The Best Assassin, Incarnated Into A Different World's Aristocrat Chapter 27

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Translator: SilverWold
Editor: Shea (Esh)

TL:Well it certainly has been awhile I have been doing mango so thats why no chapters were in progress dont worry Ill be doing aristocrat the School Arc where he will meet the hero WOOOT WITH TALT AND DIA WOOT WOOT Thank you for the beautiful Shea taking her time with the editing WOOT WOOT Enjoy ? Next Chapter Soon…

E/N: Hiyaa

Talt finished serving, and as usual, I kept it behind me.I would love to have a meal together, but sometimes there are restrictions due to me being a n.o.ble man, so I can't show it to the other servants. That's what I do in Touahades. (E/N: It says Tart but in the manga it's Talt so we'll just stick with the manga cause it sounds more appropriate who names their daughter a word out of poptart like the f.u.c.k.)

 The main dish for breakfast is dried fish soup.There is a lake in the territory, and,  aside from agriculture, the people catch river fish by hand when they are free, and they earn money by selling dried fish due to its longer shelf life..

The taste is further deepened if it is dried, so I prefer this if it is made into a soup. The dried fish soup prepared by  Talt is one of my favorite foods .

Dia: “Lugh , I've never seen this fish before. What kind of fish is this? "

Lugh: “It's trout .It is really delicious, and because of how delicious it is,   it's usually eaten in Touahades

Dia:  “Oh, It smells really good!"

Dia was impressed to see the soup with a large fillet.

As a trout grows to about fifty centimeters, it is also a reason to love serving one to the family.

“Let's eat at once.It is much easier to eat and taste food than by merely explaining it".

“Yes, I'm looking forward to eating”

 And we began to taste the food that Talt made.


Breakfast begins.

The dried trout soup is as good as you can imagine. The soup has a very nice taste. By combining it with dried mushrooms and soup stock, the umami taste unfolds. The Toahade recipe is to add a little lemon juice to the mix to tighten the taste.

There is a big slice of root crop and it is also eaten.

This was originally my mother's favorite dish, and she taught it to Talt.

While enjoying the soup, we also ate fresh bread and b.u.t.ter, made with goat milk just squeezed in the morning. Fresh b.u.t.ter has a different taste from regular b.u.t.ter. For the first time, when I ate freshly made b.u.t.ter with freshly squeezed milk, I felt even moved. And the bread itself is good.

The secret of this bread is that it is mixed with soy flour.

Soybeans are squeezed in order to make lecithin, which is a cosmetic material, and fat is taken out , so a large amount of soybean pomace remains.

(TL: Pomance (especially in cider making) the pulpy residue remaining after fruit has been crushed in order to extract its juice.

It is wasteful to throw it away, so it is used as animal feed, fertilizer, or, as recently discovered, flour, to be  mixed with wheat to make bread.

This way, the bread contains a soy flavor and is crispy baked. Moreover, it saves wheat and helps the household budget.

This has spread to the people and it's beginning to become popular.

It is then the juice of  the season's apples that is used to moisten the throat now.
I can not say that the dried fish, goat's milk b.u.t.ter, bread with soybeans, bread with apples, nor apples are the best, but they are all graces of Touahadé, and they s.h.i.+ne with cooking that makes use of the variety of taste of the ingredients.

I also like the city's extravagant dishes, but my mouth prefers the  Touahadé dishes.

“Delicious, as usual, Touahadé's rice is rustic and delicious.”

“Touahades is such a rich territory. That's why I like it!”

I live within the earth
It doesn't mean we are wealthy, but I think it is  a rich place.

My father opened  his mouth when he finished chewing

(Lugh's Father) “Let's talk about what's going on. It's hard for Dia to live as Dia Vicone.”

(Dia) “Yeah, I know that. It's because I've been driven  away from the revolt.”

“That's why we have prepared a new name and family register here, Claudia Touahade As Lugh's sister, you will live here under that name"

Dia's expression hardens.

“Oh, I'm sixteen years old, two and a half years older than Lugh.  besides… I have a sister.”

“That is understandable.However, there is only a family register that was  prepared here. Even now I can not even prepare a new one…… If you are found out that this is all made up,  you'll be screwed.In that respect, the family register of Claudia was made fourteen years ago"

Several patterns can be imagined for what purpose the  family register was made.

The most likely possibility is that when I died, there is a candidate to replace  me as a successor, and the family register was prepared for it.

There is a woman with outstanding talent in one branch of the family. She  inferior to me, but if it is her, it is enough to succeed Touahade.

… I was not feeling well and was preparing  for my death, but I can say that such a flash is like a  Touahade. 

“But if I say I am 14 years old, isn't it strange?

Mother taps  on Dia shoulder, who  looked uneasy.

“It's alright. You are short, and have a child-like face.   You also have a small chest, you can be believable, even if you're 12 years old!”

“… That way, it is believable. ,  I'm more than forty, but I'm told by people  that I'm likely to pa.s.s by as a teen !”

“It's in such a family line, but it's not all bad things. By this year, all the friends around me are having problems with their skin and health, but I am  comfortable.”

It is strange to have a persuasive young mother.

… In fact, my mother is being deceived by the people in her surroundings. Maybe Dia  will have 40 children, but it may not change much now.

Vicone's blood is better than magic in a sense.

“Because I've grown properly! My back and chest are a little bigger than last year!”

“Well, I shouldn't expect it, because I did, too …”

Mother says as an  experienced person. Surely, there was mother's hards.h.i.+p.

“Would you like to continue talking?”

My father coughed to get my attention

In other words, my mother is struggling to make an unusual point

Both father  and mother avoid that  kind of party as much as possible, but there are still parties that  to be made , and at such times they are seen with strange eyes when they see that my mother is too young.

It is said that it is a lolicon at the negative side. Well, because I am with a young and beautiful mother, that is probably within the acceptable range.

“There is one more reason why I made Dia  fourteen years old. In this Alvan kingdom, the Magicians are going to go to the Royal Knights Academy from fourteen summers to sixteen summers. n.o.bility is a compulsory partic.i.p.ation, and ordinary people are recruited by magical candidates. “

“The Royal Knights Academy in the Kingdom of Alvan. I have heard about it.”

As it is famous to some extent, it seems that Dia  of the Kingdom of Suonger also knew its name.

“Well, as you know, military power depends on how many magical powers are aligned …. But just having magical powers is useless. Train all magical powers, The purpose is to be able to count on it as a force in case of emergency. “

Magical power is strong.

If you only use the power of magic, you can hit a general soldier's sword or arrow and  without making a semi-acute attack, you can easily break the general soldier's neck with your bare hands, and shake the sword to make a pair.

However, even an untrained  man can not afford the power easily. 

That's why we train all magicians for two years.

For the Alvan Kingdom, where the size of the standing army is small, and in the event of an emergency, most forces are collected from all over the country, it is very important to maintain the status of the magical powers that are usable.

“There is a downside reason for this , right?”

“Well, there is a section that believes that n.o.bles are not serving the kingdom of Alvan, but they think they are kings in their own territory. This is why we gather n.o.ble children from all over this country and give them the idea that we should spread to the world by meeting the n.o.bles of the same age and at the same time use it in education. The effects are already beginning to take effect, at least new generations can think in more ways than old n.o.bles. “

This system, which was built five years ago, was probably built mainly on the latter.

Aristocrats like to be selfish because they have grown up in an environment where it seems natural.

It can not be helped without changing its root.

The current royal family can not be trusted so much, but this measure is great.

“Oh, so for the n.o.bility it is compulsory, and the general public are only the applicants. And if I'm not fourteen, I will not be able to enter the academy that is supposed to be for the fourteen to sixteen of age.”

“If you are  fourteen, you will be in time for this year's admission. We hope for you learn with Lugh  starting next month.”

And my father didn't say on this occasion, but the hero of the same age as me will appear. 

Certainly, he will appear in the school

As a schoolmate , you can get close to the hero easily.

….Unlimited observation  of the hero for 2 years if can get close, I will be able to make surprises.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea, and  I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do.

“All right.I'll be Lugh's sister.But I'm a little disappointed……. I want to be Lugh's wife one day"

 I can't wait to go home.

 My father tilted his head.

“That's it, but why do you have to give up marriage when you become brother and sister?”

“What are you talking about? ,Brother and sister, There's no way we can get married."

"What are you saying?It's normal in the kingdom of Alvin,isn't it?"

 My mother was leaning her head in the same way.

 It can't be helped, I'll supplement it.

“Dia, in the kingdom of Alvan, the top priority is to create a strong magical force … If you make a simple spell , there is almost n.o.bility in having an enchantment, so it is quite natural to welcome other n.o.ble families . The hurdles are high, and some n.o.bles can not do that, in which case, they may be linked to the magicians born from the common man, but they don't go that far. “

“But that's not it! We're brothers and sisters!

“… Well, there is also a pattern of asking for a reward from a n.o.ble who is in need of money and is having a low status, and not for getting married but for having children “

Dia's face blushed red

 I'm not sure if this is the case or not.

 Well, I think I'm also overwhelmed. .

 It is the duty of the n.o.bles to create the magical power of the next generation.

 That's why, if it was necessary, it would be the brother and sister who get married…… Sometimes parents and children make off-springs , and if they can't even do that, they hire n.o.blemen who are in need of  money and have only make them bear children.

 If you don't do this, you won't be able to maintain a family with strong magical power.

 If you do this, Your Blood will be too thick to cause many problems, but the magic power is not a problem because it is unlikely that you will have a disease while you are born.

“Wow, I'm happy, but I feel somewhat complicated.”

“In our case, it's not good because we don't have blood. It's the eyes of others that we care about, but there's nothing we care about in this country. There is no need to care what they say.  “

After all we will get there

 Rather, it is harder for me to avoid Dia for that reason.

“Okay! Well, not that it matters"

 Pretty, there is a sense of throwing up, but  if you are satisfied with it, why not.  

 My father nodded with satisfaction.

(Lugh's Father) “Now, Dia became Lugh's sister, and my daughter.You can call me Dad."

(Lugh's Mother)  “Well, then, please call me mother!”"

(Claudia) “No, it's a little hard to get used to.
(TN: Dia is Claudia Just her new name so if you want me to keep it then say in the comments)

 Thus, Dia became a sister.

“I can teach you about the techniques, even if you are not a  direct descendants of Touahade.Lugh, tell her what I taught you you, but I'm going to the knight school next month.Lugh will teach  you either way

“Yes, sir.I'm going to teach the techniques  to Dia"

 Even then , even if it is a presence that you must protect with a lover, if you become a younger sister, you can not afford to lose vigilance.

… A school is a place where young males who have s.e.xual desires like monkeys gather.

You will have to protect Dia from the magic hand.

No, that alone is not enough. Let Dia have the power to protect  herself.

The Best Assassin, Incarnated Into A Different World's Aristocrat Chapter 27

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