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It was on that very night that an old man with a white beard appeared at Donghai Airport. He took every step with a hunched back. After a long time of walking, he got into a taxi and disappeared into the crowd.

About an hour after that person appeared in Donghai City, Gu Tian received a secret phone call that caused him to freeze. He swiftly called Gu Zhanchuan to come in, before he closed the door.

Initially, Gu Zhanchuan was still wondering why Grandpa suddenly called him, but he immediately understood why after listening to his words.

“Deathstalker is in Dong Hai!”

Taking in a deep breath, Gu Zhanchuan instantly became nervous.

Deathstalker was ranked 200th in the killer list in the world. Countless lives had ended in his hands. He was also involved in the case of of an African tribal chieftain. Due to his deadly abilities, he was nicknamed Deathstalker.

He had several methods in killing people, but he was known to use a sniper rifle!

Regarding these top-ranked killers, their movements had always been a concern of all countries in the world. Although Dong Hai was a relatively large city in the country, it was still not established in the world.

Why was Deathstalker here?

“Quickly call back all the warriors who are doing their missions nearby. Do this secretly. We must locate Deathstalker as soon as possible,” Gu Tian ordered in a strict and determined tone. At that moment, he was no longer the grandfather who stood outside Gu Chengya's room, but a real guardian of Donghai City!

When Gu Zhanchuan was about to leave, he stopped and turned his head.

“Grandpa, should we ask Mr. Su for help?”

After all the previous events, Su Qiubai's reputation had risen in the entire Gu family. And now, Gu Zhanchuan had a thought which he kept to himself. Instead of calling all the warriors back, wouldn't it be easier to just ask for Su Qiubai's help?

“No, we can't just bother him with everything. We will ask him only if we really can't do it.” Waving his hand, Gu Tian watched Gu Zhanchuan leave before sitting down slowly.

Because of Gu Zhanchuan's words, Gu Tian recalled the mysterious young man, and suddenly thought of his granddaughter. His mind began to have some unusual ideas…

At Liuyun Mountain, the manager of the racecourse had never thought that the video he posted online would make the racecourse full of people overnight. In fact, none of them were ordinary people. By simply taking a glance, he had already spotted many top equestrians in the world among the crowd. His initial thought of just simply providing the venue had now changed.

Overnight, the back of the racecourse had opened a new venue at the back of the hill and connected it to the front. Although it didn't meet the international standard as a compet.i.tion venue, recalling those people's skills, they should be satisfied with this setting!

Similarly, the delegations from various countries, who had heard the news and watched the video, all came over as well. Next year, it would be the Olympic Games. If those Chinese were going to represent China and partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, they would surely disrupt those delegations' plans, so it was necessary to keep an eye on the Chinese.

In fact, the more they watched the video, the more shocked they feel. The most terrifying thing was that a single person from the video was already enough to make others feel uncomfortable, but there were actually eleven of them!

What were they to do? How would other countries feel?

China was the happiest. Equestrianism had always been a weak sport of the Chinese, and there were indeed times where it was difficult just to be eligible to enter the international compet.i.tion. They had been a joke to other countries for many years, but no one was able to change the situation. After all, this couldn't be changed over a short amount of time!

However, who knew there would be such a group of people appearing all of a sudden!

Their appearance and accent were surely similar to that of the Chinese in China!

If one could successfully persuade them to join the national team, then the Olympic Games the following year would definitely be a piece of cake!

Therefore, Liuyun Mountain was extremely hectic that night.

If Su Qiubai knew that the Chinese equestrian delegation actually intended to persuade the ancestors in the villa to partic.i.p.ate in the Olympic Games, he would definitely ask them if they had a problem with their brains.

You want to ask Qin s.h.i.+huang and Tang Taizong to compete with other countries…

It was best not to let them know of such dangerous ideas, or the old driver might not be able to control their anger.

After having dinner, Su Qiubai decided to go to sleep, but he suddenly thought of Xia Rongrong. He dialed her phone number after hesitating for a moment.

The call was instantly connected.

Su Qiubai was silent for a long time, not knowing what to say. He secretly scolded himself for being stupid. When he heard Xia Rongrong's chuckle, he finally began laughing along with her.

“Are you okay? How about Xiao Xiao? I'll head to Dong Hai in two days.”

In the end, Xia Rongrong was still the first to speak. Su Qiubai had met many beautiful ladies before and he had no problem talking to them. But to Xia Rongrong…

“I'm good. Have you been busy recently?”

“Yeah, there were some issues but I'm almost done now.”

“That's good. Take care of your health.”

“Yep… You too.”

Then… the phone was hung up!

After hanging up the phone, Su Qiubai threw his phone on the bed and almost gave himself a slap. He always claimed himself to be an old driver, but he actually acted so stupidly at critical times like these!

Recalling Su Xiaoxiao's advice asking him to quickly figure out ways to pursue Xia Rongrong, his mind went blank. He fell onto the bed with a sigh…

Early next morning, everyone left the villa. The emperors even placed bets on their cities.

Sitting by the side, Su Qiubai rolled his eyes while listening to them. You guys do know that you're just speaking nonsense, right?

If there's really a loss, who could possibly give the Qin Dynasty's cities to the Tang Dynasty?

[TLN: The timeline for the rulers: Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, Tang…..]

However, he just kept quiet. After all, everyone was having fun!

Su Xiaoxiao stayed in the villa with her two roommates, so Su Qiubai wasn't worried.

So the fleet of cars followed the route from the previous day and drove all the way to Liuyun Mountain.

The racecourse had also been crowded since early in the morning. The news had been leaked, so many wanted enter and watch the game.

Although the venue was relatively larger as compared to the previous day, the race involved many foreign delegations, and the racecourse manager was also worried about angering those professionals, so he eventually decided not to allow any members of the public to enter.

Upon spotting the fleet of cars at the end of the road, the foreign delegations, who were waiting on both sides, eagerly looked over in that direction. Knowing that the G.o.dlike people in the video were currently in those cars, everyone couldn't hold in their excitement.

Even Anthony, who didn't even bother to partic.i.p.ate in the Olympics, clenched his fists at that moment!

Are they here…?

Su Qiubai was also surprised. Cao Toufei had told him that the racecourse manager had guaranteed to clear the area for the game today. Why are there so many people? More importantly… why are there so many foreigners?!

He felt strange, and so did Cao Toufei, Ying Zheng and everyone else.

Anyway, Su Qiubai was used to seeing foreigners, but those emperors all despised foreigners!

Based on their knowledge, these people were tributes to them. Why were they all just standing there?

Su Qiubai knew what the emperors were thinking, so after getting off the car, he immediately refused the racecourse manager's idea of letting the foreign delegations join the race!

Are you kidding? During those days, Europeans and Americans thought highly of themselves. There will always be someone to satisfy what they want.

But it's different from these ancestors. If you let them know that the race, which was supposed to be a compet.i.tion among the emperors, now has ordinary people joining in, all of them will surely be furious!

The manager's mouth was wide open as soon as Su Qiubai rejected the idea of racing with the foreign delegations.

He had never thought that it would be a problem. Who would refuse to compete with foreigners during those days? Everyone would be eager to compete with them! But unfortunately, there were people like that today!

In fact, those people didn't just refuse to do so, they even looked down on foreigners!

The situation suddenly became really difficult!

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Super Driver Chapter 84

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