The Fake-Faced Prince And The Heartbreaker Princess Volume 1 Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 Her Fate Was Miserable

Ji Xiaotiao was destined to be a poor girl! When she was young, she had no relations.h.i.+p with money, and she also had no connection with anything that could be considered high-end. For example, Yinghua Higher Aristocratic School! For example, a high-end restaurant!

At the moment, she was eating her lunch contentedly in the fast food restaurant where she used to work. The enthusiastic shopkeeper added an extra chicken leg to her order!

While she was eating with a happy expression, something blocked in front of her suddenly. With her sixth sense that good things don't necessarily happen, but bad things must happen, Ji Xiaotiao suddenly had an impulse to escape.

She raised her head slowly. Sure enough, the man who looked like she owed him millions of dollars was Xu Moqi.

"Hha. . . Xu Moqi, what a coincidence. Why are you here?"

Ji Xiaotiao tried to keep a smiling face and speak carefully. It was noon and there were many people coming and going in the fast food restaurant. If she made the young man angry right now, she would be miserable.

Xu Moqi frowned, and his face was unsightly.

"That's what I should ask you! Why are you here again? Haven't you quit the job yet?"

If he hadn't idled around in the afternoon, he wouldn’t have known that this silly girl had come back here to work again! d.a.m.n it! Was she so short on cash? He’d put some extra money in the envelope he gave her last time.

Ji Xiaotiao shook her head innocently. "No, I’m not working anymore. I'm here for lunch."

Having lunch? Upon hearing this, Xu Moqi's brow furrowed deeper.

"Is there no dining hall at Yinghua College? Why did you come here for lunch?"

"No!" Ji Xiaotiao reb.u.t.ted in a bad voice. "The food in the Yinghua canteen is too expensive. . . My salary for winter vacation is not enough to eat there for a month. Although it's really delicious, but. . . The food here is delicious, too. I've booked lunch for a month. The shopkeeper is very kind, and she gives me a cheaper price and extra dishes!"

Xu Moqi looked at Ji Xiaotiao, who laughed sweetly with a grain of rice at the corner of her mouth. Suddenly he felt a blockage in his chest and inexplicably grew agitated. It was clear that when they went out, they would go their own way. If they met, they should pretend that they didn’t know each other. But now when he saw her like this, he actually . . . was not willing to act like a stranger. . .

He reached over and pulled Ji Xiaotiao. When he saw that she was still foolishly holding the lunch box, Xu Moqi was angry immediately. He grabbed the lunch box rudely and threw it on the table. He pulled Ji Xiaotiao out of the restaurant. The store a.s.sistant opened the door with to help, and the owner waved her hands happily at the counter.

"Hey! Hey! What are you doing? I haven't finished my meal yet! Don’t you know that wasting food is a crime? Hey! Xu Moqi! Where are you taking me?"

Ji Xiaotiao couldn't get away from Xu Moqi's hand and had to shout angrily. Come on! She hadn't had enough yet. What was he going to do?

"Shut up! I'll take you to lunch!"

Xu Moqi, who was walking ahead, opened his mouth in a cold voice and stopped Ji Xiaotiao's shouting in one sentence.

"Lunch?!" Ji Xiaotiao exclaimed. Instead of being grateful, she struggled even harder. "No! Don't! I don't want to go to lunch with you! I haven't apologized for the last incident yet. Don't harm me anymore."

Xu Moqi stopped and turned to look at Ji Xiaotiao. "Apologize? Why do you have to apologize? Who do you have to apologize to? Did you offend someone?"

Ji Xiaotiao rolled her eyes. "It's not who I offended; it's who you offended! Have you forgotten? The last time you took me to the high-end restaurant for no reason; as a result, you made a waitress resign with a curse. You don't remember that?"

Xu Moqi raised his eyebrows. Was it really true? How come he had no recollection at all? Ji Xiaotiao looked at his expression and knew that he probably forgot all about it.  He never remembered people and things that had nothing to do with him. That was what he usually looked like.

"Oh! I remember. Was that the waitress who poured the juice on me?" Xu Moqi recalled that day. He remembered that time when he saw the girl salivating at a new steak store on the street corner, his heart was moved and he’d taken her to the high-end restaurant for dinner.

Unexpectedly, the waitress spilled a gla.s.s of juice after they’d only eaten a little. Originally, he did not want to investigate, but when he saw a few shadows flas.h.i.+ng outside the store, he turned his head to someone else. He broke his image and began to curse at the waitress. He thought that the people would record it and report it to the old fox, so he became more and more abusive. Later, even the silly girl couldn't listen to him anymore, so she slapped the table and argued with him.

"Right, right! It's that girl! I inquired about it. She is also studying at Yinghua. I will apologize to her in a few days," Ji Xiaotiao whispered. It was uneasy for her to be a maid! The young man was furious, but she had been innocently involved.

"Apologize? Why should you apologize? It's her fault. Why would you apologize?" Xu Moqi rolled his eyes. The silly girl was not only silly, but also too kind.

Ji Xiaotiao raised her eyes indignantly and stared at Xu Moqi. "You were born rich. Of course you don't know how hard it is to find a job and how hard it is to get a job! Don't you feel ashamed that you cursed a good girl into quitting her job?"

Speaking of that incident, Ji Xiaotiao was not happy. She’d accidentally spilled juice on the young man; however, he’d become incredibly angry! Finally, the girl was forced to resign. By the way, what was the girl's name? Yue? Yes! Her name was Yue! She was in the same cla.s.s with her! She decided to go to apologize to her with Yuan one day. With Yuan there, she needn't worry.


Ashamed? Xu Moqi laughed. Well, he was too lazy to argue with the silly girl about a thing of the past. The silly girl had eaten half of her lunch, but he hadn't eaten anything yet.

"Let's go! Let’s go to lunch." In an orderly tone, Xu Moqi pulled Ji Xiaotiao again and went forward.

"Oww! I told you that I don’t want to go to lunch with you! Didn’t you hear me?"

Ji Xiaotiao cried out powerlessly, but the young man did not take her words seriously at all. He was still aggressive and pulled her away. As always, he completely ignored her decision.

The Fake-Faced Prince And The Heartbreaker Princess Volume 1 Chapter 13

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