Super Driver Chapter 74

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What's happening? Did they come into the wrong cla.s.s?

The people in the cla.s.sroom looked at the door in a daze…What's this?

They couldn't be blamed for having a reaction like that because what they saw was more than ten brawny men pus.h.i.+ng open the cla.s.sroom door.

You'd be shocked too!

The teacher frowned. Just as she was about to question them, she suddenly saw Xiao Xiao on Tie Muzhen's back.

“Teacher, I'm here.” The red-faced Xiao Xiao looked at the sluggish teacher and softly said.

She had never experienced such a scene. People usually brought their friends to cla.s.s but she brought a group of uncles.

“You… Who are these people?” Struggling to process the scene before her, the teacher finally managed to organize her thoughts and asked.

“Why do you care who we are? Just do what you need to do. Don't talk nonsense.”

Glancing at the teacher, Tie Muzhen said in a voice as loud as a great bell. After that, he completely ignored the teacher's reaction and directly carried Xiao Xiao to the seat in the first row. Ying Zheng and Li s.h.i.+min followed closely behind.

All eyes were focused on those people; the teacher stood with her mouth agape, wordless.

Xiao Xiao rushed to explain, “Teacher, these are my… family. They were worried about me coming to school alone, so…”

After listening to her explanation, the teacher finally calmed down. She was still angry and wanted to say something, but noticing the fierce expressions on those people's faces, she decided to swallow her words.

The first row seats were initially occupied, but when the students saw Tie Muzhen and the rest of them heading over, all of them stood up and made way for them.

Zhang Wen and Xiao Li were also surprised. Since when did Xiao Xiao have so many people in her family? And why do they all look so fierce?

The three of them usually sat together in cla.s.s, but with that going on, they couldn't muster the courage to head over.

“Haha, so this is Xiao Xiao's family? They look like a group of people who were forced to move out from their home.”

Mo Jialing was the first to speak as she stared at Xiao Xiao with ridicule.

She intended to say a few more words, but suddenly, someone among the group turned his head and glared at her.

Just that glare made Mo Jialing feel like she had fallen into an ice cave. Her whole body froze. It seemed that if she made even the slightest movement, she would be killed.

After the man turned his head away, she… wet herself…

Mo Jialing had never felt so embarra.s.sed in her life, but she had no courage to utter another word. Zhang Wen and Xiao Li were also wondering why Mo Jialing had stopped nagging. Then, they smelled a really foul smell.

Mo Jialing was too embarra.s.sed to continue. After being excused from the teacher, she immediately fled from the cla.s.sroom.

Although the teacher felt weird to have such a group of people in her cla.s.s, she couldn't just chase them out, so after calming herself down, she continued with the lesson.

Coincidentally, that day's lesson was on history!

Therefore, after the teacher started the lesson, the cla.s.s became noisy.

“I personally think that Li s.h.i.+min's contribution to China is not comparable to that of Ying Zheng.”

As soon as the teacher finished her sentence, Li s.h.i.+min stood up, his gaze on the teacher as sharp as a sword's blade. Sitting next to him, Ying Zheng laughed out loud.

“Why do you think it's not comparable? If you don't make yourself clear today, I, the emperor, won't let you go!”

Li s.h.i.+min was really angry. Ying Zheng and he had coincidentally been arguing about that since the day before. Not to mention that among the five emperors, only the two of them had brought their subordinates, which made the two emperors argue about who was better.

But their force and strategy were comparable with each other.

They had thought that there wouldn't be a result to that argument. But then the teacher actually said that Ying Zheng was better. Obviously, Li s.h.i.+min couldn't hold himself back!

“That's right. If you don't explain yourself, I won't let you go!"

Seeing his emperor standing up, Cheng Yaojin and Qin Shubao also shot up.

The teacher was taken aback. This… This is just a lesson, why are they making life-threatening threats?

“Don't care about him. You're absolutely right. The First Emperor is surely better than others!”

Li s.h.i.+min was annoyed but Ying Zheng was ecstatic. He even stood up to express his support for the teacher.

“Oh, you just watch your words!” Li s.h.i.+min glared at Ying Zheng and coldly said.

“It seems that you're still not convinced? Do you still want to fight?”

Ying Zheng also showed no sign of retreating as he scowled at Li s.h.i.+min. At the same time, Bai Qi and w.a.n.g Jian stood up together.

The students in the cla.s.sroom all felt that it was the most mysterious thing that had happened in their lives. Just because of a question about who was better, those people actually looked like they were about to fight.

Qian Long and Liu Che didn't have any subordinates when they came here. Furthermore, those two had been arguing since they played cards the night before, so they were used to it.

So, Xiao Xiao was the most anxious one.

“Uncles, I'm in cla.s.s!”

Her voice brought back those people, who had almost wanted to fight. Finally, they snorted and sat back down although Li s.h.i.+min was still glowering at the teacher. The teacher was also aware that something was wrong, so she hesitated. “Then let's talk about Liu Che and Qian Long."

Just with those few words, Qian Long and Liu Che had blown up. Just as how Ying Zheng and Li s.h.i.+min were previously, the two almost started a fight. It took Xiao Xiao some effort to calm the two down. The teacher looked as if she was about to cry.

Who said that being a teacher was easy? It was already bad that the students brought their parents to cla.s.s. But having to deal with this many parents?

In fact, it was no problem that there were so many of them. But it seemed that those people had a deep hatred towards her teaching History, like they were going to beat her up!

In the end, she simply dropped her textbook and thought for a long time before picking a safer topic to talk about.

 "Alright, let's talk about Genghis Khan. A Borjigin, Tie Muzhen…”

It was that decision that caused the cla.s.s to completely end, because the big man who had been sitting next to Xiao Xiao smashed the table with his fist.

The school bell rang. The History teacher had never felt so relieved hearing it.

When she returned to the office, she directly applied to change her teaching subject. Who would have thought that it was so dangerous to teach History!

Not only that, even Xiao Xiao's cla.s.smates rushed out from cla.s.s, leaving only Xiao Xiao and her uncles who all pretended as if nothing happened.

Xiao Xiao felt very depressed, but looking at their expressions and recalling that her brother had said that those people were a bit crazy, she didn't know what to say.

“If any of you do this again, I won't bring you out.”

Seeing that Xiao Xiao's expression was back to normal, the group of emperors and generals rejoiced. In the whole world… No, it should be in the whole history of China, it was a.s.sumed that only Xiao Xiao could speak like that to those people.

The cla.s.s was over and Xiao Xiao had planned to leave because her current health condition made it inconvenient to stay in school.

After going out from the cla.s.s, she spoke for a while with Zhang Wen and Xiao Li at the door. Then, she was once again carried by Tie Muzhen. The other uncles followed behind.

Downstairs, Cao Toufei was already surrounded by girls. That kid had even started seducing the pretty girls.

Xiao Xiao was willing to head over at this time, but those uncles didn't think so. In fact, they even wanted to teach him a lesson for his att.i.tude.

However, they had only walked a few steps when Xiao Xiao spotted Mo Jialing with a group of people heading towards her.

The surrounding students also noticed this quickly. They recognized the group of people walking with Mo Jialing as the school's infamous gang, so they immediately back getaway.

As for why Mo Jialing was doing that…

The reason was quite simple. She had never experienced such a shameful incident on the day, especially when she thought about how she had actually peed in fear after a stern glance from someone who looked like a farm laborer…

She just couldn't accept that fact!

Therefore, she naturally blamed that on Xiao Xiao.

She was determined to teach Xiao Xiao a lesson!

Super Driver Chapter 74

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