The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower Chapter 15

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The Villainess Likes Outdoor Activities

It's the second day of the Freshman Orientation camp.

The camp is two days long, so today would be the last. Fuuh.

After what happened last time, we ate dinner and entered the hot springs. That felt so good.

But I couldn't help but to feel concerned about how the other kids are treating me so distantly. They were adamant in not wanting to call me by just my name and called me Astrid-sama instead. I felt like there's a wall between me and the others and I felt sad because of that…

That aside——the number of persons I can call a friend had increased.

Aside from Miine-kun, the devil who thought I was so close with Friedrich, I managed to get some friends from the group of n.o.ble sons and daughters. I used to live as a friendly person to other people, so it's quite easy for me to make friends. Especially Miine-kun, I've become quite friendly with her.

But some people tended to avoid me completely because of the pressure from my t.i.tle as a Duke's daughter. On the other hand, some people would straight up praise me profusely. As expected of the Duke's daughter, Astrid-sama, or so they said.

Hmmm. I would've loved to steer clear of using my parents' influence though…Well, I had the feeling that I want to make friends with my own power. I wanna be friends who would stick out with me even when my house is taken down!

But for now, I'd be fine as long as I can my friends in the first place. I also still had 10 years to live as a student, so let's take it slow. The duke's daughter won't bite, you know? I'm not scary you know? If you can understand that, we can be best friends!

But still, Friedrich who I had been keeping at arms length is being at the center of the cla.s.s. He got Adolf and Silvio calling him by name, so even though everyone should be on their knees facing the authority of the royal family, instead he was leading his cla.s.smates around like a lamp in the face of a bunch of moths…

It's unfair! In a lot of way! This is injustice! I'm hating him a lot more now! Drop dead! Moron!

Astrid: “Alright, what are we doing in the second day again?”

Miine: “We are going on a stroll around the Tolberg forest, Astrid-sama.”

As I tilted my head, Miine-kun answered my question.

Astrid: “Ah, a stroll in the forest. How simple.”

For me who was in the Outdoors Activity Club in high school, I want to pitch a tent in the forest, cooking ingredients we gathered, and have a pleasant chat while eating around the bonfire, but it's not possible to do that in a school done by the boys and girls of the n.o.ble families.

Miine: “Technically it is free time, so we are also allowed to stay at the lodging for tea though.”

Astrid: “I think I”d like to take a stroll in the forest. Maybe there would be a lost fairy or two.”

I responded like that to Miine's statement.

Miine: “L-Lost fairy?”

Astrid: “When I was four, I went hunting with my father and his friends, and I took custody of a lost fairy. Look, here's Blau-chan.”

I pat my pocket, and Blau peeked out sluggishly.

Blau: “Master…Blau was worried if Master had forgotten about me…Untill when does Blau have to stay in your pocket?”

Astrid: “Sorry, sorry. I thought that I'd get yelled at if I brought something weird.”

Blau: “S-Something weird? Is Blau something weird…?”

Blau's shoulders dropped in disappointment after hearing my words.

Astrid:  “How is it? Can you see her?”

Miine: “I can! To think that you're already contracted with a fairy! You are amazing, Astrid-sama!”

It seems like Miine-kun can see fairies.

Astrid: “It would be nice if Miine can find and get contracted with a fairy.”

Miine: “But can I possibly be contracted to a fairy even though I don't have any talent in magic…?”

Is she really worried about that?

Astrid: “Fairies are unexpectedly friendly, so it's okay. I also could easily make a contract with Blau.”

Blau: “That's right! Master defeated the Gryphon that was about to eat me with a BAM! and—”

I panicked and quickly shut Blau's mouth that was bragging about. Don't say anything unnecessary, you useless fairy.

Astrid: “Let's try going around the forest for now. If things go well, we could also hunt some deer.”

Miine: “E-Eeh?”

It is precisely because I thought this would happen that I brought my shotgun along with the slug and rubber with me. If things go well and there are some good games, I could hunt them and get the servants to make a stew out of it.

Astrid: “But before that, where's the map of the forest?”

It'll be the first time I've been in the area so I thought I'd need a map, so I looked around for it.

But it doesn't look like they're handing out anything that looks like a map.

Miine: “Astrid-sama, do you plan to go into the forest?”

Astrid: “Eh? Aren't we doing a stroll in the forest?”

Miine-kun and I showed a face of disbelief at each other.

Miine: “Entering the forest in our uniforms would be dangerous. We were supposed to only circle around the perimeter of the forest.”

Astrid: “Is that so…”

Then that means getting a new fairy would be difficult.

Astrid: “Then let's just walk around the outer perimeter.”

???: “Astrid,”

As me and Miine was about to depart, an ominous voice called out to me.

Astrid: “Y-Your Majesty Friedrich? Do you need anything?”

Friedrich: “I was thinking if you could go on the stroll with us.”

Geeh! Of course not! This landmine just straight up jumped to my foot!

Friedrich: “Is it a bother to you?”

Astrid: “O-Of course not. We were also thinking that we are quite lonely just with the two of us, fufufu.”

Eeii! Of course you are! Get outta here!

Friedrich: “Well then, since we are going together, let's call for another one.”

If there would be three guys and two girls, the balance would be off. I did make a friend properly—and I unilaterally concluded that. If I'm not mistaken, if he calls out for a kid with the same status as Miine, I could have some more friends.

Miine: “I-Is that okay, Astrid-sama? and Your Majesty Friedrich?”

Friedrich: “They would be welcomed.”

The person she called was Lotte von Lamsdorf-chan. She's a blonde, blue-eyed girl that really symbolizes a n.o.bility. It seemed like she's scared that we'd snap at her, but we won't bite, so you don't have to be so scared.

Alright, now my responsibility is now just one.

I thought of strongly refuse Friederich's invitation, but I heard that Miine-kun is interested in Adolf, so when Friedrich came to me with Adolf in tow, Miine-kun's face turned red. I take care of my friends, you see.

Perhaps it's not to her interest, but Lotte-kun is being Silvio's partner, while I have to deal with the big boss—Friedrich. I'll be fending off all of your talks.

Friedrich: “Astrid, is that a fairy?”

Astrid: “Yes, her name is Blau. Blau, go ahead and greet him.”

What a sharp-sighted prince. I didn't think he would have noticed my fairy.

Blau: “h.e.l.lo, human-san. Blau is Blau. I am contracted to my master.”

Friedrich: “Ooh, you are amazing, Astrid, to be able to be contracted to a fairy already.”

I'm not going to be happy if you praise me you know?

Astrid: “Well then, let us depart for the stroll. Let's look around with a full-power dash and finish it in 5 minutes.”

Friedrich: “No, but that's not going to be a stroll then…”

If I use Blood Magic, I could really circle around the perimeter of the forest and come back within 5 minutes. Alright, shall we run for our health? I feel like it would be good for burning the calories from the various things we ate for barbecue yesterday.

Adolf: “Hey Friedrich, isn't it alright if it's just us three going? If we bring girls along, we can't go into the forest you know?”

Friedrich: “You can't do that, Adolf. A proper gentleman should escort the ladies.”

So you wanted to go into the forest too, huh Adolf? Our interests met. But you have to focus on being Miine-kun's partner. If there's any chance, you should get close to her. If that happens then at least I'll have to deal with one less landmine.

Silvio: “Friedrich, we should go soon since we should be back before sundown. It would also be bad for us to keep the ladies waiting. I heard that the flower field we could see from on top of the hill is very pretty, so I would like to see it by all means”, Silvio said.

Lotte, who was allocated to Silvio, heard his words and blushed. You there, you're a bit too simple.

Astrid: “Well, whatever it could be, let us depart for now. Let us quickly go.”

I want to quickly end this h.e.l.l.

Miine: “Adolf-sama, did you remember me from the gathering of the Chivalric Order?”

Adolf: “Yeah, I remember. Your brother seemed like he would be a great knight. He had the power, and he also had the talent for Blood Magic. We need exactly that sort of knight in our Golden Lion Order. I too would like to quickly graduate from the academy and become a knight.”

Seems like flowers are blooming where Miine-kun and the haughty Adolf are chatting. Good, very good.

But I'd feel bad for Miine if the protagonist ended up choosing Adolf…they say that Love is War, but then it means the loser and the victim would face the most tragic fate. Miine-kun, you should properly arm yourself to make sure you win the battle. After that, please dispose of that landmine.

Lotte: “Have you already been involved in the works of the Prime Minister, Silvio-sama!?”

Silvio: “Only to the extent that I understand though. The works of the Prime Minister is difficult, but the responsibility of making decision is very heavy. The Prime Minister's duty is be the counselor of the throne; if he makes a mistake, then the Emperor would not be able to make the correct decision.”

Seems like Lotte-kun and Silvio is also doing well together. I don't know about their hobbies, but if possible, I hope Lotte-kun can take care of that landmine named Silvio.

Friedrich: “Astrid—”

Astrid: “Well~ Is it not such a fine weather~! It is such a perfect weather for a walk~”

Friedrich: “Astri—”

Astrid: “A pretty flower is blooming over there! Perhaps I'd pick it as a souvenir for mother!”

Friedrich: “Astr—”

Astrid: “Ooh, such a great mother nature! I'm getting excited in being an apprentice sorcerer that could use the power of nature~!”

Friedrich: “Ast—”

Astrid: “A lot of people are gathering in that hill! That's the hill where you can see the flower field, right?”

Friedrich: “As—”

Astrid: “The food is good, the hot springs were great for the body, and the air is fres.h.!.+ If I'd known that I will have all these in the orientation, I'd have taken the orientation any day!”

Eat that, Friedrich. This is my preemptive strike to seal the conversation!

Talk first before the opponent says anything; it's an advanced technique to drown the conversation. With this, I can successfully avoid stepping on the landmine that is Friedrich. You'll stick like glue to the heroine in seven years. Don't get yourself involved with me.

Blau: “Master, does Master hate that person?”

Astrid: “It's more like he's dangerous. If I make a wrong move, the Oldenburg house could be taken down.”

Yeah, I shouldn't get involved with Friedrich. Right now, there aren't any flags raised just yet, but it could just suddenly pop up out of nowhere. I'd need to avoid this crisis for both my Father and Mother as well.

Besides if you're not a n.o.ble, living in this world would be hard.

It was when I thought of that,

Friedrich: “A—”

Astrid: “—Everyone, get down!”

Friedrich: “Astrid, you didn't want to talk to me that much?”

Astrid: “Not that! I spotted a c.o.c.katrice at our 2 o'clock!”

I shouted at Friedrich's exasperated, carefree tone.

From within the forest, I saw the figure of a gigantic chicken with a snake tail. The head of that snake was able to spray fatal poisons; it's the c.o.c.katrice I've known about. Was it living in the forest and got lured because of the orientation camp?

Friedrich: “Was ist los? This forest is supposed to be safe…!”

Astrid: “Your highness and the others should retreat and call the teachers!”

I said that to Friedrich who was surprised quite late.

There are a lot of students in the hills beyond this area. The c.o.c.katrice foaming on its mouth with purple toxic fluids, heading for the students on top of the hill.

Scheisse. If you want to attack someone, go for me, and then I could murder Friedrich while framing it as an accident!

Friedrich: “We will evacuate, but Astrid, you're…”

Astrid: “I shall hunt the c.o.c.katrice with elegance!”

While Friedrich should escort Miine, Lotte, Adolf and Silvio away from the c.o.c.katrice, I said that, picked up my shotgun and pursued after the c.o.c.katrice. I used Blood Magic to boost the strength of my legs and improved my nervous system to the point it's about to burn out.

The shotgun is already loaded with slugs.

Astrid: “Alright then, a chicken like you should just quietly be a karaage like you're supposed to be!”

I aimed at the c.o.c.katrice's back and unleashed a slug round.

For this circ.u.mstances, Blau controlled the air to erase the sound of the shotgun firing as I taught her. Sounds are the vibration of air after all. If I have a Blau, fairy that can control the air and the wind and erase the sound completely, I wouldn't need a suppressor.


The c.o.c.katrice staggered from my shot, but it ain't dead yet.

Astrid: “Alright, bring it on you chicken b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I'll blow off that ugly face of yours.”

I grinned and pumped the fore end, expelling the previous sh.e.l.l and loading the next one at the same time. This time I aimed at the c.o.c.katrice's head. The c.o.c.katrice is moving forward while shaking all around, but for me right now, I can shoot at anything. Bring it on then.

I pulled the trigger.

At the same time, the slug round launched, penetrating its skull.


But perhaps because of its primal instincts, the c.o.c.katrice is still charging at me with its brain fluids spilling out.

Astrid: “This should be the last one.”

I drilled another slug round into the c.o.c.katrice's head, and it fell over without even letting out a groan.

Astrid: “Subjugation complete. So long, you chicken b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

I'm not such an idiot to wait for a poison-spitting enemy to come close before finis.h.i.+ng them off. I think I could just leave the cleanup to the teachers. If it's them, they probably know an appropriate method to deal with a c.o.c.katrice.

But this can't be good. Rather than feeling scared fighting an enemy, I felt excited instead. I'm turning into a berserker, even though I should be the venerable sole daughter of the Oldenburg family…

Astrid: “Blau, thank you for your silencing effort. Was it loud?”

Blau: “It was the same sound when Master saved me, so it was okay!”

Hm, hm, Blau is such a good girl.

Alright, I should get out of here before people get suspicious.

Friedrich: “Astrid? What is that…?”

Geh, you're still here, Friedrich? And even though I told you to call the teachers, why are even Adolf and Miine still here?

Astrid: “This is a new type of crossbow, your Highness. Its intellectual right is currently monopolized by our Oldenburg family, so under my discretion, I am unable to give you any detailed information.”

Friedrich: “I-Is that so. But it is still amazing, to be able to take down that c.o.c.katrice in a flash like that…”

If you're not careful, Friedrich, this thing might be pointed at you in the future. Make sure you don't destroy my house even by accident, alright? Though it was true that I wasn't so full of myself that I'd suddenly burst out laughing. Just one shotgun is a little inadequate for me to take on the whole kingdom after all.

Silvio: “We brought the teachers over!”

As we spoke, Silvio and Lotte brought the teachers over. Guericke and Bernhardt was included within them.

Guericke: “We rushed over because we heard there is a c.o.c.katrice, but it seems like it's already dead…”

Bernhardt: “It is great that there are not any victims from any of the students…”

Guericke-sensei and the others tilted their heads, but Bernhardt-sensei heaved a sigh of relief.

Teacher: “This wound…what was used to take this thing down?”

Teacher(2): “It is too big of a wound for a normal crossbow bolt. I wonder how this thing was killed.”

While Guericke-sensei and the others started investigating the carca.s.s, I gallantly fled. Even though I used it joyfully, it'll be super bad for me if they started investigating it! At the end of the day, the c.o.c.katrice's cause of death ended up being unknown, and everything was concluded.

When the guardians of the n.o.ble children heard about how the summer retreat of Tolberg Forest, they panicked and sent complaints toward the adventurer guild that was supposed to be exterminating the magical beasts in the forest.

Adventurer guild, do your work properly from now on, alright?

I mean…the gazes of Adolf and Friedrich hurts…

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I kind of find it funny that Astrid turned from calling Blau a “useless fairy” to calling her a “good girl” not so long after.

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