Empire Of The Ring 718 A Sudden Windfall 2

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The referendum on const.i.tutional amendment in Azerbaijan was pa.s.sed with overwhelming approval ratings.
The turnout was 87 percent and the approval rating was 95 percent.
This was the approval rating that would only be available in the communist country.
Under the revised const.i.tution, the status of the Kazakh royal family was the head of state, but Azerbaijan's status as a sovereign state with its core of national defense and diplomacy remained unchanged.
Since federal law did not exist, it could be seen as a form of a national union.
This meant there was no change in the current administration.
As soon as the referendum was pa.s.sed, the const.i.tution took effect immediately.
Now, Azerbaijan's perfunctory head of state was the Kazakh queen.
Accordingly, Youngho's farm and ranch in Baku were designated as royal territories.
This villa on Serbian Ranch was now to be called a royal palace.
Although the Kazakhs royal family was only symbolic in Azerbaijan, no one thought the royal family was powerless because it was Kazakhstan's living power.
Azerbaijan's inclusion as a federal state of the Kingdom of Kazakhstan had been a constant topic in the world's media.
Some even said that it was a second Commonwealth.
What could not happen in the 21st century was happening between the Caspian Sea coast countries.
"Your Highness, this is the list of names who will attend the event in Baku with the royal family this time."
Youngho frowned as he looked into the list given by the secretary's office.
"What is it? All the generals and chiefs of staff are attending?"
"The government submitted the list of attendees. They said that each military honor guard and chief of staff should be present because it is an event attended by the Queen."
No matter how many prominent cabinet members attended, soldiers in uniform were bound to stand out.
Apparently, it was Prime Minister Kasim's idea, who was a former military general.
He seemed to think it was a matter of pride if the Queen's group was too small at Azerbaijan's historic event of becoming a federal nation.
It was to show off that the military was absolutely loyal to the queen.
On one hand, he wanted to show off Kazakhstan's powerful force to Azerbaijan.
Kazakhstan's number of generals alone was five times more than that of Azerbaijan.
Youngho felt that there were too many military personnel, so he asked Kasim over the phone to reduce the number.
"Mr. Prime Minister. Wouldn't attending the Baku event with all the generals be provoking the Azerbaijan government?"
-Your Highness. It's a celebration of Azerbaijan's members.h.i.+p in the federation. We should show the government and people of Azerbaijan that the Kazakh military is absolutely loyal to the royal family. I'm doing this for the status of the royal family.
"They're not that ignorant. They accepted the royal family on their own. How can they treat us carelessly?"

Under the newly revised const.i.tution, the royal family was only symbolic.
There was no reason to check the royal family without the right to appoint the government's personnel.
-Your Majesty. The presence of the Chief of Staff and generals on the Queen's visit is a good example of the royal authority.
Kasim insisted that the military should attend the event.
"But why do we need to mobilize the generals stationed in the border area?"
-Our border is perfectly solid. Military discipline does not waver even in the absence of the commanders. We need to show inside and outside that we are confident in border defense.
In the end, Youngho had to give in to Kasim's stubbornness.
All the citizens poured into the streets of Baku as if they were holding a festival.
Their faces looked as if they had gained the world.
They were very proud to be a federal country of Kazakhstan that owned huge territory and defense that even China was afraid of.
Even more, they felt so lucky to have a powerful royal family with great financial abilities.
Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan had been brothers only in words, but now that they shared the same royal family, they had become true brothers.
Azerbaijan was not a federal country subject to federal laws such as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, but it was true that it was now a federal country in the Kingdom of Kazakhstan.
In addition, the new discovery of the giant oil field brightened the future, so the faces of the citizens of Azerbaijan looking at the queen were full of confidence.
They now had the hope that Azerbaijan would be able to dream of becoming an advanced country.
From Kazakhstan's perspective, the bridgehead on the other side of the Caspian Sea was finally set up, so it gave a sense of security.
In addition, Azerbaijan's members.h.i.+p as a federal state of the Kingdom of Kazakhstan left currency swapping with Turkey in limbo.
This was because the new federal incorporation was to defuse the foreign exchange crisis in Azerbaijan. As it was seen that dealing with Azerbaijan's crisis was overwhelming for Kazakhstan's economic power, there was no room to help Turkey.
The federal transfer event was held in a grand fas.h.i.+on.
On the stage behind the podium, foreign ministers and amba.s.sadors from each country sat in a row, while on one side were occupied by Kazakhstan's military chiefs and generals in colorful uniforms.
The Queen and Duke reviewed the honor guards of the two countries first. The event was peaked by President Aliyev's reception of a new letter of appointment from the Queen, who was now the head of state.
As the Const.i.tution stipulated, a ceremony was necessary for the Queen to deliver her letter of appointment to the chief executive of a federal state.
Though symbolic, the president would not be able to exercise his control unless he went through such a procedure.
In a way, it was the only authority the royal family could exercise to the Azerbaijani government.
When the event was over, a car parade was held in Baku downtown.
The people welcomed the queen, waving the Azerbaijani flag and the royal flag at the same time.
"The citizens look very happy."
Fatima was trying to conceal her excited look.
"I think you like it more than them?"
"I've been trying to hold it in. How did you know?"
"When you presented the President with the letter of appointment earlier, you seemed to be enjoying it, too."
Aliyev, who received the queen's letter of appointment at the ceremony, seemed quite nervous, which was unexpected for a dictator like him who wielded unrivaled power.
"Hohoho… You've noticed. The president's expression was so solemn that I forced myself to hold back my laughter."
Aliyev had a solemn face all the time throughout the ceremony.
On the inside, it was not like that, but on the outside, he looked like he had so much respect for the Queen, the head of the federal government.
The reason for such a solemn expression was because he knew too well how the people of Azerbaijan saw the royal family. He had to act respectfully as much as possible.
"I'm relieved that I got to make your wish come true."
"Hohoho... Thank you."
Fatima's laughter was clearer and higher than ever.
It was natural as she missed Baku all the time.
She was born and raised in Istanbul but only had dark memories there.
Baku's life on Zeynep Farm was like a dream to her.
She had so many warm memories in Baku, so even when she became the Queen of Kazakhstan, she had been visiting the place frequently under a pretext that she had to look after the royal villa.
Though she loved Kazakhstan, her heart had always been in Baku.
But now, she could come here at any time without so many procedures.
"I will stay in Baku in the summer and winter from now on, just for your information."
"What do you mean, you know how short spring and fall are in Kazakhstan. Are you going to make me like a widower?"
"You can work here, too. You know there is a thing called the Internet."
The royal family was only a symbolic presence here, but Kazakhstan was a place where direct management was required.
Kazakhstan would shake if the Duke was absent frequently.
"Then the people of Kazakhstan will be disappointed and betrayed. They are going to say that the Queen is dumping her own house."
"Hoho… Don't worry. I'll be prudent. You can stay in Kazakhstan."
After arriving at Baku, Fatima was in a good mood. She really felt like she was home.
"Do as you please."
By the time the dinner at the presidential palace was over and the queen's party arrived at the mansion on Zeynep Farm, it was already past 9 p.m., but the residents of the farm and ranch who were gathered to celebrate were still eating, drinking, and dancing.
Fatima and Youngho also mingled with the residents.
Earl Niksic burst out laughing as he gave drinks continuously to Youngho.
"Your Highness, it's like a dream. The Serbian Kingdom collapsed, and we were brought to slavery, but we finally stood tall in Azerbaijan. All of this was due to your outstanding leaders.h.i.+p, so we could have such a happy day. I'll thank you on behalf of my ancestors."
At the words of Niksic, the descendants of the Serbian knights around him knelt in front of Youngho to pay respect.
"Earl Niksic. Why are you doing this all over again? Everything is the result of your efforts."
Youngho was embarra.s.sed at the sudden event but could understand what they must be feeling.
They lived hundreds of years as slaves, but they still did not forget their roots and a sense of purpose.
Niksic felt as if he was dreaming.
How could their fathers have predicted that this day would come, but their ancestors never neglected to remind and train their descendants.
They reminded of tradition so that the descendants would not lose self-esteem as knights and also kept the secret of gold mines where they worked as slaves.
However, even if there were such preparations, it would have been of no use if they had not met Youngho.
When they met Youngho, they were able to meet their last royal princess, Fatima.
It was a wonderful fate to think about it.
"Your Highness, I won't live that long, but I must see you commanding the world."
Niksic was dreaming of a new future beyond hope.
"Earl Niksic, you will have to live a long life. We still have a long way to go."
"Of course, I'll live to see our kingdom commanding the whole world."
In that short period of time, a new dynasty was established in Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan became substantially dominant.
That meant Azerbaijan could also become like them in the near future.
That was because the Duke, whom Nixic knew well, was not the one who would have a federal relations.h.i.+p with Azerbaijan without thinking about it.
Youngho seemed to be a good-willed person, but Niksic knew well that he was moving under a strict calculation.

Empire Of The Ring 718 A Sudden Windfall 2

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