A Fight For Love Volume 1 Chapter 30

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Qian Lin looked at Sun Yi in shock, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. At Sakura Academy, so many students were afraid of Qian Lin and dared not offend her because she was all alone and had nothing to worry about. No matter how big or small the affair was, she would never show her weak side. Her arrogant temperament, fascinating personality, numerous incredible strange tricks, and her super high popularity at Sakura Academy, individuals who wanted to study well would not provoke her. She was a rebel school beauty at Sakura Academy.

She had now gradually calmed down. Although she did not show the white feather, she was reasonable. The reason why she asked Yan Xiaoxiao and Su Ruo was that she really wanted to know how would Lin Ziqi, who was popular now, rank on the school hunk list.

Even though Yan Xiaoxiao did not answer her, Qian Lin could tell it from her eyes. Yan Xiaoxiao was going to say that Lin Ziqi was a cute, hot little boy. As for Sun Yi, Qian Lin was not interested in him at all.

"Xiaoqi, let's go," Qian Lin said as she pulled Lin Ziqi outside. They had no cla.s.s at that moment and they had just come over to prepare for the next cla.s.s.

With an ominous face, Lin Ziqi glanced at arrogant Sun Yi, warning him to watch his mouth. Sun Yi seemed to understand what Lin Ziqi meant, or did not see it at all, and just walked over to Yan Xiaoxiao.

"Wow . . . cousin! You are so cool! That is Qian Lin, and you—"

"Sure I am. She is not a tiger. Even if she was, she was a tigress obedient to me, a tiger."

Lin Ziqi was originally going to leave the cla.s.sroom, but the laughter of the boy and the girl ringing behind him made him stop and walked back to them.

From small to large, he had grown up feeling the brunt of others' laughter. He knew in the depths of his heart the feeling of being ridiculed in public. He hated it since ten years ago, not to mention now. He couldn't allow this sneer to be related to him again. Never!

Lin Ziqi suddenly punched Sun Yi, which made him fall on the ground at once, and he saw there was blood flowing out of his nose. Lin Ziqi snorted in his heart and secretly laughed at him, not expecting Sun Yi to be scared like this. What a chicken b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

"Pooh!" Lin Ziqi turned around and went outside.

After seeing that Lin Ziqi had left, Yan Xiaoxiao hurriedly came over to Sun Yi, who was her cousin.

After going to the door of the cla.s.sroom, Lin Ziqi stopped again, and with his back to the people in the cla.s.sroom, said to them: "Tell that guy to not mess around with Qian Lin, or I will definitely let him live through tough days."

Even though no one knew Lin Ziqi's background and ident.i.ty, according to his calmness and forcefulness just now, no one doubted his words at all.

Staring at Lin Ziqi slowly disappearing, Yan Xiaoxiao and Su Ruo helped Sun Yi, who had gradually woken up, stand up as they repeatedly said, "I told you not to offend Qian Lin. . ."

Sun Yi took the handkerchief that Yan Xiaoxiao had given to him, blew his nose, and stood up. He shouted at an onlooker with a gloomy face, "What are you looking at? Get the h.e.l.l out of here!"

Then he turned to look at Yan Xiaoxiao and Su Ruo, throwing away the handkerchief that was stained with blood.

"Xiaoxiao, wait and see. One day, I will finally rip out all of Qin Lin’s hair! Can such a little foreign girl really revolt?"

After hearing Sun Yi's empty words, Yan Xiaoxiao and Su Ruo speechlessly looked at each other. They had been waiting for so long. How long would the days last?

"Xiaoqi, where do you want to have dinner tonight? It is the weekend again and we can have a great meal. Emm . . . ? Where are you?" Qian Lin walked as she casually asked Lin Ziqi, but no one replied to her. After looking back, she found out that Lin Ziqi, who was originally behind her, had disappeared. Qian Lin stood at the corner, looking around and carrying her textbooks. She still muttered that since this little kid had just arrived, had he gotten lost? Just then, a conversation in a low voice came from the other side of the corner.

"I heard that the newer Lin Ziqi from Law School is Qian Lin's little brother!"

"How can the sister's surname be Qian while the brother's is Lin? They are certainly not brothers and sisters."

"They always go in pairs and others have seen them live in the same student apartment, so then what do you say about them?"

"Idiot! They just pretend to be sister and brother to deceive the public. Depending on their words and deeds, they are lovers!"

"What? No, Lin Ziqi looks so young and Qian Lin seems older than him!"

"You are such an idiot! It is popular for school hunks to go out with junior sisters and senior sisters hang out with junior boys!"

"Oh, it is so bad. . . We have not seen him yet and Qian Lin has already owned him!"

"Emm. . . After all, we have a poorer family and worse temperament than she. . ."

"But . . . but won't this kind of sister-brother love be discussed?"

"Stupid! It is a matter of mutual affection, so who cares about others?"

"But it is bad for Lin Ziqi and he will always mind it."

A Fight For Love Volume 1 Chapter 30

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