no say in this!

If she remained like this, as Ye Lang's patient, she could stay longer but still not forever.

However, there had been certain inexplicable, unexpected changes.

One month ago, the little princess suddenly said her chest hurt. Ye Lang did a checkup only to realise that the little princess was referring to the parts that hadn't grown yet.

After a careful check, he realised she had hit p.u.b.erty!

Yep, the little girl was growing up!

If she had hit p.u.b.erty, didn't that mean she was recovering from the No-Aging Disease? Ye Lang started to observe her carefully. After a while, he confirmed that she was starting to grow and develop like a regular person. She developed at a regular speed, not too fast or slow, like a healthy person.

Of course, that was just his estimation but he was quite sure she was growing.

Although he could not explain why this disease recovered without them doing anything, and wasn't sure if it would return but she was currently developing healthily.

Ye Lang postulated that she was recovering due to her starting to cultivate her douqi and starting sword training. These practices must have activated certain mechanisms in her body so it returned to its healthy state.

This was the most logical explanation. He had also used cultivation to cure certain illnesses in him before. The human body was a peculiar thing. Illnesses could disappear when hidden potential was activated.

It was great news to Ye Lang but to the little princess, it was a bad thing. Recovery meant she would have to leave Ye Lang.

She was right. Ye Lang had already informed the Ai La Empire for them to take the little princess back!

He didn't hate her nor want to kick her out. He really liked her but they weren't family. If she wanted to continue staying here, it would be up to her father to decide.

“Silly child, if you don't grow up, how will you be able to grow old with the person you like? It's a nice experience to have! It's a certain kind of joy to be able to grow old with a loved one…” said Ye Lang, knocking her head.

“Grow old with a loved one…” muttered the girls. They wondered what this felt like.

Although these were just words, although it was a very ordinary thing, many people thought this was the best thing in life.

Ordinary joy was the best kind of joy. We don't need very glamorous things, we don't need a pa.s.sionate love affair, just a very ordinary ending…

To grow old together!

“I understand but why does growing up mean I have to leave you?” said the little princess.

“Because…” Ye Lang couldn't think of an explanation for the moment. He smiled, “Because you're still young and you mustn't leave home too long. Your father still has the final say right now. When you grow up, you can decide what you want to do with your life. At that point, I'll support you no matter what you want…”

“Really?” The little princess looked at him. She was young but not stupid. She knew it was the best outcome possible, for him to make such a promise to her.

The Silly Alchemist Chapter 749

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