I Will Return Again Chapter 17 Part2

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“Ah! Hahaha~” (Tsukasa)

“Your laugh doesn’t fool me.” (Ritsuka)

“Sorry, I was in my own world.” (Tsukasa)

I sigh as Ritsuka stares at me suspiciously.

“It’s true, sometimes I’m a bit out of it. Look at this morning.” (Ritsuka)

“Is that so?” (Tsukasa)

“Oh yes. Today is especially bad. I didn’t eat breakfast today, so I’ve been out of it all morning.” (Ritsuka)

Even if I she says she’s out of it, I still feel as if she’s normal. Maybe.

“Haa~ I’m hungry.” (Ritsuka)

“Even though it’s still second period?” (Tsukasa)

“I haven't eaten this morning. Are you hungry too?” (Ritsuka)

“I ate bread, milk, and salad as usual.” (Tsukasa)

I've been conditioned to eat breakfast since I was a child, so it’s too late to break the habit now. After all, everyone should eat breakfast, right?

“It’s not as if I’m going to eat breakfast the day of the physical exam. Oh, I see…” (Ritsuka)

Her eyebrows knit together as she looks at me from top to bottom.

“Hey, what is it?” (Tsukasa)

“…You don’t have to worry about it.” (Ritsuka)

Ritsuka sighs loudly as I put my hand on the window frame and start looking outside. The mood is making it difficult to say anything.

“Life is so unfair.” (Ritsuka)

I look up at the distant sky with a sad expression while Ritsuka stares at me. Does she feel as if she’s being overshadowed? Well, Ritsuka is a high school student, so I wonder if she’s troubled by that. I’ll leave it at that.

While I’m looking out the window without any real understanding of what just happened, a female nurse pokes her head out from the nurse’s office.

“It’s finally the girls turn.”

Taking my hand off the windowsill, I begin walking toward the nurse’s office.

“Have a nice day.” (Tsukasa)

“Tsukasa, I’m coming too.” (Ritsuka)

She grabs hold of my arm again and takes hold of my hand. This is a little troubling.

“Okay, I know. Well then, shall we?” (Tsukasa)

Just then, I realized what I’m about to do. Speaking of this, this is the situation. Everyone around me is a girl. I’m a girl, but I’m also a former man. And I’m doing a physical exam under these circ.u.mstances. Is this…

“Your face is red. What’s wrong Tsukasa?” (Ritsuka)

“Eh? No-nothing! Ahahaha~” (Tsukasa)

“You’re a strange girl.” (Ritsuka)

After looking at me strangely, she heads toward the nurse’s office. Of course, since she grabs my arm and drags me along with her, I follow.

“Oh, wow...” (Tsukasa)

Once inside, the scene spread out before me makes me involuntarily back up a step.

In our school, the doctor and the nurse are of the same s.e.x as those they are doing physical exams for; men do it for boys and women for girls. If I was asked if I was a boy or a girl, the answer would be 100% that I am girl, since no matter how you look at me now I am a girl. Therefore, of course, I’m having my physical exam with the girls.

In other words, there are only girls surrounding me now.

“Oh, no. I’ve gained weight since last year.” (Girl 1)

“You gave yourself a pa.s.s during spring break and you were eating a lot of sweets.” (Girl 2)

“Oh, were you two in junior high together?” (Girl 3)

“Yes. She looks like this now, but when we were in junior high, she had a narrow waist.” (Girl 2)

“Yes. I still have one, look.” (Girl 1)

“What are you talking about? You are chubby.” (Girl 2)

“Kyaa~ No, don’t pinch me!” (Girl 1)

Oh my. What a pleasant sight. This is something you would never see in the physical exam for boys. For boys, it’s normal to do the physical exam quietly, but in front of me, one girl has pulled up her s.h.i.+rt to expose her stomach, and another is pinching her waist from behind. Since there are no boys here, everyone’s guard is down and are open.

What is this?! I’m too embarra.s.sed to look at this and want to cover my face with my hands. Although this is just us girls, it seems unnatural. I try to look away by all means, but my original male instincts makes it rather hard, so my eyes always go back to them.

Surely, from a male point of view, this is Shangri-La, but that is said from a safe position. After all, I’m a girl now. Not a man. It would make me stand out if I had a strange reaction. I need to act normal…

“Tsukasa, are you sure you're okay? Your face is red.” (Ritsuka)

“Yes, I'm fine! It’s because the infirmary is hot.” (Tsukasa)

Awkwardly, I wave my hand in front of my face.

“Is that so? Well, let’s start with our weight.” (Ritsuka)

We’re supposed to take our measurements in pairs. I’m paired up with Ritsuka. First we measure my weight. I put my blazer and other items in the basket near me and resolutely step onto the scales. The needle moves and then stops at a number.

“Hey, what is with this number?” (Ritsuka)

“Hmm? It's this.” (Tsukasa)

Girls don’t weigh much. It might be because I’m short.

“What’s this? Kusu~ The impudence of a winner.” (Ritsuka)

“Huh?” (Tsukasa)

“It’s nothing!” (Ritsuka)

I turn back around and tilt my head when a cla.s.smate slaps me on the shoulder from behind and smiles at me with a sad expression.

Next is Ritsuka. She takes her blazer off and pulls everything out of her pockets: her cell  phone, handkerchief, a receipt, and she puts it all in the basket. Come to think of it, I left my watch in the basket. My bad.

“I didn’t eat this morning. I drank a laxative and went to the restroom, I’m also wearing a bra without an underwire. I should be alright.” (Ritsuka)

She mutters, grumbling again. The line is backed up, so she should get on the scales soon. After she mutters that softly, she steps on to the scales. The moves and then stops.

“Hey, why do I weigh more?” (Ritsuka)

“What? You’re only three or four kilos more than me.” (Tsukasa)

“Don’t say that!” (Ritsuka)

She covers my mouth. Ritsuka’s face is red and too close to me. I think the scales are off by three kilos.

“Since this happened, let me take off my uniform and try again!” (Ritsuka)

“Ritsuka! Stop!” (Tsukasa)

I grab her hand as she hurriedly tries to lower the zipper of her skirt.

“I need to take it off. My uniform weighs at least a kilo!” (Ritsuka)

“Gulp~ No, that’s not how it is. Everyone is weighing under the same conditions. It wouldn’t be right for you to be the only one different.” (Tsukasa)

She seems to be convinced and releases her zipper. However, my hands are trembling when I write the results on the paper.

Next is our height. When we finish measuring each other, Ritsuka seems to be in a better mood.

“Heh~ It’s only a centimeter.” (Tsukasa)

“Only a centimeter? It’s one centimeter. One centimeter is a big difference.” (Ritsuka)

“Yes, it’s a decent amount...” (Tsukasa)

This is sort of a little frustrating. More like, I’m too short. I’m about twenty centimeters shorter than I was as a man.

I swear to drink milk twice a day now, because it’s no use even if I obsess about it. We move on to sitting height.

“Yes, after all, Tsukasa is a foreigner...” (Ritsuka)

“I’m 100% j.a.panese.” (Tsukasa)

“That's impossible... You're shorter than me, but you have longer legs!” (Ritsuka)

Ritsuka holds her head, murmuring ‘long body and short legs,’ while bringing us to measuring our three sizes.

Okay, once this part is over, we’ll be done with the physical exam. I perform the guts pose mentally turn to look at Ritsuka.

“I feel like my bust, waist, and hips have grown recently… Entirely! Ahahaha~” (Ritsuka)

“Ritsuka!?” (Tsukasa)

I Will Return Again Chapter 17 Part2

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