The Overbearing Chief Husband's Favorite: Baby Chapter 386

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Chapter 386: No one can bully her

Luo Yibei's appearance annoyed Shang Rui to no end.

The Luo Family is a door that few people would dare to provoke, not only City C, but also in Asia.

The Shang Family are also formidable businessmen. Several family leaders have emerged from their family, but the sphere of influence of the Luo family is different. 

In fact, the Shang Family are by no means fuel-efficient lamps, but in the entire City of C, few people would be willing to make enemies with the Luo family.

Shang Rui previously thought that Fang Chixia has at most a middle or senior ranking staff in the company, and never thought she's covered by Luo Yibei.

Shang Rui stood rigidly, wondering how to round the field.

Luo Yibei’s gun was still pointing at him, but his eyes weren't in his direction, but instead looking down at Fang Chixia.

“Where did he touch you?” His voice was already rather bleak, and the bitter chill in his question seeped through the air and cold sweat to trickle down Shang Rui's spine.

He doesn't have the least bit intention of letting the matter rest. Even though he knew Fang Chixia didn’t suffer much, but looking at her now, he just couldn’t swallow it.

Shang Rui was simmering in anger. 

It's obviously him who suffered much!

However, the direction of Luo Yibei’s muzzle has not s.h.i.+fted, so he could only mourn his heart and dared not say a word.

His gaze calmly shot in the direction of Fang Chixia, he can only hope that she could make light of it.

Fang Chixia contemplated in silence on how to resolve this matter.

Luo Yibei is the type who's afraid of nothing. Fang Chixia knew that if she doesn’t word it properly, someone will likely die. 

She is furious at Shang Rui, but it is not necessary to put him to death.

Moreover, the Shang Family are reputed in the political arena. If this matter gets out of hand, it may not be favorable to the Luo Family.

Fang Chixia weighed the pros conscientiously, then pressed Luo Yibei’s hand pointing at his opponent to put it away.

"I'm fine, he probably suffered more." Vaguely recalling where her kick landed, her gaze skirted towards Shang Rui's crotch. 

Luo Yibei’s grim eyes remained cold as he looked at Shang Rui’s face, as if unwilling to let him go.

He wanted to raise it again, when Fang Chixia suddenly collapsed softly to the ground.

She had drank too much alcohol, her limbs are weak, and she could barely support herself.

Luo Yibei gave her the cold eye, then lifted her with an iron blue face, carrying her horizontally.

Fang Chixia instinctively wrapped her arms around him as her was spinning around. 

With her head nuzzled against him, she finally shut her eyes wearily.

Luo Yibei inspected her face, listening to her heavy breathing. Instead of walking, he approached Shang Rui steadily. 

Standing in front of him, the two confronted each other, and he warned word by word: "Business can be done, but if you touch her, I'll cripple the Shang Family's business in City C for several lifetimes!"

His warning was tinged with frost from the wine cellar, chilling Shang Rui to the bones.

A thought exploded in Shang Rui’s head, and his whole person froze instantly.

Luo Yibei snorted coldly and left wards his car with Fang Chixia in his embrace.

By the time they boarded his car, Fang Chixia was already sound asleep.

On the threshold of their home, Fang Chixia suddenly woke up, sat straight up and turned towards him, then sighed.

The Overbearing Chief Husband's Favorite: Baby Chapter 386

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