Legend Of The Escape King Volume 1 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 The Xiaoxiang City Grand University “Twenty years ago, the Qiongyue Kingdom was persecuted by the Ghost-Spirit Masters. Two-thirds of the old clans who were tortured most were from the Xiaoxiang City Grand University. I am not sure if it is good or bad for Bird to go to the University right now.” Que Siyu had just cut the Spiritual Mirror connection, and she was deeply worried about Bird.   “You will find the answer soon. Why not let him be? As for you, you are the first daughter of the Que Family, and the blood of the phoenix runs through your veins. Your responsibility is to destroy evils and protect our Qiongyue Kingdom,” Yin Xuelan said, trying to persuade her.   “There is no conflict for me to care about in the Que Family or my friend. Since the war in Taohua Village ten years ago, I have decided I should protect those persons I care for most, instead of making empty talk about defeating demons and evil. Xuelan, I have some other personal business to handle. Would you go back to the Mantang Inn to wait for me?” Though they were good friends since childhood, Yin Xuelan’s immature att.i.tude about justice and her bias toward Bird still hurt her.   The place Que Siyu wanted to go to alone was not really a secret, but was the cloth store named Black and White Simple Suits. The ad with Bird having a bath at this store pushed on the screen of the Escape Game and had made it hotter than before. Now the clients were cramming to get into the store, and all the shelves were soon empty.     “Boss, give me a private room like before.”   Que Siyu threw him a bag of silvers and walked directly inside. The boss had prepared a bottle of the Qiongyue Kingdom’s best tea—Qiong Xianzui—for her. This tea was rare, and only less than 0.5 kilograms could be made each year. It was always supplied to the royal families. This bottle was a special gift from the Emperor, because Que Siyu was the offspring of a phoenix.   She just drank one cup. The boss had finished his business for the day and entered the room.   “What good business! Mo Qingyi, if you leave our family one day, being a millionaire will also a good future.” Que Siyu said this in jest, making fun of him. The boss replied in a rather former way. “Mo Qingyi will stay with the family to fulfill the responsibility of protecting the kingdom and people.” “What a pity that your heart is for your own Mo Family instead of Que! You have come to spy us. I guess you already told Mo Family about Bird Three’s existence and his legend.” “Bird Three has been occupied by a ghost for the last ten years. And now, he has become a Ghost-Power Master. Though your Que Family didn’t express your att.i.tude toward him, I got an order from the Mo Family to kill him.”    “Twenty years ago, a ghost killed its host, which made the whole world panic. The four families went out to settle this issue, using their mind powers to defeat those demons. However, n.o.body knew that the Mo Family was also in the fight. The Mo Family was so honest in regard to this duty.” Que Siyu spoke with a mocking tune. “However, Bird Three is my uncle’s student. He is the first student of our Que Family. So, we protect him. Don’t act in a rushed way.”   “Lady Que, if it is not me, my family will send out someone else to take care of this task. To be honest, you are risking your family’s reputation; it has nothing good for this young man, Bird Three.” Mo Qingyi showed a firm stand.   “As a member of Que Family, I dare not risk the reputation and foundation. But I won’t allow someone to kill an innocent hero.” Que Siyu decided to help Bird to the end. “Why not make a bet with me? In one month, allow me to supervise Bird Three, and if I find anything strange about him, I will kill him. At the end of this month, if he is fine, you let him go back to the hometown as the first student of my family. I would like to give my life as the counter.” “Don’t you think the counter is a little bit too precious, Lady? You are the successor of the Que Family, and the only blood of the phoenix in this world.” “Then why don’t you take it, since it is so valuable?” Que Siyu stood up to leave. “By the way, you are still the servant of my family. Simply perform your best first.”   After leaving the store, Que Siyu headed for the Grand University.   At the gate of the Grand University, Bird was stopped by some young men before he could enter the University. There was a special mechanism hiding among the buildings of the University, a mechanism build by Mo Family, which forbid those who were not qualified to enter.   “Hey, he is the Ghost-Power Master.” The young men were students of this University, who had joined in the Escape Game. This was why they recognized Bird. “Ghost-Power Master Bird Three, Xiaoxiang Grand University is not a place where evil like you is allowed to enter," they said sternly as they confronted him. "Leave us as soon as possible.” 

Legend Of The Escape King Volume 1 Chapter 21

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