Starlight Has No Past Chapter 39.2

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Published at 21st of September 2019 07:11:10 PM Chapter 39.2

Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 39 Part 2

Because of the doll, Ye Qiao spent a lot of time in the morning a.s.suring Zhou Tingsheng that there was no harm from the doll as well as the safety of the fire scene . In the end, she was able to leave the house by letting Zhou Tingsheng go on location to watch her film the scene . Zhou Tingsheng would go pick up Ophelia and Desa and bring them home first then go to the film location to keep Ye Qiao company .

Ye Qiao found it all unnecessary, but the uneasiness had lingered in Zhou Tingsheng’s mind .
Advertis.e.m.e.ntHe brought the pets home and fed them some water, then left the apartment in a hurry with his car keys . Before he left, he glanced at the trash can and the b.l.o.o.d.y doll gave him chills down his spine . Thinking back, he regretted that he didn’t tell her about the first doll, he could’ve at least filed a police report back then . Recalling the incident still gave him the chill, what if anything had happened to Ye Qiao between then and now… . . . A lot of memories of the past came to his mind, before he shut it out of his mind .

His cell phone rang as he was driving at a high speed .
He picked up the call, Ruan Feiyan’s voice came from the other end: “Tingsheng Gege, have you brought Small White and Small Black back?” When Zhou Tingsheng left Ophelia and Desa with her, he was in such a rush that he didn’t even tell her the names of the two pets . She took it upon herself to name them by the colors of their coats .
Zhou Tingsheng fixed his eyes on the traffic: “En . ”
The young girl complained in her sweet voice: “You left in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to give you the new toys I’ve bought for them . I have no use for them here . Come over sometime so I can give them to you?”

Zhou Tingsheng just made a turn and indifferently answered: “Ok . ”
Ruan Feiyan unhappily said: “Can’t you speak more than one word?”
“I’m driving . ”
“You can’t talk while driving? You haven’t come to see me for quite a while now . Last week, my homeroom teacher wanted to talk to my guardian but you didn’t even answer the phone . ”

Zhou Tingsheng heard something that caught his attention: “Why does your homeroom teacher want to talk to your guardian again?”
Ruan Feiyan stammered: “It’s nothing… . . . That teacher is always annoying, you know that……”
Zhou Tingsheng frowned and lowered his voice: “I’ll call you tonight . ”

The call was abruptly cut off, Ruan Feiyan angrily tossed the phone . The phone broke in half on the corner of a molded wall .
The young man next to her looked at the broken pieces of phone and frivolously snickered: “You’ve broken two cell phones this month . So money is nothing to you? If you’re so rich, why are you still living in such a place . ”
Ruan Feiyan stared at him: “What do you know? This is the place I lived when I was little . My mom bought the house with the money she earned . Why can’t I live here?”

The man laid down on her damp blanket and laughed flippantly: “I don’t understand . Isn’t this Zhou person the one who caused the death of your mother . Why are you acting like the secret lover that he kept . I mean, he hasn’t even touched you? He gives you so much money each year, who knows, maybe he intends to have you after you grow up?”
Ruan Feiyan jumped up in a flash and ordered him with a face as cold as frost: “Get up!”
The young man, still lying comfortably on the blanket, squinted at her: “I can’t say it? But he’s miscalculated… . . . You’re nothing but a licentious girl . ”
“Go to h.e.l.l, get up!”

Starlight Has No Past Chapter 39.2

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