Siren. Part 23

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There are far more people to acknowledge for their support than I possibly can here, but thanks to my family, Geri and Shaun, for allowing me to don my "fiction" hat and disappear for hours and days into my other world. Thanks to Don D'Auria and everyone at Leisure for indulging my dark dreams. Thanks also to Roy Robbins, Dave Barnett, Shane Ryan Staley and Mateusz Bandurski for putting together beautiful limited editions and translated versions of my work.

Thanks to my first readers, Rhonda Wilson, Paul Legerski, Martel Sardina and Bill Gagliani, for fixing so many of my fact and grammar gaffes; to Lon Czarnecki and John Borowski for porting my visions to the web and film; and P. S. Gifford, Bill Breedlove, Dave Benton, Erik Smith, Peter D. Schwotzer, Nate Kenyon, Edward Lee, Jonathan Maberry, Bryan Smith, Kresby, WIL Keiper, Brian Yount, Paul Mannering, Sheila Halterman, Deb Kuhn, Peg Phillips, the Mallecs and the Rentfros for encouragement and support and for always being there.

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Critics Praise John Everson!.


"Siren is a richly lyrical and melancholic meditation on loss and desperate yearning. It is also a superbly effective exercise in soul-ripping terror. Modern horror doesn't get much better than this."

-Bryan Smith, author of The Killing Kind "A thoroughly engaging tale, Siren weaves through two centuries of history to turn a relatively obscure mythological creature into a highly sensual modern antagonist. Everson's excellent prose and vivid storytelling riff on the depths of obsession and s.e.xual addiction. Oh, and did I mention s.e.x? Lots of it."

-Brinke Stevens, horror movie actress "Tautly sensual, obsessively dangerous, this Siren will get under your skin...with her teeth."

-Christa Campbell, actress "John Everson has crafted a twisted fable of l.u.s.t and obsession-with a very salty finish."

-Amber Benson, author of Death's Daughter "Fresh storylines, memorable lifelike characters, horrifying creatures and enough frights to keep you up late into the evening...this is a deep heart-tearing journey into every parent's worst nightmare...Siren should be at the top of your must-read list."

-Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland THE 13TH.

"With perhaps his most intense offering yet, Stoker Award-winning author John Everson has carved out yet another twisted tale of l.u.s.t-spiced, b.l.o.o.d.y mayhem."

-Shroud Magazine "Those who dare to venture past the first page should not be surprised to find hardcore horror within...The 13th is not for the faint of heart."

-Dark Scribe Magazine.

"The The 13th, [Everson] again pushes the envelope. John Everson has guts, and clearly likes to explore and tamper with boundaries. He is a good enough writer that he can get away with murder; as well as mult.i.tudes of morbid mayhem."



"Sacrifice is not for the timid or weak of heart, it is a full frontal a.s.sault on your senses. It is a dark, brutal, b.l.o.o.d.y and terribly frightening book. I highly recommend."

-Famous Monsters of Filmland.

"Everson is in full form. The action is quick, brutal, and visceral. In many ways, Sacrifice is like that 'slasher flick' we know we shouldn't enjoy but do anyway."

-Shroud Magazine.

"John Everson manages in Sacrifice to dispense buckets of blood, provide edgy perversity, and walk the tenuous tightrope of horror and s.e.x without falling: It's rather an amazing feat."


"John Everson is bringing a whole new nightmare to the world of horror."

-The Horror Review.


"I've waited four long years to read Covenant and it was well worth it. Everson has taken a cla.s.sic genre plot and given it his own spin. This is how horror is done right."

-The Horror Fiction Review.

"You might even begin to wonder with writing this good, if Everson agreed to his own covenant in order to create this devilishly dark and terrifying tale."

-Pagan Pulse Magazine.

"Equal parts dark mystery and supernatural horror, Covenant is a white-knuckle reading experience that will keep you guessing and gasping."

-Creature Feature.


Siren. Part 23

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