I'm The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over Chapter 30

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30. Best friend (Hasumi's pov)

“Shall I try being your lover?”

What am I saying?

I cannot believe what I said myself.

This me, is making a pa.s.s on a girl.

No, this is simply poking fun at her. Must be so.

But, what's with this desire? This feeling of wanting to draw near and touch her lips?

Just a little bit, just a little bit and I'll be able to touch her lips―――

Just a few centimetres apart, and then I came back to myself. What am I doing!

Looking at her, she stiffened at my stare.

Even though a normal girl would have looked a bit happy, she doesn't look one bit happy. Is it that she doesn't consider me?

When I thought so, *wack*, my heart felt pain. What's with this pain?

I ignored the pain in my chest, donned a teasing smile, and parted from her face. At that time, I did not think it was regrettable to separate from her lips. I really didn't.

“I'm kidding. You thought I was serious?”

When I said that, her face turned bright red and got angry.

I wonder, why did I think such a side of her was cute.

For some reason I couldn't bear to look at her, when I was about to leave, I recalled her words.

『 Actually, I'll be joining the student council 』

『I was invited out to eat by Asahi-san 』

At that moment I didn't think much, but now I'm feeling gloomy. What's this.

And before I realised, I was telling her.

“Aah, right. I'll join the student council too.”

What am I saying? Haven't I already rejected the student council because it was a bother?


Surprised, she looked at me. For some reason, I, who was satisfied by her reaction, smiled.

“Let's get along.”

I left in a good mood, while she looked dumbfounded, after that I went to the place where the adviser for the student council was, he cried from happiness when I told him I'll join, and that was a bit annoying.

If it's with her, the student council might not be that bad. For some reason, I thought so.

“Sousuke, may I take a bit of your time?”

Armed with a sweet smile, Miku stopped me.

I didn't have anything particular to do and so I nodded, but I have a bad feeling. Today's smile of hers was just so perfect that I felt slightly scared.

When the two of us were alone, smiling as she was, Miku said.

“I heard of it, Sousuke. It seems like you did something outrageous to Rinksan, am I right?”

What did she say to Miku?

Miku is fond of her. Perhaps, she might like Miku more than me?

“‘Shall I try being your lover?’ You said and you pressed her as if you were going to kiss, was it? Oh, no. I wonder, when did my childhood friend become a wolf?”

“..........that was…….”

Miku is scary. Even though she is smiling, she is scary.

Just when I was about to give an excuse, I was slapped by her, “I don't want to hear your excuses.” It seems like excuses won't be allowed.

“You trampled under your foot a maiden's heart, you know?! You do understand…...how much of a sin that is, right?”


“What's the use in apologising to me? The person you should apologise to isn’t me, right? You should go dogeza to Rinksan.”

Before I noticed, Miku's way of speaking had become severe. Usually she is gentle, but when she is angry, she's scary. Saying things that gouge at your heart without mercy.

Miku that, while laughing, said those things that gouged at your heart was quite like an ice flower. Matching the image of a villain.

“.......fuh. No matter how jealous you felt, it's not good drawing near like that. With someone like Rinksan, you must move carefully.”

“Eh……? Jealous?”

Who is jealous of who?

When I asked back, Miku looked at me with cold eyes as if she was saying, ‘what are you saying’.

“You were jealous of Sagami-sama, right?”

“Why would I?”

“Because he is close to Rinksan?”

“That's why I'm asking, why should I be jealous if Kaguragi and Sagami-san were close?”

This time was Miku that had a shocked face.

What's up?

“I mean, Sousuke likes Rinksan right?”


I can't understand Miku's words. No, I refuse to understand.

Me, this me, like that weird girl?

“Such a foolish…….such a thing is impossible.”

“Oh my. Was Sousuke the type of person to force a kiss on a girl he doesn't like, I wonder?”


I would like to think that I am not.

Except the other party drawing near, I wouldn't draw near to kiss instead. Absolutely.

But if things come to this, then that will mean that I like her…….

“......it's a lie…right……?”

“Well, you weren't aware? I'm shocked……”

It wasn't like me;, becoming overly aware of myself, my face went red.

Miku looked at such a me as though she was having fun. She must think that it's someone else's problem.

I held my face with one hand. Get a hold of yourself, me.

There must be a mistake. There's no way I'll come to like a weird girl like her.

To I, who was conflicted by various things, Miku said with a refres.h.i.+ng voice.

“Anyway, you should apologise to Rinksan early okay. If you bring her sweets made with love, I'm sure she'll forgive you.”

Miku, you're teasing me right?

The next day, as per Miku's advice I went to apologise to her with sweets in tow.

I wonder why. Even though before I wasn't conscious of it, now I think she is cute. I'm really sick.

It was like Miku said. The thing that I couldn't believe, no, even now I still don't want to believe it, it seems like, I like her.

I recalled the things I did unconsciously and my face paled. What to do. I did say some quite horrible things to her……..

Looking sympathetic at such a me, she forgave me.

“I'll think of it as if I was licked by a dog. I don't mind, so Hasumi-sama doesn't need to mind it too.”

Dog…..am I on the same level of a dog? Mind it a bit, please.

To not be exposed by her I secretly dropped my shoulders.

Let's try to treat her more nicely―――

Even though I thought so, when she is in front of me it's no use.

I decided to help her with the work at the student council, I thought to casually care for her, but I was surpa.s.sed by Asuka that worked together with us.

Moreover she would happily say thanks for every little thing.

Honestly, it wasn't good for my mental state.

One day, I finished in the blink of an eye while I was competing with Asuka in being even 1 step ahead.

I wonder what am I doing?

During tomorrow’s culture festival patrolling, I'll show her my care for sure. I hardened my resolve.

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