Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Diety of the Beastmen Country Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

When you look at the information, it becomes the following.

The caravan of fox people came from the Kike fox village located in the northern part of the Beastman Kingdom. Because they needed a place to stay, they could stay at a vacent house or so we said. They suddenly had weapons and began threatening the villagers.

The villagers, having no choice, followed their orders. Those guys chose a young man who would grow up strong and a young woman. Their limbs were tied along with their mouth andthey were placed in a wagon headed towards the country up in the north.

「Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I will not allow them to sell slaves to the empire! There have been many a beastmen who has escaped from the empire to this beastman kingdom.
There are stories of the prices going up」
Or so said an annoyed Intanyu. We were done in…… For the villagers to encounter such a thing…… To be betrayed by the caravan who earned their trust, no matter how well defended it was meaningless.

「If you don’t do something soon you won’t make it in time…… I have no power in areas with low faith so I cannot do anything outside the beastman kingdom……」
「Before things heat up we should confirm the geography. There was a considerable distance between the village and the empire. Thus a large are of nothing extends until then」

There was a large expanse of s.p.a.ce in which neither country calimed sovereignty. It was a region of primarily deserts and high mountains; there were no large cities. The Empire did not rule the region because it was too large to control.

「It is here that a wealthy fox-eared mearchant named Calcet has power Owning a private military force, it is practically a small country. The caravan will most likely go here first. As long as Calcet gets money, he would protect them……」

「Well, I guess we have to do something before they reach there……」

First of all, we need to send a pursuer to catch up with the time us G.o.ds can buy.

Intanyu and I ran after tha caravan. In times like these, being a G.o.d is useful. We can travel a large distance at once after all. My faith has spread considerably far, and even comparing to before I couldn’t move so far at once. That alone is proof of the spread of faith is growing.

Thus we arrived at the caravan advancing in the desert. Whether or not they understood if they were being chased, they were moving quite quickly.

I sent a warning to the caravan.
「Doning such tereachous actions stop immediatly, realase the villagers! If you refuse, a great disaster will fall upon you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!」
「I am the G.o.ddess Intanyu! Inside is one who holds my faith! Release them at once!」

However, the caravan dosen’t stop. The fox-eared leader of the caravan said,
「It’s true that the Beastman Kingdom is protected by G.o.d! But who would go this far and stop! The people in the Beastman Kingom are known for being hardworking in the empire so you can sell them for allot there!」

「Are you also not a beastman? Why would you capture and sell fellow beastmen?」
「Have the cat-eared tribe not been killing eachother up to this point? Was it not such a thing? People killing even their family. The thought of protecting a tribe because it is close by is meaningless! That is why we fox-beastmen choose to believe in money! Money will never betray you after all!」
「I see, you do have a point」
「What are you going to do by understanding them!」

s.h.i.+t! They don’t have any intention to stop! These guys who do such horrible things won’t stop by just being told. If that’s the case, We have no choice but to use force.

「I shall block your path」

A sandstorm rose right infront of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. The small grains of sand blew against those lot and their wagon.

「As long as y

ou dont stop, I wont at well! If you continue it will only get stronger!」

However, the enemy was not that weak and somehow managed.

「Indeed, there is no choice but to use the power of G.o.d against G.o.d!」
Having said that, the formed a strange symbol with their hands and began a spell like chant.

「What is this?」
「I don’t know either!」

Before long, the spell stopped.

A girl with fox ears appeared before us. She wore a light hagoromo.

Floating in the air, there is no doubt about it. Someone like us.

「Oh my, my lovely children are being hara.s.sed by an evil G.o.d.
I must protect them」

Then light like a curtain appeared and stopped the sandstorm blowing against the caravan.

「Who are you!?」
「Should you not name yourself before asking someone? Or so I say but I already am aware your name is Faltina. Faltina and Inta」
「Why, why was only my name shortened!」

「My name is Celude The G.o.d that the fox beastmen caravans believe in. After the believer enters a secret society, they can then learn then prayer’s incantation. The rules of the society are troublesome, but when in a pinch, the other members would surely help out. It is like an organization for mutual aid between caravans」

「Indeed it seems that there is faith between the merchants……」

Celude had a nonchalant face. It seems they don’t see us as an enemy.

「It is my duty to serve those who believe in Celude. However, I require an appropriate price. Now, adherent. Pay the compensation」

The caravan’s leader pulled out a knife and cut deeply into his arm. Naturally, a stream of blood came.
「Lady Celude! This is my offering! I don’t mind offering my whole arm as well!」

This is absurd…… She’s obviously the evil G.o.d sort……

「I understand. I recognize your resolution and will help」

The wagon’s horse underwent a change. The foot swelled up with muscles.

「With this it can run fast」

The horse, inspite of the desert, ran like it had no luggage.

s.h.i.+t! They escaped!

I tried to pursue but was obstructed by Celude’s hand.

「I won’t let you to go further」

Being Recognized as an Evil God, I Changed My Job to Guardian Diety of the Beastmen Country Chapter 12

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