President Wife is A Man Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 - Happy

"I slept with a man on the same bed."


“Oh.” Very normal ah..after all, we are men’s.

 “When I woke up, I discovered that we were barely clothed.

 “Oh.” Head nodded again and again. “Sleeping naked more healthy.”

 “But...I found that we have done it.” His tone immediately turned chagrin.

 “Do what?” His eyes blinked rapidly in confusion.

“That is ...nnn...hmm...ah...ah...that kind of thing.” Liu Hao with fl.u.s.tered and exasperated expression said.


Jiang Qi shocked for a second and immediately after asking: “ does it felt?”

Exasperated by Jiang Qi, Liu Hao used his hand to slap the back of his head. “ How did you not ask why I in an inexplicable wonderful way end up with a man on the bed.”

Looking at Liu Hao’s face spitting in anger, Jiang Qi think to follow along with his meaning and asked: “Then, how did you end up on the bed with a man?”

 “Hmm...this ah....” Liu Hao with a quick glance: “Do not ask me.”

 “Didn’t you’re the one who told me to ask?”

“Yaaah...this thing....” Liu Hao couldn’t help but pull on his hair slightly, in a rash said: “In short..what should I do now.”

"Who is that man, do I know him?"

Liu Hao nodded his head.

"Meng Qing?"

Surprised, Liu Hao blurted out: “How come you know?”

“That day you came back, face really strange but I saw Meng Qing’s face really normal.”

Liu Hao sighed: “I am now most annoyed that I don’t know if he does not know we have done that thing.” Liu Hao said with a little blush on his face.

Jiang Qi was confused by his words: “How do you know that he does not know?”

 “Well..... when I woke up I discovered that we barely clothed, so I help him to put on the clothes back......”

Looking at Liu Hao’s face blus.h.i.+ng so red, Jiang Qi asked in concerned: “ Liu Hao..your face is really red. Are you okay?”

Liu Hao felt himself being aggravated by Jiang Qi: “You’re red...your whole face is red.” Finished saying he ran away in shame.  

Watching Liu Hao’s back, Jiang Qi touched his face ...he blushed?

Put down the matter between Liu Hao and Meng Qing, right now Jiang Qi hesitated whether he should go to the library or not.

Yesterday he seems to be rude, but Ke Yan also wrong ah...Jiang Qi trying to make excuse to reduce his anxiety.

Ke Yan from far already saw Jiang Qi lingering at the library’s entrance with a tangled face. Ke Yan unconsciously stroked his nose, walked over and patted on Jiang Qi’s shoulder.

Jiang Qi turned his head and awkwardly saying h.e.l.lo.

Ignoring Jiang Qi’s greeting, Ke Yan directly pulled him inside the building: “Outside standing is not hot ah?”

 “It’s not bad. Now weather started to cool down ba.” Well...there are times Jiang Qi also very stupid and dense ╮ (╯ _ ╰) ╭ 

 “Let’s go, to read.” Ke Yan started to walk in front while Jiang Qi followed behind with a smile....”

 “What is this?” Ke Yan picked up a bottle of water on the table. Jiang Qi looking at it... wasn’t that the bottle he previously left here? There’s even that small note still sticking above it.

Jiang Qi asked: “That day... you didn’t come to the library?”


 “Oh.” Jiang Qi suddenly remembers something, fished out his phone and asked Ke Yan: “What is your phone number?”

Ke Yan told Jiang Qi and Jiang Qi keyed on the number and pressed call. Ke Yan’s phone in his pocket rang twice. “Like this, you also have my number.” With a smile, Jiang Qi carefully save up the number.

They both sat down and Jiang Qi found that today it seems like there’s a lot of people inside the library.

At this time, Liu Hao already finished having his dinner and sneakily climbed to the fifth floor. With careful steps, he gently opened up the dormitory one?

Slowly released a relieved breath but suddenly someone patted him from behind.

Liu Hao turned around and was scared stiff. He immediately felt somewhat embarra.s.sed because the one who patted him was Meng Qing himself: “Why are you here?” Liu Hao asked a very silly question.

Meng Qing amused looking at him: “This is also my dormitory.”

Liu Hao said: "Ah ... Yeah ..."

 “Why are you acting so strange these few days?” Both of them walked into the room.

"Ha ha ... how could it be."

 “Yes..that day you throw up, dirty your clothes and mine. Therefore, I helped you to undress and by the way to bathe.”

 “Then... did I do anything else?” Liu Hao trying to probe.

 “Nothing ah... after not long to sleep only.”

Then..we did not do that thing? Liu Hao in his heart released a sigh of relief.

Looking at Liu Hao relieved expression, Meng Qing almost could not stop himself from laughing. But to leave him some face he tried holding back. He now understood, Liu Hao these few days not in the good condition originally for the sake of this incident.

With things cleared, Liu Hao no longer acting awkwardly and chatted with Meng Qing happily as usual.....

Laid down his finished reading, Ke Yan kneaded his neck and looked at Jiang Qi holding a very thick book. It seems like he just started to read the book not long ago. It’s very rare to see Jiang Qi looking so absorbed. Although they have been reading together for some times, they have not been getting along for a long time and when they’re together they just reading books or having a meal together. 

They don’t even talk much during the meal. It seems like both of them didn’t have any common language, also never discuss the content of the book they have read. At most, they will speak a word or two before they began reading and after the meal will only say goodbye. However, Ke Yan felt very good. Probably this is exactly the reason why he will be together reading books with Jiang Qi ba.

Waiting for Jiang Qi to come back to the reality, it’s already neared the closing time for the library. Jiang Qi rubbed his stiff neck and put away the book, somewhat embarra.s.sed. To Ke Yan said: “Unconsciously reading until so late.” 

 “Is it good?” Jiang Qi was surprised with Ke Yan unexpected response, but still nodded: “Very good.” after a paused: “Do you want to read it next time?”

 “En..” Ke Yan softly replied: “Okay.”

Today Jiang Qi was so happy. Even when he returned to the dorm he was still smiling. Why was he happy? 

Probably because of Ke Yan ba!

President Wife is A Man Chapter 31

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