I Favor The Villainess Chapter 39

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Power struggle

The academy is completely losing its function.
The demonstration in front of the gate intensified with each day, citizens' roars resound like a thunder.
The army was dispatched to guard the gate, but the numbers are too different.
A dangerous equilibrium continued.

"Until the uproar settles down, the school will be closed"

Every member of the Order of the Academy gathered in the meeting room.
Rod-sama reported the decision of the academy's top management.
The upper management seems to have concluded the safety of n.o.ble students cannot be guaranteed like this.

"If I might say, I believe such punishment was insufficient"

Claire-sama said with irritation showing in her voice.
It seems that even for a genuine n.o.ble with strong prejudice against commoners like her, the punishment wasn't acceptable.

"… It's a little, baffling"
"What do you mean, Sein-niisan"
"… As Claire said, no matter how you look at it, it's too partial"

Certainly, even at best the relations between n.o.bles and commoners are strained, it was clear announcing such a punishment would only add fuel to the fire.
Without a doubt it was a bad move.

"That's right, but some n.o.bles seem to have appealed"

Lambert-sama said bitterly.

"… That means?"
"The n.o.bles who didn't think favorably of the commoners' movement all demanded Deed-sama's punishment be reduced"

Hearing this, Rod-sama frowned.

"While we wondered why they're keeping quiet, such a thing happened"
"This was caused by our inept.i.tude"
"… That's right"

Although the n.o.bles seemed to have calmed down with princes' words, their smoldering discontent seems to have gone into the worst direction.

"Moreover, the church seems to have also moved"

According to Lambert-sama, the Church also had a hand in the reduction of Deed-sama's punishment.

"What do you mean? Doesn't the Church support the commoners' movement?"
"It's politics, politics"

Rod-sama replied to Misha's question displeased.

"In this country, the royal family is the highest power. The Church's real intention is to take the place of the royal family"
"Officially, the Church supports the commoners' movement, however they cooperate with n.o.bles behind the scenes. By making them clash, they aim to chip off the influence of royalty and aristocracy"

Yuu-sama took over from Rod-sama, who said such absurd thing.

"… Power struggle… isn't it"

Sein-sama bitterly muttered.

In this world, the Church is an organization with genuine influence.
Officially, they state they're charitable inst.i.tution close to people's lives, but in fact they have undeniable political influence.
They seek to increase it, for that they won't shy away from dirty acts.
Of course not all its members are like that, but it's undeniable there's that aspect to the Church.

"This time, it's the church that stands to gain the most from this uproar. Yuu. Is Lishe-sama unrelated to it?"
"I want to believe she is… I wonder. I don't understand mother well"

Yuu-sama's evasive.
As I mentioned before, the current queen, Lishe-sama is the king's second wife and a former cardinal.
Yuu-sama is third in line to the throne, but Lishe-sama secretly desires to make him the king.
With inheritance through the legitimate method being difficult, it's not strange for her to explore alternative means.
Yuu-sama doesn't want to think of his mother maneuvering behind the scenes, but it's not something he can deny.

"Have you talked?"
"Well. I suggested we meet, but was refused"
"… Is she really a mother?"
"She's still a queen. It isn't so easy, Sein-niisan"

The place was filled with a slightly tense atmosphere――.

"The Church's purpose might be to make cracks in the relations.h.i.+p between the princes"

The three princes made surprised faces at Claire-sama's words.

"You're right. There's no point in fighting among ourselves"
"… Ah"

The princes seem to have regained their composure.

"In any case, under these circ.u.mstances us, the Order of the Academy, can hardly do anything. At most we can a.s.sist the army"
"There is no choice but to stay quiet"

Everybody, including Claire-sama, agreed with Rod-sama's point.

"Claire-sama, I have a request"

On the way back from the meeting, basked in the red of the evening sky, I spoke to Claire-sama.

"What is it?"
"After coming back to your room tonight, please don't go out until tomorrow's night"
"What is it, out of the blue. I do not want to"

Claire-sama made a puzzled face.
Well, no surprise.

"In the first place, what will we do about the academy. Even with the lectures suspended, there are activities for the Order of the Academy?"
"Please take a day off"
"I cannot rest during an emergency. Shouldn't the Order of the Academy function precisely at times like this?"

What are you talking about, her face said.

"Rei-chan, do you have some reason?"

Lene enquired, but I cannot say it.
If I do, it will just become more complicated.

"You won't no matter what?"
"I do not want to"
"I see… Then, it can't be helped"

I pushed my finger against Claire-sama's forehead.

"What… are…"

Without finis.h.i.+ng, Claire-sama collapsed.

"Claire-sama!? Rei-chan, what are you doing!?"

Lene rushed to Claire-sama and stood between us to protect her.
The same hazel eyes as Lambert-sama's are shaking vigilantly.

"It's alright. She's just asleep"

It's one of water attribute magics, enhancing sleep.
Originally, it's a magic used to put a person in deep sleep to restore their stamina, but when strengthened it can also be used like this.

"Why did you do that!"
"Tonight, a citizen riot will occur"

"Hide with Claire-sama in the dormitory. Again, don't do anything stupid"
"What do you mean?"

Ignoring Lene's question, I inquired her.

"Do you like Claire-sama?"
"Why so suddenly…"
"Never mind that, answer"
"I've always liked her. I've served her a lot longer than you"
"You're right"


"Then, believe. Believe me"

I turned back to try to return to the academy building.


However, Lene was called to halt in a strong voice.

"Are you… the same. . . . as me?"

It's a roundabout question.
Only those in the know can understand it.

"… I see"

A delicate silence reigned.
Denying means Lene understood what I wanted to ask.

"Say my best regards to Claire-sama"
"… I understand"

This time I headed towards the academy.
There are plenty of things I need to do.

"… Sorry, Rei-chan… Claire-sama…"

I pretended that I hadn't heard Lene's feeble mutter.

And that night, the academy gate was breached.

I Favor The Villainess Chapter 39

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