I'm The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over Chapter 16

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The words I didn’t think I’d hear from Miku-sama almost made me spurt out my tea, but I endured with all my willpower.

Wait a second. What and how was such an interpretation born, Miku-sama?

“Oh my, am I wrong…….?”

“That’s wrong. I don't feel anything towards Hasumi-sama.”

I don't feel even a fraction of love. Our relations.h.i.+p is just on the level of knowing each other faces and being less than friends.

“Is that so…...That’s a pity.”

Said Miku-sama looking really regretful.

I'm sorry for not giving the answer that met your expectations. But I don't have the plan to fall in love with him even in the future, so let me decline. Ohohohoho.

I replied to her in my mind with a strange tension.

“Why did you think that I, I…...li-like Hasumi-sama?”

I hate to say the word like so much that I ended up fumbling on it.

I'm even in front of Miku-sama, so embarra.s.sing.

d.a.m.n it. d.a.m.n Hasumi. And here inside my mind where there isn’t Hasumi, I had an outburst of anger.

“Well…...a woman’s intuition, perhaps. But it looks like I was off the mark.”

, Miku-sama laughed as if she found it funny.

"You know, recently Sousuke looks like he is having fun.”

“Hasumi-sama is?”

To me it didn’t look like he was having so much fun though.

“Subaru said this too, that ‘Sousuke seems to be having fun recently’. It surely is thanks to Kaguragi-san.”


“Yes. During all this time, when the three of us eat cakes, Sousuke was very lively and looked to be having more fun than usual. Even to me, he isn’t a person that looks like he would enjoy it…...That’s why at that time, I was really happy.”

Hasumi……! You are being misunderstood by Miku-sama you know!?

Aah, I feel like tears will fall for the unrequited Hasumi…….

“.......don't tell me Sousuke towards me feels…..un, must be my imagination.”


Miku-sama has noticed…..about Hasumi’s feelings.

But now, I know a side of him I didn’t before. Though Hasumi doesn’t wish for it, he must be more at ease too in showing Miku-sama a side of him she doesn't know of.

“Since before he always had that uncheerful face, but recently he has had a refreshed expression, as though he was freed from something.”

“Is that so…….”

“When Sousuke talks about you, he makes a really lively face and looks to be enjoying himself. And he isn’t even the type of person that would talk about girls.”


Well, isn't that the evidence that he isn’t treating me as a girl?

Because he isn't thinking of me as a “girl”, that's why he talk. I don’t have that impression but, let's pretend I didn't notice.

I feel like that's better for me.

No, I mean, isn't it sad to not be treated like a girl? I mean, I'm a proper girl. I know I'm a girl.

“Fufu…..you really are interesting. You are like Sousuke described.”

“Haa…..is that so.”

“Kaguragi-san…..no, is it fine if I call you Rinksan?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Thank you. I would like you'd call me Miku too.”

“Eh. Is it okay?”

“Of course.”

Miku-sama smiled sweetly.

Inside me I made a gut pose from the happiness.

I received Miku-sama's permission to call her by name! I'm so happy!

“Rinksan doesn’t feel good towards Subaru?”

When I had my hand raised overhead and was dancing from joy inside, Miku-sama suddenly turned over to talk about the prince.

“Yes…...actually, it's like this.”

I responded with an apologetic expression.

“That's why, if possible I would like you to not talk about me to Tojo-sama. I'll be troubled if he were to get interested in me.”

“I understand. Don't worry I won't tell Subaru about Rinksan. Fufu, it's like I'm having a secret friend.”

I was 100 percent honest to Miku-sama. I thought it rude, but I really don’t want to lie to Miku-sama.

I thought she'd think badly of me but Miku-sama didn’t, and just softly smiled.

While feeling relieved by that I got intoxicated by the echo of the word ‘secret friend’.

No good. Getting ahead of myself is bad. When I do I always meet bad experiences.

“You probably already know but…...I am in love with Subaru. However, Subaru won't consider me as a ‘woman’......I think it's because we're childhood friends, I wonder if he'll ever consider me as a member of the opposite s.e.x……”

Miku-sama, that had become red, was very lovely.

If I was a man, I would have fallen for her, absolutely.

Prince, ah, why won't you fall in love with such a lovely childhood friend that is so near you. Wasteful.

“Right…..it might be difficult to see you as someone of the opposite s.e.x because you are childhood friends that have been always together.”

“Yes…..as I thought, that's that.”

I said that with a serious face. At that Miku-sama become a bit depressed.

To encourage Miku-sama I showed a bright voice.

“That's why it will be good if he'll become conscious of you.”


“Soon it will be summer.”

“Eh? Yes…..That’s right.”

“Don't you know? There are a lot of easy events in summer were couples are born.”

I maliciously laughed.

I must have had a villainous face right now.

“Summer festival, firework festival, pool and barbecue, test of courage, etc. Summer is a jostling of events that can create a suspension bridge effect.”

“Well, there are so many events, right...”

“That's right. By the way, has Miku-sama and Tojo-sama ever gone out just the two of you?”


“Then, before the summer events, why not invite Tojo-sama out for a date to practice?”

“But…...is it okay if I am the one to invite him?”

“It's fine. This era is overflowing with carnivorous women. If you have a movie you want to see then say, ‘there's a movie I want to go watch, so accompany me,’ and you'll be able to easily invite him.”

“I see…….”

Miku-sama nodded with a serious expression at my idea.

I too, returned her nod with a serious face.

And then I took the pudding and replenished myself with sweetness.

After using one's head, you absolutely need sweets things, right? I feel like my brain was soaked in sweetness.

As if she was dragged in, Miku-sama took a mouthful of pudding too.

When she had a mouthful of pudding, Miku-sama smiled at once.

It seems like the pudding is to her taste?

And then, we did a small preparatory meeting for the date, after deciding the day, opening Miku-sama's closet we held a fas.h.i.+on show.

The theme is ‘Summer date’.

It might be a bit too early, but we should decide on several clothes combinations now so that we wouldn't need to hurry the day before the date.

‘This should be like this, no, as expected better than the other,’ while having such conversations, the time pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

I feel like I get along with Miku-sama even more.

Today was a really fulfilling and happy day.



I'm The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over Chapter 16

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