Pulling Together A Villain Reformation Strategy Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

He said, “I don’t believe it, uncle Chen, the master has pa.s.sed away, I will never believe that even you would betray me . So many years…so many years…unless I die now, wait…no! I won’t accept it even if I die! Uncle Chen, tell me why you would do this, were they forcing you?”

His voice sounded so light and these words were so powerless . Yun Xie felt a great sympathy to him, and he wanted to support him, but when he touched the skinny shoulder of Jiang Xunyi, and when the familiar cold fragrance like pine under the snow rushed to his nose, he felt so furious again, and he wanted to destroy everything .

He seemed to hear someone ask him, “Master Yun, aren’t you the first person who saw Jiang Xunyi this morning? May I ask if Master Yun had seen anything?”

When Yun Xie heard his own voice, he replied calmly and coldly, “everything is normal – let me say it again, Jiang Xunyi will never do such a thing . If none of you believes me, then I’ll bear the responsibility with him . ”

It’s like his soul was cut into half, one half was being pitiful to Jiang Xunyi, and another half was filled with rage and doubt . He felt that what he was saying sounded so unfamiliar .


However, what he had just said was like boiling hot blood, spitting out of Yun Xie’s mouth and dropping directly on Jiang Xunyi’s heart, making his almost numb organs regain their sensitivity . He took a deep breath and stood straight, he patted on Yun Xie’s arm and said with his hoa.r.s.e voice, “Yun Xie, thank you . ”

Chen Yuanxin looked at these two people and smiled after seeing Jiang Xunyi’s reaction . On his usually nonchalant look, there seemed to be a sense of gentleness, which almost looked sick to him . He said, “Master Jiang, since you said so, that means you’re denying it?”

Jiang Xunyi gently pushed away Yun Xie and refused his support, and when he just wanted to say, “of course I am denying it”, but he immediately shut up when he wanted to speak . He found out that he dared not to .

After killing so many monsters and going through so many dangerous situations, Jiang Xunyi wasn’t afraid of being killed anymore, and he might as well bet on something heavy, yet he couldn’t pay Yun Xie back his destiny and future . Yun Xie was the only person that he couldn’t let go, that’s his best brother .

For every step that he took, he had to be extra careful, just like a lonely person travelling in the dark . “Cloud rises and turbulences in the sky” was initially established for Yun Xie, and no one could accurately say what consequences there would be for Yun Xie if Jiang Xunyi started to rebel .

His heart started beating more and more frantically, every transmigrator would have similar thoughts . They usually stood on high ground and looked down on people, as they probably thought that they were not the same as anyone else . However, when facing one’s inevitable destiny, they would finally realize how little they actually are, just like dust that could be blown away at any time .

Jiang Xunyi understood that he had been defeated completely . He now had a strong feeling that he couldn’t solve anything, and although he understood how things had become, he couldn’t change any of them . It’s as if destiny knew how wild his behavior was, and how arrogant he was . Therefore, destiny wanted to teach him a lesson and to torture him, as if it could get more fun out of it .

Jiang Xunyi clenched his fist tightly and he looked as cold as ice . He tried hard to make his voice sound as stable as possible, yet his rapid breathing had revealed his real emotion . Never had one sentence made him feel so humiliated before, “no, I admit that it’s me . ”

The noise around him were like retreating waves, but there was an even louder voice hitting his soul . Yun Xie hurriedly turned and looked at Jiang Xunyi like a stranger . Feng Qiu, who had been crying loudly on the side, had now forgotten to weep .

After saying this, Jiang Xunyi had surprisingly calmed down entirely . He crossed his hands around his chest and said nonchalantly, “well, you all have done so many different things, and the only purpose is to make me admit . Isn’t it?”

Yun Xie’s voice was trembling and it’s hard to control himself, “Jiang…Jiang Xunyi, you have to make sure that you’re not joking . ”

It was finally the main part of the episode, yet there wasn’t an inch of happiness in his heart . Jiang Xunyi decided to let it all go and he now couldn’t care less, “I’m not joking, I’ve been an admirer of sister Qiu for a long time, but she only thinks of you, haven’t you realized that/”

At this moment, Yun Xie really wanted to kill him, but there was only one Jiang Xunyi in the whole world, he couldn’t let him go .

At this moment, the disgusting system made an announcement: [friendly reminder: you’ve already completed 90% of your mission . Please carry on . ]

I’m really thankful for your friendly reminder!

Jiang Xunyi snorted in his mind, he really wanted to dig out his brain and destroy this d.a.m.n system – 90% It’s really not obvious! Since it progressed so rapidly, he really wanted to see how it would make Yun Xie kill him .

He was not just being confident . He knew that Yun Xie wasn’t someone who gave up on his friends for women, and it wasn’t his character either . Although he once said that he liked Feng Qiu, anyone with a bit of intelligence would never believe him . Therefore, although Jiang Xunyi felt furious after having admitted it, he didn’t think that Yun Xie would kill him because of that . If he a.s.sumed Yun Xie to be that kind of person, then many other things in the future would torture him even more, and put him in danger more often . All in all, Jiang Xunyi was quite surprised that he had already completed a large part of the mission .

Pulling Together A Villain Reformation Strategy Chapter 43

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