100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 59

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Arc 2.34: The Online Game G.o.d is Very Pure

Translated by Boo

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A little bit cold and soft shattered hair across his cheek, Yu Chu panting, feeling that the person was crossing her waist, his voice was cold and dumb: "Do you live alone?"

His voice was low and he buried his face in her neck. Holding people very tight, intimate and dependent att.i.tude.

"Um." Yu Chu let the boy hold herself tightly, and touched his head. "I'm not a local citizen, I'm studying at Didu University, I'm only second year."

"Didu University?" Si Yanbai raised her eyes slightly, and something appeared in his dark eyes. Then, he hanged the long feathers, whispering: "Is the residence hall after school?"

"Yes." Yu Chu nodded. She also stared at Lin Xinxin, so as not to sink her brothers into mud. Of course, there is another reason, "The dormitory is cheap, and it's cost more than 1.000 a year." The girl said quiete sincerely.

Su Yanbai was silent, and Yu Chu clearly saw that his dark and beautiful eyes exudes emotions that are tangled, and then he returned to the usual and light wind, leaned over and unfastened her seat belt.

He straightened up, the fragrance was went away, and his beautiful eyes quietly looked at her, "rest early."

"Well, you too, be careful on the way back." Yu Chu opened the door and smiled at him.

Looking at the girl's footsteps quickly into the corridor, the boy licked his lips, faintly staring at the road ahead.

Now to get into his house… It's not good.

I suggested that we just settle down and live together. I mean nothing else, but it's still so awkward.

Thin lips the boy was a little sloppy, and long fingers hold the light black steering wheel.

Until a certain window is lit, his eyelashes were long raised slightly, comes out almost unconsciously, reflecting soft eyes and gentle.

He secretly records the numbers of the floor, then lowered his eyes, and drove away calmly, but his mind was vaguely thinking:

… want to see her.

Why? Obviously just separated. Do you feel she is my girlfriend?

The time pa.s.sed. Golden autumn season.

It's the annual school season.

"Next, please enjoy the big disaster film- "Opening- "The stars are there behind me."

The school newspaper reporter helped the goggles, after which the cameras showed the crowd moving downward.

In front of the Didu University, a green Indus Street, many parents smiling at young students, filled with luggage and bicycles on the streets.

To Yu Chu, there was no difference between opening and closing school, except hanging out with Lin Xinxin.

"Really? Xinxin, Li Haorui really gave you his mobile phone number?" I heard this voice as soon as I entered the door.

Then the girl whispered in embarra.s.sment: "Well, but there is no other meaning, just talk, so I exchange the number. Don't guess at it."

In this case, it is unclear to make people guess.

Sure enough, Li Rong hit Lin Xinxin's arm, "What would you do if you weren't interested?" Well, The prince school probably fancy you, I wish you has good things early!"

"What did you say.." Lin Xinxin blushed, saw Yu Chu coming in, and immediately pursed her lips, as if uncomfortable, came over and whispered softly: "Chu Chu, I'm sorry, but Hao Rui insisted to give me a number, I can't reject him."

She said, and she seemed to be wronged.

Yu Chu: ….

To Be Continue…

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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 59

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