Transmigration With QQ Farm Chapter 134

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“There's no rush. We have got to let them take a small break and recover some first. How else will they be able to carry all those logs for us otherwise, am I right?”

“Anything you say, young mistress!”

While Cheng Xiao Xiao was relaxing and chatting away inside the dimension, those from School of Divine Condor received the generous hospitality of Cheng Zheng Yuan – each of them were given one sip of mystical water before they were escorted into the mountains to chop down trees under the watchful eyes of the villagers.

Under the supervision of the a.s.sociate dean Mu QIngtong, even though the students were extremely reluctant to carry out the task, they dare not complain or curse. They simply didn't understand why the a.s.sociate dean would agreement to such insulting conditions.

Not only were the students confused, even Mu Qingting, as an instructor, was baffled. He followed the a.s.sociate dean closely and asked cautiously, “a.s.sociate dean, why are we staying at the Cheng's?”

“You think you can leave?” replied the a.s.sociate dean casually.

“Why can't we? a.s.sociate dean, there might be a lot of people here at the Cheng's, but only the Cheng's father and daughter are strong. We need not worry about the rest. If we are to leave, they won't be able to stop us,” said Mu Qingtong unreconciled.

“You are right, if we want to leave, of course we can. But we will never be able to step foot in Willow Village again, and never able to get our hands on any of the Cheng's stuff. Not only your trip was wasted, my trip will be wasted too. You may not care about looking bad,  but I do. Not to mention that we won't be able to report back that we have failed our missions!”

“Well, this….” Mu Qingtong felt so embarra.s.sed he didn't know what to say. He knew what the a.s.sociate dean said was true, so he had no comeback.

The a.s.sociate dean followed that with another question, “You had their water earlier, right? How did that make you feel?”

Thinking about the water they had just drank, Mu Qingtong was stunned and swallowed uncontrollably, “It was, indeed, mystical water, with up to 70-80% mysticalness. It was delicious indeed!”

“Hrm!” Hrmphed the a.s.sociate dean. “If we didn't stay, you think you could have tasted that? The Cheng's also have mystical animals and fis.h.!.+”

“Yes, yes, that was such a wise decision on your part, a.s.sociate Dean!” Mu Qingtong, with a happy look, finally understood the reason that the a.s.sociate dean has decided to stay

Even though they were logging for the Cheng's, to cultivators like them, it's just a matter of manual labor. If that was all that it takes to have mystical animals, he could log for them for a whole year!

After all, even as an instructor, he might be able to have mystical meat once a year, if he was lucky. But at the Cheng's, he could have it every day. And all he had to do is to log, why wouldn't he be willing to?

Seeing that Mu Qingtong had been enlightened, the a.s.sociate dean stroked his goatee and gloated, “Even though the brat Cheng Xiao Xiao was difficult to deal with, but keep in mind that Cheng Biyuan was also an alum of School of Divine Condor, we can also take this opportunity to strengthen our relations.h.i.+p with him. That ought to make it easier for us to purchase mystical animals from them in the future!”

“Yes, you are so right, a.s.sociate Dean!”

Thinking about the future, Mu Qingtong continue to brown nose the a.s.sociate dean with no hesitation. After all, if they could have a good relations.h.i.+p with the Cheng's, he would benefit from that as well.

n.o.body would intentionally jeopardize their own benefits, not even Mu Qingtong!

“Good, I am glad you understand. You better placate those kids in a bit. We don't want them to cause any trouble and disrupt our plans, understood?”

“Yes, if anyone try to cause trouble, I will beat him to death!”

“One more important thing, Cheng Biyuan's eldest son Cheng Zheng Yuan is a pretty good kid, and also very talented. You need to find more opportunity to chat with him and build a good relations.h.i.+p with him!”

“Yes! Qingtong understood!”


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Transmigration With QQ Farm Chapter 134

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