Vanguard Of The Eternal Night Chapter 33

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translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

The final game of the League Team Compet.i.tion was a big event in the compet.i.tion world. In addition to the official interviews that were held after the match, many news reporters and media also crowded around the exit to the venue to try and interview the players and coaches as they came out.

This event took place in the corridor leading to the exit.

Although Tyron was very low-key as he walked, he had already become everyone's focus today, so he was chased down and blocked by the media as soon as he went out.

And then, while he was under the attack of the reporters' long and short guns, a very uncooperative young woman appeared--

Pei Ying.

This was what had happened previously.

Ever since the last time Pei Ying went to find 'her elder brother' in the real world, Tyron had directly dragged her into the blacklist. After that, Pei Ying no longer had permission to see him.

She lingered outside the door for over ten days, during which time she had tried everything: e-mails, videos, shouting at the door, rolling around and throwing a tantrum, threatening to hang herself--She finally stopped when she realized that she had really been put on the blacklist, and everything she did hadn't even been seen by her elder brother at all.

Pei Ying also went to find Lu Chaofan, but was immediately beaten up and tossed out with the threat of breaking her legs. She ran away in a panic and had been in hiding for more than a month before daring to come out again.

The reason she came out again was obviously because she had watched Lord Four in the compet.i.tion.

This little sister was upset and resentful. She felt particularly unreconciled: How could her docile, obedient and filial twenty-four-year-old elder brother ignore her just like this?

It was bad enough that she was being ignored, but he was doing better and better, and had even showed himself on official media! He had large numbers of people chasing and licking him, and was even more in demand now than when he was a movie star… How come she, as this in-demand elder brother's younger sister, couldn't get a bit of the spotlight?


Pei Ying stood out in front of all these reporters and said, "Elder bro, you can't just go and ignore everyone in your family now that you've become so amazing!"

The reporters promptly redirected their camera and furiously snapped photos while making way for Pei Ying.

Pei Ying walked up to Tyron and wiped tears from her face as she said, "Do you know how worried everyone in the family is? I went to your house to see you everyday ever since you were sick, but you never replied to me once and even shut me out in the rain… It was over ten degrees below zero! Originally, I thought that you were too ill to respond and I cried so hard my vision dropped by two hundred degrees, but that wasn't the case at all! You've tossed your family away now that you've made money and have left us to fend for ourselves…"

Tyron looked at her with the gaze one reserved for the mentally challenged. His arms were crossed over his chest as he waited for her to finish speaking.

However, since his eyes had always been cold, n.o.body noticed much of a difference.

Pei Ying continued, "Come back, elder brother. We don't want anything of yours, and I just want my brother back! Regardless of whether you're the big star Pei Rong, an obscure patient, or a famous War G.o.d, you're still my brother!"

Her words were moving and full of emotion. The only thing lacking was background music.

But for some reason, when Pei Ying stood close to Lord Four, all the reporters only had this to say: "……"

It felt like they were on different frequencies.

The G.o.d of War seemed to be from an epic interstellar science-fiction blockbuster, while Pei Ying gave off the feeling that she was from a small, self-made mother and daughter-in-law drama sitcom.

Their acting ability… Cough, their temperaments were so different. Could this pair really be brother and sister?

The reporters really couldn't sympathize with Pei Ying's crying complaints!

The scene turned extremely awkward all at once.

Pei Ying reached out to grab Lord Four's arm with fresh tears trailing down her face.

Tyron was full of disgust as he pushed her paws away. He then said, "You have the wrong person."

It seemed that he was only willing to waste these two minutes of time because after that, he moved his legs and prepared to leave. He really had no intention of staying here to play with Pei Ying at all.

However, Pei Ying was very anxious; she had already exposed her elder brother's name 'Pei Rong'. Hadn't he noticed that the reporters were already starting to guess at Lord Four's real ident.i.ty?

Pei Ying fell to her knees with a thump!

She clutched at Tyron's thigh and wailed, "No! I'm not leaving! Pei Rong, you can refuse to acknowledge anything else, but you can't ignore your own family! My husband and I have both been very worried about your body! I'm begging you, please come back with me, okay?"

Tyron turned his head back to look at her. He wanted to lift his leg and kick her away, but reconsidered and said instead, "I won't say it again. If you want to become popular, you can go hug the reporters over there and cry. Don't provoke me."

The reporters around him moved in unison as they hurriedly took a step back.

Someone spoke up in an embarra.s.sed tone, "Um, sister, are you sure you haven't mistaken him for someone else? If the Pei Rong you mentioned is Film Emperor Pei, he retired due to illness a long time ago…"

"Exactly that Pei Rong! Pei Rong is my elder brother!" Pei Ying cried, "Lord Four is my elder brother! You guys should help me out here! My elder brother is disowning his relatives!"

--d.a.m.n, was it true that the War G.o.d used to be a Film Emperor? What level of breaking news would this be?!

The reporters began to whisper amongst themselves, half believing, half doubting.

In a moment of anxiousness, Pei Ying suddenly stood up and stretched out her hand towards Tyron's mask.

…… This movement of hers was too naive.

Based on Lord Four's skills, how could a weak chicken like Pei Ying s.n.a.t.c.h off his mask?

Tyron leaned slightly to the side and hooked his leg.

Pei Ying suddenly flew out like a kite that had lost its string. It took her a long time before she was able to crawl back up, dazedly continuing her pitiful act.

Then, she looked back and saw that the gaze Tyron used to look at her was filled with unspeakable contempt and the type of pity that one would feel for an ant.

"Look clearly at who I am." Tyron said.

Then, he reached up to take off his mask.

Pei Ying: "……"

Reporters: "……"

The entire scene was silent for over a dozen seconds. A few of the younger reporters dropped their, their chins. .h.i.tting the floor, as they showed a slow-motion replay of what it meant to 'stare open mouthed'.

Pei Ying was shocked too!

She had been prepared to see her elder brother's virtual appearance under the mask, but was unexpectedly caught off guard seeing  a stranger's face, leaving her shaken.

It wouldn't have been a big deal if it was a mainstream face; after all, appearances could be modified. However, appearances that were fabricated out of nothing were all inevitably a little mechanical and rigid. The vivid, natural face that appeared in front of them was not something that could be achieved with imagination alone.

A person would have to be the Creator himself in order to be able to imagine and construct this kind of face. Only someone who was beloved by the G.o.ds would be able to produce such a perfect person, right?

It was everyone's first time seeing the War G.o.d's true appearance, and also the first time they learned that the War G.o.d would occasionally show expressions on his face.

Tyron's eyes were as cold as ever, but he now had a mocking smile on his lips.

"You've seen it clearly?" He said, "Don't come and bother me in the future."

Tyron finished speaking and put the mask back on.

Everyone: “……”

After a second or two, it was as though some magic had suddenly been dispelled. The reporters uniformly bowed their heads and began to scribble down notes, draw sketches, and examine the footage they had just taken.

Reporter's thoughts: Hahahaha Lao Tzu is going to be rich! Lao Tzu actually managed to take a full-frontal picture of Lord Four's face. Heavens, the War G.o.d's face is simply stunning! How many thousands of dollars would I be able to sell it for if I made it into a poster hahahahaha…

Even before his "hahaha" was finished, he heard Tyron follow up and say, "This is no longer the League arena, so the authorization for this footage belongs to me. --I won't authorize it. You should delete all the photos and videos you've taken."

Lightning struck, and the hills crumbled!

Although they had managed to photograph the War G.o.d's face, the War G.o.d refused to give authorization, and they couldn't use it! Wasn't this just like hugging a mountain made of gold and starving to death?!

The reporters were all shocked silly.

“No… Impossible, clearly it's my brother's… my elder brother was clearly contestant number 419. I can't have gotten it wrong!"

Pei Ying sat to the side like a petrified woman, but n.o.body cared about her anymore.

The reporters flocked up and cried, "Lord Four, don't be like this… Lord Four, we're begging you to give us permission!"

"It wasn't easy taking these pictures, wuwuwu, you personally took off your mask. Can't you leave us a little bit of dessert?"

"Lord Four, I promise I won't release it. Can I just stick it next to my bed or save it privately? Wuwuwu…"

Reporters took the lead to howl and wail--They would almost rather that they hadn't captured the scene just then at all. At least that way, it would be better than the bitter pain they could feel clutching at their hearts and lungs right now!

--No. They had to go back and tell the public the story of how they had taken the photos but weren't able to put it up so that they could share! the! pain! with all the other curiosity cancer patients!

Tyron ignored them and simply left.

This matter was nothing but a little episode for him. Tyron could accept standing on the stage and receiving a lot of attention, but he was still used to hiding his face.

He no longer needed to hide in the shadows and perform deeds in the dark, so it had become nothing but a personal habit. 

For once, everything had come to a temporary close. Tyron walked down the street for a while.

Many of the giant screens around him were showing replays of the League Team Compet.i.tion final that had just concluded, and there were groups of people gathered around the screens as they looked up and watched the show with relish.

The master was covert and low-key, so n.o.body recognized him as the s.h.i.+ning War G.o.d on the screen.

The War G.o.d had taken off his armor as he wandered amongst the crowd. The lights from the revelry around him made his shadow stretch out behind him.

It appeared that people tended to be even more lonely in this lively interstellar era.

Tyron thought about it and then walked towards Victor's dorm--He remembered Victor's address from when they signed the legal representative contract.

He stood by the stairs that led to Victor's dormitory for a moment, looking towards that little window where the lights suddenly went out.

Not knowing if Victor had retired for the night, Tyron stood under the streetlights and waited for a while.

He had always been patient, and when waiting for a cutie, even the time spent waiting could be enjoyable--At least, that was how Tyron felt.

Victor came down a moment later.

It had been rather cold recently, so Victor came down wearing a navy colored scarf and a coat. He didn't notice his male G.o.d hidden in a corner as he trotted excitedly down the road.

Tyron followed.

He watched as Victor rushed eagerly into the post office and brought out a limited edition pillow of a chibi Lord Four, giggling foolishly as he hugged the pillow to him as he left. Victor was so happy that he even went in and bought a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cone when he pa.s.sed by an ice cream shop, hopping and skipping the whole way back.

Tyron thought to himself: This child was still eating cold things despite the onset of winter.

After Victor left, Tyron walked into the shop and asked the owner, "Give me an ice cream like the one that little brother had. Also, how much is the scarf over there?"

Two minutes later.

Victor, still hugging the pillow, arrived by the stairs that led to his home and suddenly noticed that there was a slender figure standing under the streetlamp!

Victor: "…" Oh, my G.o.d! There's a wild male G.o.d downstairs from my house!

And his male G.o.d was wearing a scarf that looked a lot like his, and he was even holding an ice cream cone that looked exactly like his! This must be fate. Various G.o.ds, thank you for listening to his prayers!

His male G.o.d glanced at him, and said in surprise, "What a coincidence. Little Vic, do you live in this area?"

‘coincidence', right…

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Vanguard Of The Eternal Night Chapter 33

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