Hegel's Confession Volume 1 Chapter 41

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But he reacted totally differently in the interrogation room. He answered fluently and casually, which was different from his real state of mind. Was he pretending all of that time?

Xiao Li was reading an ebook when we met him again. He could not help but frown when he found it was we who stood in front of him, "What now, Officers?"

Xiao Teng glanced at him and spoke right to the point. "The electrician was complained about for reasons when he first came to the community and we need to know the situations surrounding that."

Xiao Li froze after hearing the words, and then said, "Why? That happened a long time ago. How would I know about it?"

"It was about two years ago. You can inquire about it with your leader. We want him to cooperate with us." Xiao Teng spoke in a low voice.

Xiao Li was helpless, and he could only ask us to take a break, telling us he would now make contact with his leader.

I could figure out all the other things except for the weird smile on the deceased's faces, which puzzled me.

If the power outage was because of the trip of the circuit breaker, did Dai Lichun take down the victims when they went outside to check the circuit breaker, or did attack them when they were back inside?

The victims were more likely surprised by the attacks, because the neighbors around had not heard any sounds! After careful thinking, I still could not figure it out.

I found it was already afternoon now and it was dark and dim outside. I could not help but frown; it seemed that it was going to rain again. There was so much rain this month; but no wonder, as it was the rainy season now.  

Xiao Li said that the property manager would come over here after a little while, so Xiao Teng and I waited and grew bored. We eventually decided to leave and call the property manager when he arrived.

Somehow, we found ourselves slowly walking to the downstairs of Qiu Nan's home. Suddenly, I looked up, and could not help but frown when I saw something weird. "Xiao Teng, look, the windows!"

Because it was dark and dim outside, the windows of Qiu Nan's home were obviously lighter than others. It turned out the light inside was indeed turned on, but I was sure that the lights were turned off when we finished checking.

"Bah. . . Is it an illusion? It is light inside!" Xiao Teng was greatly surprised, too.

Thankfully, the sky was overcast, or we would never have discovered it. We looked at each other and then quickly walked into the building. When we came to the door of Qiu Nan's residence, Xiao Teng took out the key and took a deep breath, and said, "Be careful."

I nodded, and the door quickly opened. We tentatively looked inside but found no abnormalities. The living room was empty, and we carefully went inside, but heard nothing!

"Could it be that Su Dahai came back here and then forgot to turn off the lights?" Xiao Teng made a guess.

I slowly shook my head. I knew that Su Dahai planned to sell the house, according to the previous conversation. Although Qiu Nan was his lover, the house was still unlucky, owing to the murder. He did not dare come back to live in here. I didn't know what bad things he had done before, but he believed that ghosts existed and he was scared about them.

We quickly went to the door of the living room, and the light we saw earlier was coming from that area. At this time, the door was closed, and I could feel my speeding heart beat faster.

After taking a deep breath, I comforted myself in my heart that there was nothing for me to be nervous about; it was all about the light. But I was still nervous and my hands were damp with cold sweat.

After Xiao Teng slowly opened the door, I looked inside through the gap, but found nothing abnormal except that the light was on, which was obvious on a gloomy night.

We went inside the room and found nothing unusual or out of place. Just as I just let out a long sigh of relief, I was suddenly stunned and my body began to shake. I saw the altar in the corner, and at the same time, I heard Xiao Teng's scream!

I was shocked and wanted to kick Xiao Teng out of the room, but what we had seen was really shocking and terrifying.

The statue on the altar was originally the fox fairy, but now there was something more. It was a real white fox. . .

"Zhuxuan, am I seeing this wrong?" Xiao Teng asked in a traumatized voice.

The fox on the altar coldly looked at us and then it jumped off the altar a few seconds later and quickly ran out of the room. Xiao Teng and I were frozen to the spot and cold sweat covered our terrified bodies. After seeing the fox quickly run out of the bedroom, I finally came back to my senses. Although I didn't know what was going on and the strangeness was unacceptable, I still couldn't believe that this was the fox fairy that Qiu Nan had enshrined and wors.h.i.+pped.

We ran out of the room and tried to find the white fox. It was not in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or even another bedroom. It seemed that the fox had disappeared immediately after it ran out of the bedroom, which was incredible.

"Zhuxuan, that is supposed to be the fox that Qiu Nan had enshrined and wors.h.i.+pped. This is an epiphanic revelation!" Xiao Teng still believed in the fox fairy and his eyes were full of fear.

I frowned and looked around to make sure the door was closed. The white fox should still be in the house, but we didn't find it. But how could there be a white fox in the room? It looked very bizarre and terrified. Was it true the fox fairy was a literal epiphany of sorts?

"Zhuxuan, let's take off! I feel a little uncomfortable," Xiao Teng said in a low voice. He warily looked around with fear from time to time.

I sat on the sofa in silence for a long moment and watched his face pale. I knew he was talking about the truth. "Fine! Go and contact the animal control experts."

"Well, I will go now. What about you?" Xiao Teng came back to his senses.

I slowly shook my head and answered, "I am waiting for you to leave and come back, so go!"

"No, what if it is dangerous? I can't leave you here alone!" Xiao Teng immediately became lively.

I told him there was nothing to worry about me and it was just a fox and it was not dangerous. Besides, the fox was gone and it might come back soon.

Xiao Teng still worried about me and forced me to go out of the room. Then I quietly sat on the sofa and carefully listened to the sounds around me. After a while, I heard some barely audible noises! It seemed like a chewing sound.

Although I still doubted it in my mind, I was very nervous. After all, the world was huge, full of all kinds of wonders. It was just like Xiao Teng believing in the ghosts and G.o.d; perhaps he had gone through something that could not be explained by science.

As for why I didn't believe in it, of course, there was a reason. When my parents got into a car accident that year, I became addicted to the spiritual stuff and I had used various methods found in books or the internet to seduce the souls, but unfortunately, they all ended in failure. But I was different now and I was trying to calm down.

I stood up and softly moved. I came to the bedroom opposite Qiu Nan's. I had gone to check it with Xiao Teng earlier, but we found nothing. But the sound came from inside, a very light sound. I would not be able to hear it if the door was not open.

Hegel's Confession Volume 1 Chapter 41

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