Hegel's Confession Volume 1 Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 Arresting Ji Fengjun We took Lin Hao back to the police station, and arranged for people to stay in the house Ji Fengjun rented in the vicinity and the downstairs area. We also deployed people and controlled the station, airport, and other places. Chu Haoran had brought the victims back and informed their families, but we had not yet seen the murderer in this case from beginning to end. In the interrogation room, Chu Haoran and I sat opposite Lin Hao. However, after being arrested, Lin Hao had not said anything; no matter what we inquired of him, he simply responded with silence. This made me more certain that he absolutely knew the whereabouts of Ji Fengjun. "Lin Hao, everything you have in life now is hard to come by. Do you really want to destroy it yourself?" I thought that, for him, rights and desires were more important, and maybe it was a breakthrough. Lin Hao just looked up at me without saying anything. I licked my lips and began to guess his thoughts.   Chu Haoran picked up the pen on the table and waved it in his hand. His meaningful gaze sized Lin Hao up and down in a methodical manner. "Do you think that you are helping her now? You are really wrong. This will not only harm her, but will also harm yourself." Maybe because sitting on the hard chair was not comfortable, Lin Hao moved subconsciously with an unnatural expression. Looking at his reaction, a matter kind of came up in my mind. "If you don't know how to say it," I posed, "why don't you start with renting a house to Ji Fengjun?" "What house? I don't know." Lin Hao finally spoke, but he was very resistant. We had brought Lin Hao back quite suddenly and did not communicate with him during the period. After entering the interrogation room, he always kept silent, so he did not know that we had been to the house rented by Ji Fengjun and found the missing person there.   "I am really curious. According to your current conditions, you are not supposed to want to have anything to do with Ji Fengjun. But why did you rent a house for her in a bustling area?" I inquired, ignoring his answer. Somehow, there was cold sweat on Lin Hao's forehead, and even an untrained civilian people could see that he was dealing with a guilty conscience. Seeing this situation, Chu Haoran stopped waving the pen in his hand, and said, "We have already gone to the house you rented for Ji Fengjun and have found three missing persons inside. Two of them are already dead, and one's spirit is stimulated." Chu Haoran's showdown was very timely. When Lin Hao was under great pressure and struggled mentally, it could be described as a fatal blow to all defenses, which made his psychological line of defense completely collapse. . .    In a hoa.r.s.e and pained voice, Lin Hao finally replied, "She had always been in contact with me since we broke up. She hoped that I would change my mind. In fact, I am still in love with her, and I hope she can have a good life. But I want a better one. Therefore, I feel guilty for her. So I think about helping her secretly. The house was rented for her. The suburb is too far from the city, and it is very hard to go back and forth every day." As I listened to Lin Hao slowly telling the story, I gradually changed my impression of him. I previously thought he was a heartbreaker, but he seemed to actually have a little bit of a conscience. However, he was unable to stay true to the original purpose and had been blinded by power and money. About half a year ago, after breaking up with Ji Fengjun, Lin Hao moved away from the suburbs and lived in the big house in the city. It was a gift from the daughter of the chairman. Because he was afraid that the daughter of the chairman would be angry with him, on the surface, it appeared he had cut off all contact with Ji Fengjun. But in fact, they still contacted with each other by telephone.   In this strange city, Ji Fengjun lived alone and had no one to depend on at all. The person she thought would stay with her forever, but had betrayed her and left, was gone, and that was a fact she just could not get over! So, after they broke up for half a month, she sent a text message to Lin Hao and then committed suicide by cutting her wrist. Fortunately, Lin Hao had rushed over and stopped her in time. He also helped her rent a house in the city to help her lead a good life. After that, the two occasionally had contact. Lin Hao felt happy after he knew that Ji Fengjun was gradually returning to normal. But he didn't expect things would happen like they did. On the day we went to find him, because he couldn't talk about the situation, he didn't tell us the contact number and address of Ji Fengjun. After we left, he immediately called her and said that there were policemen coming over to investigate. But Ji Fengjun didn't explain anything about it.   Lin Hao worried her a lot and said that he would wait for her at The Other Sh.o.r.e Restaurant. That was why he went there. But he hadn't made an appointment with her; he just wanted her to go over there. The interrogation here had not ended yet, and Chu Haoran had been notified. It turned out that some of our colleagues had found a trace of Ji Fengjun at the train station and immediately arrested her on the spot. This was in a way different from what was expected. We originally thought she would find an unknown place to hide. Lin Hao had not left the police station yet, but he anxiously wandered around. At that moment, I could understand his feelings, because he had said beforehand that he felt guilty for Ji Fengjun. If he knew that she would commit such a crime, he would not break up with her anyway at the beginning. . .    After seeing Ji Fengjun, I found that she was even more beautiful than the photo of her. No wonder Xiaohui once said that she had unlimited potential. She was tall and slim, and she had an enviable hourgla.s.s figure. She had white skin, clear eyes, and fine facial features. I must admit that I was quickly attracted to her eyes, which were as pure as clear springs of water. It was hard to imagine that a woman with such wholesome eyes would kill three people in such a cruel way and lead one to have a psychological problem. In the depths of her heart, there must be places where the sun couldn't s.h.i.+ne. At the time I was looking at the screen next door to the interrogation room. Xiao Teng and Chu Haoran sat opposite Ji Fengjun in the interrogation room. Xiao Teng had also taken a gla.s.s of water in there. I estimated that he was afraid that she would talk at length about too many things, and he brought the water to avoid becoming parched and dry-mouthed.   As for Lin Hao, he did not leave. He stood by my side and stared straight at the computer screen. As he looked at Ji Fengjun sitting inside, so quiet and calm, his eyes filled with tears at once. Chu Haoran's voice rang in our ears quickly: "Talk about the process of you committing the crime." Ji Fengjun shook her head after she looked at the water on the table. "I want a cup of coffee." After receiving permission from Chu Haoran, Xiao Teng took a cup of coffee and sent it in. Ji Fengjun took the cup and had a drink. She closed her eyes and took a slow breath. She seemed to be very intoxicated. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and put down the cup in her hand. "You act very fast, at least much faster than I thought. Is it because of Lu Hui's family background and you are under a lot of stress about this?"   Ji Fengjun saw that no one answered her question. She quickly smiled. However, the smile was full of irony. "This society is too realistic and too cruel," she said. "Everything has hidden rules. The law is also not for n.o.body. For example, Wu Jun, a doctor, has been missing for a month, and no one even cares. Lu Hui has just been missing for a few days, and you find me." Xiao Teng glared at her and was a little impatient. "Are you saying your murder is for justice?" At that time, something just came to my mind. Wu Jun was the first victim; the victim between him and Xiaohui, the fourth victim, one that seemed to be more capable than the others were. The owner of the beauty salon was more capable than the doctor; the owner of the chain restaurant was more capable than the owner of the beauty salon; and the owner of the film company was more capable than the owner of the chain restaurant. In this way, was Ji Fengjun also trying to prove something as she got revenge at the same time?

Hegel's Confession Volume 1 Chapter 23

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