The Archer Of A Fictitious World Chapter 11

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Loner and the event 2

For the first time the perspective of Sera is inserted.


A few minutes after the event began, 3 players were walking on the field.

"Hey, which team do you think will win this time?"

"Who knows, as it seems that Pisco and Nacchan are with the blue team, while Carlos is on the red team. Perhaps, the blue team is a bit ahead?"

"That Sera. In what team should it be?"

"I really don't know. First of all, I don't even know if that partic.i.p.ates in this event."

"Well, we don't care! We just need to beat the weakest, right?"

"Yes, you are right!"

While they were busy making intent in this conversation, suddenly there was a hissing sound.

"Hey, what was that sound?"

"What sound? I haven't heard anything! It's just your imagination!"

"Really? Hey, how are ……you …?"

When the man turned to ask the other, there was the friend who fell with an arrow on his head.

By the way, this is a game, so it doesn't bleed like in reality, it turns into light and disappears.

"Well .."

"Enemy attack? Where does it come from? ︎"

In the hurry, they scanned the surroundings but there is no trace of players, and there were not even places to hide.

"s.h.i.+t. Where the h.e.l.l is he attacking from?"

"First of all let's move! There is a better view on this side!"

Two people moving fast.

But for her, that was an aimless action.

As long as they are within range, whether they move or not, there are no problems as long as they can be seen.


A nearby man with a small scream falls.

The rest looks around again, but as he thought there is no place for a player to hide.

Suddenly he raises his face and stares at the hill in the distance.

There he sees a slightly moving figure.

"Impossible … from that distance?"

That was his last word.

The next moment an arrow had pierced his head too.


I lowered the bow and paused.

It was the first time I hurled an arrow at a player, so I had attacked after approaching, but it seems that there had been no problems.

With the clairvoyance hitting the opponent's head at the end is impossible but I can hit any point of his body no?

That's right, Saki, who is next to you, is looking with her mouth open.

"Se Sera? What did you do now?"

"Well… with clairvoyance and Presence Detection you confirm the opponent's position… and then just attacked with a bow… just"

"Please don't talk about it as if it were a natural thing! First of all, even if you were so far away, how did you hit the arrow?"

"Actually … since I do … the archer …"

"And yet you've already pa.s.sed that level …"

While Saki says these things, the Presence Detection reacts again.

Use clairvoyance to check the opponent's position and place the bow again.


"Un, again"

When I let go of the arrow, this time I hit the armor because it was farther than before.

However, it probably had to be a player with low HP since he fell, not?

"I understood … He didn't see you because you attacked from such a distance! But why do you go away somewhere afterward? Being thanked is not a bad thing, isn't it?"

"…………………… You won't laugh?"

"It's not something to laugh about!"

"I …… I am very nervous in front. … to people who don't know me … I can't even look at their faces."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"


"Oh, I forgot! Sorry, sorry! Lower the bow!"

"Okay … I don't care."

"If, if so, I am pleased."

During this conversation, the 'Presence Detection' reacts again.

"!! ah! Again!"

"Yo — s.h.!.+ Please, keep it up!"

- Viewer side -

"I thought Carlos is magnificent! He killed 3 more!"

"But not even Nacchan is losing! A lot of strong guys are gathered in the blue team!"

"Exactly! The victory for the blue team is decided!"

"Hey! Look! That figure on the hill!"

"Hill …? Huh !?"

"What is that Beastfolk? Eh? Why is it launching?"

"I don't know anything like that! But… But I don't think arrows can go that far …"

"Even if it does not arrive it is not normal to throw …. what is its name? Of that Beastfolk?….."

"Wait a minute, the name should be on the chart Provisional number of shots, so….. Sera ?! "

"That Sera!?"

"Exactly! It has a bow, so it's certainly the "Formless archer"!"

"It is true … yes!"


"" "It's so cute!" ︎ ""

After a while the audience went into chaos, to the point of attracting the attention of the administration.


I have thought of various skills, but I have no chance of using them. Good (resignation)

The Archer Of A Fictitious World Chapter 11

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