The Fake-Faced Prince And The Heartbreaker Princess Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Sharp-Tongued Handsome Boy


Chapter 2 Sharp-Tongued Handsome Boy The handsome boy came into her small cell and looked around, saying, “It indeed belongs to someone poor.” Ji Xiaotiao had no interest in this topic; she turned her head closer to him and tried carefully to unknot her hair. She tried, and failed, tried, and failed again. . . When she was depressed by this roadblock, she heard the sound of a flame sparking, and then the smell of burnt hair drilled into her nose. She looked up and found someone holding a lit lighter, glaring at her with an innocent face. “Look, easily handled.” ... “Ah. . .” The girl burst into loud crying the next moment, which frightened the boy. The latter covered his ears without thinking. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked, annoyed.   Ji Xiaotiao took hold of his collar and said, with a serious expression, “You dare burn my hair? Don’t think I won’t beat you only because you’re looks aren’t half bad. Oh, my poor hair. . .” He simply ignored the warning and said to her, “You idiot, you never said I couldn’t burn it. Wasn’t my way useful?”   “You. . .” Ji Xiaotiao did not know how to answer him. She had followed him down a whole street, running all the while, and for what? Only because she loved her long hair and did not want to abandon it. Now after so much effort, she’d still lost it.   Ji Xiaotiao went to her door and gestured to the boy to leave. “What an unlucky day! Would you please leave me now since you already solved the problem? Besides, never call other people idiots anymore. My IQ is 179.99; I’m not a fool.”   “To me, anyone whose IQ is below 180 is an idiot. So you are, though you’re cutting it close.” The boy followed her direction to the door and then closed it. “I will stay here today.”   “What?” Ji Xiaotiao was surprised by his change. “I did not invite you to stay here. This is my apartment, not yours.” The guy simply ignored her reluctance and walked around the small room. He finally stopped before two bedroom doors. “Which one is yours?”   “That one,” Ji Xiaotiao answered before she decided she had no need to take care of the question. The boy nodded and opened the door, then stepped in and shut the door on her. Ji Xiaotiao realized what had happened after several seconds, and then she ran to the door to knock. “Hey, come out! You come out! This is my dormitory, not yours. You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, hoodlum, and kinky—” She found she had no opportunity to finish her name-calling, because the door opened suddenly and he was staring at her. “It was you whose hair got tangled on me, and it was also you who took me to this place when I had no choice but to stay. Besides, never call me ‘Hey’ anymore. I have a name, which is Xu Moqi, so remember to show your respect next time. Finally, don’t bother me when I am resting. I am so tired of talking to you, whose IQ has not even reached the minimum requirement of what I usually tolerate.” After all that scolding, he shut the door before her again. Ji Xiaotiao had no idea how to react to him. But the next second, her attention was drowned by the name. She must have heard this name before. She tried hard to remember where. And then, a magazine caught her eye. She found the name on the cover: “Xu Moqi, a talent from Fenghua High school, who won the Olympic Chemistry Prize multiple times, enjoyed a high IQ of 245. . .” And she confirmed this information by the photo on the magazine. He was on the cover, the same cold face, with a Golden Cup held in his arm. Now she understood why he called her idiot. Why did she have to meet this troublemaker? Anyway, she had found herself a good person who was easy to forgive others. Her roommate Xiao Qing had gone back home for a vacation, so she could use her room to pa.s.s this night. Tomorrow, this sharp tongue would disappear from her life. She went on with her day. …… In her own bedroom, the guy was staring at some black men outside the window with his arms crossed. They were talking to each other under the street lamp. No doubt those idiots were sent by his father. He was also short of mind to use such a wasteful method. How could he think that those men could make him surrender? Fine, since he wanted this game, he would take part in it. He lowered the curtains with a happy smile. Now he had the time to take a look at the bedroom. Good enough that the girl did not put any stuffed toys on her bed. He hated those downy things. Her room looked simple and clean, which gained high marks from him. He remembered the moment he burned her hair, and her funny expression. What an interesting stupid girl! She did not find that was a joke. He would have some fun in the following days when he took part in the hide-and-seek game with his dad. By the way, what was her name? He did not remember. But he could ask her tomorrow, after having a good rest. Anyway, he had plenty of time to remember her name.

The Fake-Faced Prince And The Heartbreaker Princess Volume 1 Chapter 2

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