The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower Chapter 12

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The Villainess Finally Goes to School

Time flew, and I, Astrid Sophie von Oldenburg, turned 6.

And finally, it has come. The day has come.

Mother: “Astrid, have you put on your uniforms yet? Did you not forget your bag?”

I hung my head unresponsively to my mother's questions.

I have put on my uniform. It is a sailor uniform with a jacket, a set of cute black, white and red. I had no problems with the uniform. The bag is specified by the academy, an article that looks like a randoseru.

But I don't wanna go to school!

Even before I start going to school, I already don't want to go. I mean, if I go to school, I would undoubtedly have to meet Friedrich and some other “capture targets”. After I get to the high school department I'd also be meeting the Heroine.

I don't mean to raise any flags, but I don't know how this fate thing works.

Perhaps fate would forcefully correct itself to follow the catastrophic progression.

What should I do by that time?

Right now I still barely have any power to turn the tables on my fate…at best, I could only fly and rain down bullets from the sky. I can't make a huge hit at my fate with just that…How powerless I am.

But, it's still too soon to despair.

The Heroine will enter the stage when I get into the high school department, and my ruinous end would arrive when we graduate that high school department. There are still time to prepare.

There are Four years of elementary education. Three years for junior-high education, and another three for the high school education.

So I have 10 years of time!

Ya~y! In that case this is easy! Easy I tell you!

Or so I would say, but I can't be too else fate is going to knock me down. I can't let my guard down. I have to be careful as if I'm trudging through a minefield; take precautionary measures as I progress.

Maid: “Ojou-sama, have you finished your preparations? The lady is waiting for you.”

Astrid: “I was just thinking I don't want to go to school…”

Maid-san is looking at me with eyes full of worry, and I answered her honestly.

Maid: “Ojou-sama…even though you always adamantly say you want to learn magic, what gives? You can learn magic as much as you want in the academy you know? Is that not what you want to do?”

Astrid: “No, I'm the type that's just shy with strangers, so I'm scared if I need to go somewhere with a lot of strangers.”

Maid-san asked in astonishment, and I just gave her a poor excuse.

Maid: “I wouldn't say that Ojou-sama is not good with strangers. I see that you managed to get along with Vrangel-sensei in less than a day, and you could get close to the Master's friends as well.”

Astrid: “I can't get along with people my age. It's that special type of shyness.”

I don't want to go to schooool.

I mean I'll meet Friedrich and the other capture targets since the elementary school, you know? If I made poor contact with them, I wouldn't know what would happen, you know? My downfall is the downfall of the Oldenburg house, you know?

Maid: “Very well, I shall inform the Master and the Lady. I do not care if you end up betting scolded, you know?”

Astrid: “Uguu…”

That's right. Since I'm enrolling into the academy, father arbitrarily terminated the contract with Wolf-sensei. Even though I still have tings I want to learn from Wolf-sensei…

Well, if I want to meet Wolf-sensei, I can just drop by the university department. Wolf-sensei is not my private teacher anymore, so I can't expect him to teach me magic. If that's the case I'm still going to have to go to school anyways.

Astrid: “Okaay I'm going! It's alright if I just go, right? I don't care if I regret going to school, okay! I don't care if I end up destroying this house, okay!”

Maid: “Why would you end up destroying the house just by going to school…?”

In the end, in order to arm myself to take down my fate, I was forced to go to school, which triggers that ruinous fate in the first place.

At this rate I'm not sure what is the means and what is the objective.

The first day of school is the entrance ceremony.

Seen but overlooked, the ladies and gentlemen sitting in the guardian seat definitely looks like they belong to n.o.ble families. The children sitting in the same row as me, too, looks like young masters and young ladies that had very good upbringing.

The enrollees of the Saint Satanachia Magic Academy fundamentally consist of n.o.bles. A n.o.ble academy for the n.o.bles, by the n.o.bles. Talk about a hierarchical society. Proletariat, Unite!

Generally the enrollees are children with magical capabilities, but for commoners, they were taught by local, retired imperial magicians.

However, if they can get a good grades and pa.s.s the test, they can enroll into this academy.

The Heroine had an overflowing talent in magic, she can get excellent grades, and pa.s.s the tests, so she attended the academy from the high school department…she had a preferential treatment. Her tuition fee is taken care by the academy, so it's an admission with super-preferential treatment.

Even I…Even my grades are undoubtedly good too! I'm not gonna lose!

The compet.i.tion between the heroine and the villainess is a bit too unfair. That's why the villainess is destined not to be able to defeat the heroine… “…Thus, you all are enrolled into this academy to support the empire in the future, in a world of remarkable magical progress. Every one of you are talented individuals who will support the Prussian Empire. And to that…”

Still. The's speech is too long! You've been talking by himself for thirty minutes, you old geezer!

Aah, this is so boring. Probably I'll play some pranks or something. I heard from Wolf-sensei about making someone sneeze with Blood Magic and I'd like to try it out.

Hehehe. You arrogant old geezer is immersed talking about the same speech over and over again. Embarra.s.s yourself by sneezing loudly in front of everyone!

Thus with a very childish thought, I cut my finger with a knife to let it bleed. I then cast the Blood Magic I've always practiced, and it's time to attack the arrogant with wind magic.

??? “You can't do that”

I heard a male voice stop me.

Was I seen!?

I panicked and looked around.

As I did, I noticed a super unusual boy with a slightly long silver hair on the right side of the front row, smiling at me as he waved his hand. Not good. He's super cute. The silver hair is nice too, but his eyes are clear marine blue, and it's wonderful.

That's not the color of the hair you should have when you're 6 years old.

But to think he saw through me casting Blood Magic…He's definitely not normal.

Hm? Hold on? A silver-haired new student enrolling this year? “Cough, a word from the representatives of the new students, our empire's first crown prince, his Majesty Friedrich.”

Friedrich: “Yes.”

The's long speech was over, and now it's the turn of the student representative.

…wait, he said Friedrich?

Friedrich: “Everyone. I am happy that today, a lot of promising students are enrolled into the Saint Satanachia Magic Academy, furthering our empire's magical development.”

As I thought! He's Friedrich!

That's why he looks hot! I should've noticed by his silver hair, I almost fall into a dangerous area! How careless I was!

Prussian Empire's first prince, Friedrich.

The crown prince and one of the capture target. To save his life, his wet nurse casted Blood Magic on him that resulted in his hair turning into unusual shade of silver.

His personality is spoilt, yet he's doing well in academics and sports. Truly a prince-like character. As a matter of fact, as the age of iron and flames is quickly approaching, he is a prince who is concerned if he's fit to inherit the throne.

The heroine would then notice the burden the prince is carrying and consoled him by petting him.

And thus, they get married! They destroyed our house! What the h.e.l.l!

Friedrich: “Recently, magic has been used as a weapon. However, the essence of magic is the connection with the spirits. Humans too can connect with each other. In this world that are transitioning to the age of iron and flames, we would be blessed if we could advocate for peace through connections.”

Keh. Let's use magic for peace is what you're saying, huh? Are you looking for a fight with me? I'm planning to incorporate magic into modern weaponry to drill a hole in my fate and you're telling me to do the opposite? How about you mind your own business and just find the heroine to get married? Booo! Booo!

I booed at Friedrich's honor-student speech internally. Boooo! Boooo!

Friedrich: “In that regard, we pray that we can safely learn magic, and become people who will support the Prussian empire in the future.”

With that, Friedrich's speech concluded.

In Friedrich's route in the game, Astrid sometimes shows up b.u.t.ting in on the side, saying that it's impertinent for someone without a good social standing to get close to his Highness. His Highness is going to be engaged with me! Commoners should marry with commoners! or so she always said…

Personally my favorability toward Friedrich is entering below zero down to the minus.

If you're born as the prince, then fulfill that duty till the end! Don't just come crying to the Heroine because your opinion don't match your father's! What are you, five? Also don't say ambivalent things like using magic for peace!

I was stricken by him for a moment, but now I'm getting irritated looking at him.

Won't this entrance ceremony end soon? “With this, the entrance ceremony shall be concluded. Students, please head to your respective cla.s.srooms.”

Oh, it's done.

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Friedrich der nicht so Große

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