Ghosts Know What I Experienced Chapter 20 Part3

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Ghosts Know What I Experienced
Author: Mo Chen Huan
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Chapter 20 Part 3

At Chang'an Hotel, Yos.h.i.+kazu was completed, he sat on the bed, I got tired of playing a mobile phone. In this way, I suddenly received a message.

[Chen Tao: Hey. ]

Yang Jiafu did not show the past he answered: [heiheihei. ]

[Chen Tao: Hey. ]

[xi jia: Hey. ]

[Chen Tao: Jia Ge …]

[XJ: Orange …]

Five minutes later, Chen Tao came back: [Jia Ge, you're too boring, do not ask me what happened! ]

Zhao Jia (Jia Jia) looks back: [Oh, what is it? ]

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[Chen Tao: Today, your friends saw quiet standing, do you go to Shaanxi? Where is Shaanxi Jiage? ]
[Xi Jia: Chang'an]

[Chen Tao: !!!]

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[Chen Tao: Jia GE This is a great day, G.o.d will set up this scene! I'm playing here. I would like to thank you to go to Chang'an of Shaanxi Province yesterday. Today I'll see you in Shaanxi Province. This is the fate. Do you remember Li? Last year, I made a guest horror movie. I do not think Lee Dao will remember you. This year, the Lee island developed. He wants to make a great costume with Chang'an. He wants to invite him to support your actor! ]

Looking at this corridor, Zhao Jia puts a little bit and does not have any answer.
Chen Tao said: [Jaage, I never had an official role, but you always run this way, this is not a solution. You are still young, but when you're full, the whole family is not in jealousy, but in the future you have to marry and have children. Just like your shape, you pay a high fee and run at one stop, but you do not have any money. Jia Ge, this is a rare occasion. Lee's Guide pays 6 digit remuneration. More importantly, we can officially enter this theater's entertainment industry. ]

Chen Tao said she is very painful and her heart is the truth.

Li Jia always knows that his friends party is really good. If you do not have a good brother, is very good, who will help the old students of their film after graduating from college?

He is lucky to be able to pa.s.s to Chen Tao. Others did not help the feelings and loyalty of Chen Tao, and many requests himself. Chen Tao helped get this movie.
Yang Jia drew lectures on her neck.

Nowadays, when a young master sees in the shades and at the sun, it seems to be a bit of heart – a so-called ball can not see a black ball like a ball directly. The Lord Jesus said that he is still alive. Its shadow does not affect others. When others accept it, it will bring the shadow out of it.

Thinking about it, Zhai Jia sent a message to the past: [What is it? Is there a script? 】

[Chen Tao: Jia Ge, you really can't go on like this. 】

[Chen Tao: he is lying! ! ! Jia Ge? Have you decided to pick up? ! 】

Zhai Jia smiled into the past, and Chen Tao quickly wrote the script.

After reading the script, they both decided to make a film, and Chen Tao contacted the architect-director Zhao Jia.

It was not early and after a conversation for a while they both had a good time. After a good night, Qian Jia thought about him and said another sentence: [Thank you, Tao

[Chen Tao: Hey, what do you say between brothers? The university, when the day of friends.h.i.+p with its beauty attracts those who come to school friends.h.i.+p, the girl said, although the students are just looking at you …… Hhha, don't talk, don't sleep, and get up early in the morning. Go to the team. 】

I understand that between brothers there is no need to say that there are certain things.
Yang Jia was the a.s.sistant director of WeChat and decided to join the group the day after tomorrow. Many plays have a role to play, but this is very important. Like Chen Tao, this guide Lee has really evolved. Last year, he continued to make homemade ghost films. This year he really made such a film.

This is a costume thriller, a background film at the beginning of the Tang dynasty, the leaders.h.i.+p of Li Ximin Taizong on the stability of the Tang dynasty, the restoration of the pilgrimage of many peoples. However, beneath the surface of this success, Chang Chang began a sensational murder. The first guardian was the Xuanwumen guardian.
Soon the ghost that haunts Mr. Li Jiancheng was and had a relative, and the city of Chang'an sounds scary.

Needless to say, Li Tao should be valuable on an ominous face.

Currently, I do not know what happened to the First Imperial Qing mausoleum. On a difficult day, Ye Jing did not see the whole character during the day if he did not read the remains. Xi Jia said it would be a film that he thought would make a mirror list: "This remaining forbidden qi can help, it does not affect ordinary people, only people who can see the metaphysical world, unlike others. Do not worry. ”

Yang Jia smiled at the dagger. Initially, Master E. knew who was bothering him.

Thus, thanks to Ye Jingzhi's guarantee, Yi Jia can safely enter the film to make a film.

The film is called Xuanwu, and the main male and female actors are first-line agents. They mixed their stars with the state, everything is in order, and they play from Xi Jia, so the need for prior knowledge, between a small friends.h.i.+p, is not a diva and was awarded to the stars Xi Lom Contrast.

Finally, the previous scenes occurred, and Yi Jia was still not working, and Lee is learning several times. He quickly learned something and took two days to enter the state.
Lee looked at the screen in the direction of the young face Zhang Junxiu, he said with pride: “As I said that Xi Jia, although very little is known, but the feeling is a special face, as long as the lens, feel that you are a little cold?

The deputy director on the side repeatedly repeated: "It's so cold that my hair is stuck, too tight! Li Tao, the actor is also very good, how did he hear his last name? "

Yi Jia was implicated in the team.

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After two days of fun at home, the group went to a suburban cinema and television city to shoot films in the open air.

Here are two pictorial Xi Jia for two days, only two or three parts, but it was only a small supporting role, and not as the same person, and the rest of the women, the day should spend their costumes, wigs. When there is nothing to do, Yi Jia will also help the support group in moving things.

Thanks to the support team, “Thank you very much, Xiao Jia, we have moved to theaters and televisions and many things are not ready yet.”

The staff are very friendly and very friendly, but they want to know each other. For the past 23 years, he lived alone and alone. The happiest thing in the world is to live as a normal man.

Yang Jia came out of the suburbs as he moved the details of the box and slowly saw the sunset.

Cinematic theater and television are not group “JuanVu”, and many professional ancestors are waiting behind the corner to invite staff to the film.

This exchange is located on the Junken Street, the ancient chung's copy. Modern wooden buildings on both sides of the road. The pictures are beautiful and beautiful and the powerful landscapes of the Tang Dynasty are alive.

Yi Zia wears a dress and looks like a moving street on Juke Street. No one is surprised that the people who love the clothes walk on the street. In the middle, yi jia cartridges stopped selling.

This kiosk is covered by any papers, but n.o.body can see it, it is prop.

At that time he quietly said, “what are you doing here?

Yang Jia sees that the man's black outfit has gone out and left the two employees. The man apologized and voice soft and low: “Oh … it's rude.”

In this case, it is hidden in the suns.h.i.+ne of the Valley of Kangshan. Kian Zia looked man from afar. When he saw his eyes, he raised his head. These two eyes are in the air.

It's a young man with a nice and beautiful look. Its presence in the gaming environment, of course, is not in the first place, and it does not bring people a stunning appearance but very durable. Endless peace and serenity. Small eyes with shallow smile. When you see her, shake her head and gently smile.

Others smiled and Jiao Zia was cool, so she laughed.

They can not talk or go. Don Jia looked around in many different directions, but I never knew where the viewers were and where I did not know where to go.

Yi jia walked around and quickly forgot the black fabrics.

In the past, he took pictures of his soul and rarely goes to the real cinema square. Most of them were shot dead in the village of Shankun, so Quin Xia took some more time. When he returned to the band, he did not come and he saw the picture.

Yang Jia: “…”

Yang Jia turned and left, and yu running, “Jia

“Staff suits break”: Yang Jia slowly opened the arms and instruments of the G.o.ds

Yang Yoki smiled and said: “Gia Gee, I have seen more of our production and I know that just a few days before I came to w.a.n.g Hao Changan, I really did not expect it! This is funny, it is not a movie.

Pei Yu said definitely, “I went away, doing something wrong.”

From Xi Jia asks Gi Yu:. “And my grandmother, old-fas.h.i.+oned, old-fas.h.i.+oned blend in h.e.l.lfire, maybe, the last to go out of the state of the state at the beginning of the end, everybody wants a little move, but a lot of time people are tempted to kill but temporarily, but do not mean, do not blame them for the responsibility to say it?”
Xi valentine head, thank you: good thing does not mean “finding something you want to train me to kill me”?

“And what was buried at the funerals of some of the soldiers who did not kill In the grave Qin s.h.i.+ Huang, no need to speak The king this year, noise, evil blood is not Qianjun to kill, Kazumi tell you anything else?:? No, Jia Ge ”

Xi jia: “Chinese can make my face change.”

Yu Yu manually, screamed, shy he continued to play, saying: “The owner is a carpenter who has forgotten the hidden Maple candle on his head, a few days ago and told me that the show, you know, while the gas gas long shut up shows you the points only real weakness, detect gas voltage number, dragon sparkling and actual part of the dragon dragon manifestation, the ruler of the abba! ”

Jia Zheng Zhu Ji Calibration.

What is the guardian of the Director?

Change Yia to the mirror, and ask Xi, remember the king things that will not go.

But Xi Jia thinks: “If this person is not to be released, will he go out?”

I can not say anything like that, Pei bread, no clear word: “I know …… if so we rely on the gauyas, it seems like the blue dragon, not a fake Grave, asking him to believe It can be a number, parody spread to phthasia? ”

The three are called tigers, so the rumors are measured.

You have difficulty adhering to PII Jia Xi in a shooting past and present.

Yoskorosa is the Valentine's Day, dressed like going to a hotel, then, G.o.d has made me stick to myself. Xie Jia says: “You do not have to fall tomorrow Buffy, not hurry, do not worry, be sure to keep the devil evil place? ???”

Why not Pear Yuxing: “And now they're all on the Buffy Buffalo city so many people, when I come hundreds of young people, and to find out there the beginning of my strong drink, despite difficult circ.u.mstances, we are in the cause of evil on the road, the harbor. And see that, afterwards, there is no harm, it is a devil “.

Jan Yesterday: “You're not alone, why are you coming?”

Pei-yu said: “So, as it agreed that this would happen, I came to f.u.c.k's timely time, but the seventh spring, the length of the Head, that is, to the planet Great!! List, seven-year heat is great. ”

“Hey, what's cancer, you're the seventh spring?” There is no cry behind women.

That night there were many people on the road.

It's a different look that you are very beautiful.

Funny Pei-yu face in anger, and finally, the last straw, “Jiang Yi Tong Jiang, with the ability to change, choose !!!”

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