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Just as Su Qiubai dazedly continued to stare at the two dogs, he suddenly heard the sound of high heels clopping on the ground, coming from the side.

Su Qiubai turned his head and saw a woman who looked like a fairy who had descended to Earth!

Her skin was as fair as the warm jade, and her body was slender. Those two eyes were like two deep-coloured gems. The most important thing was her temperament. There was a certain serenity in her elegance, and from that serenity, there existed a trace of purity. Within that purity… there was a hint of playfulness!

"Baby, come home with me quickly!"

As Su Qiubai's soul was wandering off, the woman suddenly came over and spoke to him while smiling.

Ba…baby? Is she referring to me? Is this the legendary flag of romance?

Su Qiubai's brain short-circuited. He revealed a big smile and was about to give a reply.

However, a puppy, shaking its tail next to him, was already running towards the woman. Finally, the woman held it in her arms.

Er… So awkward!

Su Qiubai's hand was already stretched out, but it stopped mid-air. His greetings were stuck in his throat.

"Excuse me, is there anything?"

Gently scratching the puppy's head, the woman noticed the strange-looking Su Qiubai and asked softly.

Her voice was like the sound of a piano, bringing a slight breeze into Su Qiubai's mind.

"Hel…h.e.l.lo, my name is Su Qiubai."

Su Qiubai finally spoke and pulled back his hand hurriedly.

"He is a big pervert. He was peeking at me…"

The woman hadn't spoken yet, but the dog suddenly barked twice, making Su Qiubai's face to turn green.

"I am not a pervert!"

Facing such a beauty, Su Qiubai was anxious, and he hastily explained himself.

The beauty, who was smiling initially, froze after hearing this.

Only then did Su Qiubai return to his senses. His face became flushed with red. "I'm sorry… I often talk a lot of nonsense."

Oh no. The expression on the beauty's face is even uglier now.

Leaving things unexplained would have been better. His explanation simply made things worse. She would think that he was a real pervert!

The woman finally smiled politely and left with the puppy. Lastly, Su Qiubai heard the dog say, "Kid, you want to hit on girls with that kind of look? Go back and watch Teletubbies!"

Soon after, the woman and the dog disappeared in front of Su Qiubai's eyes, leaving him at a loss.

"It doesn't matter. I didn't perform well this time. But who knows, I might have a better chance next time… Still, I can really understand what that dog said!"

After giving himself a pep talk, Su Qiubai returned to the initial question.

The whole experience made him more convinced that something magical must have happened to his taxi. Sending Wu Song back to Jing Yanggang, and those growth points earlier must be true too!

Su Qiubai was unable to suppress his excitement any longer. He quickly returned home to talk with his house dog w.a.n.g Cai to fully ascertain the reality of this day!

w.a.n.g Cai was one of the most common Chinese garden dogs. Su Qiubai brought it back from his grandmother's rural house. It was also his only companion in this city.

That night, Su Qiubai and w.a.n.g Cai chatted until midnight in his 50-square-meter house that he rented.

From the past to the future, from ancient to modern times, to poetry and songs, just him and his dog, they chatted like they had not seen each other for a long time. It was so late that the neighbor could not help but knock on his door.

"Are you mad?! If I hear the dog barking again, I will call the police tomorrow!"

Su Qiubai's neighbor was a grandmother in her menopause. Her usual temper was very violent. For her to wait until now to knock on his door showed that she must have practiced some self-cultivation recently.

After apologizing continuously, Su Qiubai finally calmed his excitement down.

He had cast aside all the small setbacks during the day. But the only regret he had was leaving a bad impression in front of a beautiful lady whose name was not known to him.

After comforting himself that he might have another chance to see her, Su Qiubai prepared to head to bed as he would have to start work at 8 o'clock in the morning the next day.

He turned on his phone before going to bed, and found that there was an overflow of comments in the comment section.

Many friends who had never contacted him before left negative comments after seeing the pictures and texts he posted.

"You are such a no brainer…"

"He must be crazy already."

"Are you stupid?"

"Su Qiubai, where did you find this muscular man? Did he force you to post this?"

"Su Qiubai, who wouldn't think that you are still driving a taxi after two years."

Su Qiubai was taken aback by the last comment.

It was Su Qiubai's ex-girlfriend, Liu Mo. The two of them dated in university for four years. After graduation, they decided to stay with each other for the rest of their lives. However, it ended up with her eloping with a big boss from the entertainment circle.

Su Qiubai knew that Liu Mo had always wanted to be a movie star. Although the betrayal by the person he loved pained him, he could only accept it.

To his surprise, just because of the pictures and texts which he posted in his circle of friends, Liu Mo, who stopped contacting him these two years, reappeared and commented with such a sentence tonight.

Darn it, it's none of your business if I worked as a taxi driver! Trying to look down on taxi drivers, huh! If you think you have the capabilities, then go and take a picture with Wu Song!

Even though he silently scolded to himself, he knew that no one would really think that the brawny man, who took photos with him, was indeed the famous Guan Jiangkou Erlang Shen!
[TLN: Guan Jiangkou Erlang Shen is a t.i.tle given to Wu Song.]

But now, it didn't matter. With this powerful navigation system, he might even be able to meet Wu Song. At that time, he would brag to these people!

At the thought of that, Su Qiubai was once again happy and all the things relating to Liu Mo were thrown to the back of his mind. Soon, he fell asleep on the bed with w.a.n.g Cai in his arms.

This was really a wonderful day!

Su Qiubai was awaken by the ringing of his alarm clock the next morning. It took a while for his mind to realise that he should go to work because of a dream he had last night. He dreamed that he was watching a movie with the beauty from last night and how he wished he didn't have to wake up.

After much procrastination, the sky was already bright when he got ready. Su Qiubai went downstairs and walked over to his taxi.

Every taxi driver was on a two-s.h.i.+ft rotation. Due to the fact that he had never found a reliable person, he had no one to change s.h.i.+ft with, so he had to drive the taxi by himself.

Immediately after getting in the car, Su Qiubai heard the sound of the navigation system starting. He did not even know whether the navigation system was bound to the car or to himself.

Recalling the remaining five growth points which he had not used from last night, he urgently looked at the complicated interface.

Finally, he noticed a very interesting option in the skill adding interface called the romance value, along with it showed that it was consumable.

This tempted Su Qiubai. He had broken up with Liu Mo for two years. All the while, he had wanted to find a girlfriend, but to no avail!

A man's heart was always unrest, wasn't it?

With that thought, he added a growth point to the romance value. Then he hesitated and added another one. After dawdling for a long time, all five points were added to it.

"G.o.d bless me, please do not let this go to waste!"

He prayed silently in his heart. Su Qiubai's eyes kept looking out of the window as he thought to himself whether a beautiful lady would come over suddenly and leave her contact with him.

After waiting for ten whole minutes, not even a single man walked past him. Su Qiubai was somewhat depressed. It was time to resume work, so he started the car and drove out.

However, he had not driven a few meters when something suddenly hit the winds.h.i.+eld.

Su Qiubai was startled for a moment. He thought that his luck today was going to be as bad as yesterday.

After getting off the car, he saw a white puppy lying on the ground. Its eyes were looking at him pitifully.

Su Qiubai recognized the dog at first glance. It belonged to the beautiful lady from last night.

"Quick… save my master, she fainted in a room!"

Just as he was wondering what was going on, the dog suddenly spoke to him.

So that's what happened!

Su Qiubai immediately panicked when he heard that.

"Hurry, lead the way!" Without thinking much, he pointed to the front and said to the dog.

An old man walked past Su Qiubai. After hearing Su Qiubai's words, the old man stared at Su Qiubai and then shook his head.

"My leg is injured when I jumped out of the window. Carry me, I will take you there!"

The little white dog's voice was really weak. Hearing that, Su Qiubai only noticed that its hind leg was slightly dangling.

Su Qiubai hastily picked it up. Then, he started running frantically. Along the way, many people were surprised by his speed.

The longer Su Qiubai ran, the more surprised he was. The little white dog was actually leading him to the rich people's housing area in the east. He often heard that the people who lived there were wealthy people. He had never roam in before and never imagined that his first time would be during such a situation.

When he reached the entrance, a security guard blocked him and demanded that he must show his doc.u.ments to be registered in order to enter the community.

"I have told you. A human's life is at stake in there. It will be too late if we drag on!"

Su Qiubai explained in a hurry as he held the white puppy in his arms.

"No, we must guarantee the safety of the owners. Besides, you must be a taxi driver, right? Don't tell me you have friends in there? You aren't a thief, are you?"

The fat security guard paused when he said that halfway, and he even lifted his eyelids. It was obviously a look of despise towards Su Qiubai.

"I… Forget it, I won't explain to you anymore. You have to let me in on the double! Any longer and it will really result in somebody's death!"

Su Qiubai felt that the back of his head spurting fire, but this security guard did not budge no matter what. He even took out the walkie-talkie to call several other guards to come over.

"I will call the police if you continue to be so unreasonable!"

As soon as Su Qiubai heard the security guard, he did not intend to delay anymore. The little white dog in his arms was also barking urgently.

Taking advantage of the fat security guard not paying attention to him, he rushed directly into the community.

"Quick, that building in front, my master lives on the third floor. The pa.s.sword to open the door is 778899. She had fainted in the kitchen when I left… You are such a good person. It was not in vain that I ran so far to look for you."

The little white dog in Su Qiubai's arms led the way and said.

Su Qiubai glanced at the group of security guards who were chasing after him and then turned to answer the dog.

"You can find someone else, but can they understand what you are saying?"

While answering, Su Qiubai had already broken into the building…

Super Driver Chapter 2

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