The Fake-Faced Prince And The Heartbreaker Princess Volume 1 Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 The Prince of Fenghua’s Arrival Xu Moqi put his hands in his pockets and walked freely into the school like he was visiting his own courtyard. Ji Xiaotiao hung her head and followed behind him. The two of them looked like master and servant. Along the way, all the pa.s.sing Yinghua students were surprised. They couldn’t help turning back and looking at the handsome teenager again and again. “Ah! Is that Xu Moqi of Fenghua?” “Are you serious? Where is he? Oh my G.o.d! I saw him! It’s really Xu Moqi!” “Wow! He is actually more handsome than he is in magazines! Isn’t he studying in Fenghua? Why did he come to Yinghua?” “Is he going to transfer to our school? Wow! That would be great!” ... Although Xu Moqi did not study at Yinghua, he was already well known. Not only because of his status, but also because of his genius. He was well known not only at Fenghua Private School, but also at Yinghua College. After all, he was a rich, handsome, and talented boy. So it would be strange if he hadn’t been known. But there truly were a few fools in the world who didn’t know him, such as . . . “Hey! Xu Moqi! Why have they been staring at us all this time? It’s so strange. They used to ignore me. Maybe they know you? That’s impossible. You’re not a student at our school.”   Ji Xiaotiao had been talking behind him, while Xu Moqi pretended not to hear anything. d.a.m.n it! At that time, he went to Fenghua to study because he couldn’t stand these crazy girls. Now he was here to help Ji Xiaotiao, and he was on display like a monkey! This was really ridiculous! As expected, he was starting to be silly just because he had been stuck with an idiot for such a long time. Xu Moqi stopped, and then he got hit in the back by the silly girl who didn’t look where she was going and walked right into him. He turned back helplessly and stared at Ji Xiaotiao, who was puzzled. “Is there any money on the ground? Why are you keeping your head down? I let you lead the way, but you are behind me! Ji Xiaotiao! Don’t try to challenge my limits. You should know that I don’t have much patience, especially for a single-celled organism like you!” “Oh! I know, I know!” Ji Xiaotiao held her ears in both hands and dared not argue with him. She looked up furtively and found that many students on both sides of the road stopped to look at them. Although she did not understand what had happened, she subconsciously tried to escape. It was uncomfortable to be looked at like that. With his scolding in mind, Ji Xiaotiao stepped around him so she was in front of him. Pointing to a teaching building not far away, she said, “My cla.s.sroom is there. Let’s go quickly.” ...   Ji Xiaotiao had hardly stepped into the cla.s.sroom when she heard a roar. “Ji Xiaotiao! I asked you to buy a bottle of juice. Where did you buy it? Did you intentionally make me thirsty?” After hearing this, Ji Xiaotiao suddenly remembered that she had not finished the task of buying juice. As she was apologizing, she was ready to go out and buy it. “Did you lose your feet? Or are you an idiot who doesn’t know the way?” There was a cold voice outside the cla.s.sroom. In the midst of the confusion, Xu Moqi slowly stepped into the cla.s.sroom. He reached out and grabbed the fool who was about to leave to buy juice. Qianhui just wanted to teach a lesson to the man who dared to fight her. But when she saw the man who came into the cla.s.sroom, she was so surprised that she covered her mouth. “Xu Moqi.” Before the confounded expressions of all the students in the cla.s.s, Xu Moqi pulled Ji Xiaotiao up to Qianhui and Moli. He pushed Ji Xiaotiao forward, then stood behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. “h.e.l.lo, Qianhui! Are you Moli?”   He said this lightly as he took a look at the two girls in front of him. The two girls who were mentioned by name nodded dully, rendered speechless. Okay! Xu Moqi also nodded. “Whether you know me or not, I need to introduce myself. I am Xu Moqi of Fenghua, and the girl standing in front of you, who looks like an idiot, is my girlfriend!” What?! What Xu Moqi said just now really shocked everyone, and this sentence about “she is my girlfriend” shocked all the students inside and outside the cla.s.sroom. Ji Xiaotiao, who was silly all the way, was even more confused by this sentence. Girlfriend? Am I not a maid? Is a maid equal to a girlfriend in the mind of a genius? In this situation, where everyone else was utterly befuddled, only Xu Moqi was still calm. Rubbing Ji Xiaotiao’s small head, he continued to say, “Because I am studying at Fenghua, I can’t take care of her all the time. She’s a little silly, but she is very kind. I believe there will be no conflicts between her and her cla.s.smates.” Speaking of this, Xu Moqi’s eyes became cold and he kept looking at Qianhui. “What I want to say here today is that maybe Xiaotiao is very kind and won’t bully others, but I’m not! In this world, only I can bully Ji Xiaotiao! If others want to bully her, they’d better be prepared to be bullied!”   Qianhui s.h.i.+vered and stepped back sharply. Her eyes were red and she bit her lip tightly. She didn’t believe it! She didn’t believe Ji Xiaotiao was Xu Moqi’s girlfriend! How could it be that silly girl? After saying what he wanted to say, it seemed that he had achieved the desired results. So Xu Moqi changed his cold eyes and they became soft. He reached out and rubbed Ji Xiaotiao’s head. Then he said with some gentleness, “I’ll wait for you at the school gate after school.” “Ah! Why wait for me?” Ji Xiaotiao, who had just returned to her senses, blurted this out unconsciously. Didn’t he ask her to sneak back to the dormitory alone? Why wait for her? Xu Moqi helplessly rolled his eyes and frowned angrily. “You just said that you wanted to eat ice cream, so I will take you to eat it after school! This time, I’ll let you eat until you feel sick just at the sight of ice cream.” After saying this, Xu Moqi angrily pinched Ji Xiaotiao’s nose and walked away. Qianhui clenched her hands and went to Ji Xiaotiao. She still couldn’t believe this situation, and said, “Hey! Is what Xu Moqi just said true? Are you really his girlfriend?”   Ji Xiaotiao rubbed her sore nose and did not hear Qianhui’s words. When she regained her mind, she saw Qianhui was staring at her fiercely. For an instant, a sudden recollection seemed to flash upon her. She immediately reached out to take 100 dollars from her pocket and handed it to Qianhui. “Hha, I’m sorry! I went to eat free ice cream and forgot to buy juice for you. Here you are; I’m giving you back the money first, and I’ll buy it for you next time!” ... Xu Moqi’s eyebrows were constantly knit together as he made his way back. The reason was because many fools were staring at him the whole way. And later, some were not content to stare at him from afar, so they went to the front of the road without fear. “Xu Moqi. I’m Xuechun from Cla.s.s 3, Grade 2. I’ve seen you in magazines, and I’ve always wanted to be your friend.” The beautiful girl in a gorgeous dress stood in front of Xu Moqi, and she bowed her head, hiding her red and lovely face. The waterside flower sheds petals for love, but the heartless brook babbles on. Xu Moqi did not even look at her and walked directly past her. The girl stared at him in surprise, then gritted her teeth and followed him. “Xu Moqi! I’m really . . . ” “That’s enough!” Xu Moqi stopped and looked back at the girl. Just when the girl thought maybe she would get an answer, she heard his cold voice. “First, I’m not a monkey in a zoo, so please don’t stare at me all the time! Second, don’t follow me all the time. I’m going back to Fenghua now. Do you want to follow me back there? Third, you know me, but I don’t know you. You want to be my friend, but I don’t want to be your friend! Fourth, I hate all creatures with an IQ below 180! I don’t think your IQ is very high, because you recklessly rushed out to talk to me. So please don’t bother me anymore!” Xu Moqi finished and went straight away, leaving a girl who was stunned with a sad face. It was a pity that Ji Xiaotiao was not there, otherwise, she would’ve been more convinced that Xu Moqi often offended others. Anyway, that was a girl. Was it necessary to say something so harsh to a girl?

The Fake-Faced Prince And The Heartbreaker Princess Volume 1 Chapter 18

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