I'm The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over Chapter 32

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Hasumi looked strange.

He was the usual expressionless Hasumi but I felt like today he is even more stiff than usual.

I intermittently looked at Hasumi who walked ahead of me, we proceeded in silence.

As we walked, the scent of baked sweets drifted about.

Now that I think about it, the home economics’ club sold baked sweets; so, recalling this, I thought of going to buy some to raise Hasumi's spirit.

If he eats sweet things he'll get better. Or, at least I would.

It's not like I'm worried about him, but if he doesn't reply like usual, then I can't talk either.

I excused myself from him and ran to buy some baked sweets. Truthfully, going to buy sweets in the middle of patrolling isn't good, but I'll feign ignorance.

Returning to Hasumi, I gave him the baked sweets, and his expression finally softened.

As expected, when one feels down, ‘sweet things are the best,’ is the conclusion I come to.

From then on Hasumi returned to his usual self, mercilessly casting aside my talk.

‘Aah, as expected if Hasumi isn't like this-’, when I was thinking like this, I put a stop to my thoughts.

No, wait. Those are dangerous thoughts, me. Isn't that like a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t? I shouldn't be of that attribute.

I shouldn't….. be right……?

When I was making different expressions all by myself, Hasumi said, “can't you stop making those stupid faces,” looking shocked.

It's none of your business!

We came to a corner of the equestrian club's practice ground.

My little brother and the prince did come to ride, mh, and I absentmindedly stared at a horse.

There was a time I wanted to learn riding with my little brother but was stopped by mother and had to tearfully give up

“Do you want to ride?”

“Ah…..no. I, can't ride.”

“Even if you can't, don't you want to try?”

“Yes, well…...I do think that it would feel good riding a horse.”

“Hmm…...then, shall we ride?”

“Excuse me? Ah, wait Hasumi-sama……?”

My arm was pulled by Hasumi and I got dragged to the equestrian club member on duty.

Hasumi said something to the member, who made a surprised face for a moment before immediately smiling, then began to guide me.

What's your aim, Hasumi? No, I understand more or less.

We walked a little and came to a place before we were told, “wait a little bit here,” and then he ran off somewhere.

“Hasumi-sama…..don't tell me, you intend to ride?”

“You want to, right?”

“If it's possible yes but…...I, can't ride.”

“I heard this just earlier.”

“Moreover, we are in the middle of patrolling, you know.”

“Yeah. And so?”

“And so, this isn't the moment to experience horse riding…..!”

“Thanks for waiting! This is…...the child that can take two riders.”

At the moment I tried to reproach Hasumi, the club member of earlier returned. What bad timing!

More importantly, what did he just say?”

Take two riders……. was it?

“Hmm…...quite a good horse.”

“Right. This child is our club's pride.”

The horse that the member brought over was completely black.

When Hasumi caressed its face, the horse happily neigheted.

Hasumi and a black horse. It's a scene that look like a picture.

“Well then, the two of you come here.”

Being told by the club member, I got on the horse with his help.

Eh? Why am I getting on a horse? Who said that I wanted to get on? More importantly, I can't ride a horse though?

Hasumi easily got on without the help of the member, behind me.

Why did you get behind. It's dangerous, right? You don't have a saddle there.

It would have been fine if you just held the reins.

Taking two riders is heavy, right? Are you okay, horse-san?

When I gently brushed his neck, the horse neighed, as if saying. ‘I'm okay, leave it to me!’

What a man. If he wasn't a horse, I would have fallen for him.

“.......I'll make it move now.”

Whispered Hasumi in my ear while holding the reins from behind me.

Thinking about it. Hasumi is really close. Somehow, Hasumi has been close recently. Physically I mean.

As I was disturbed by Hasumi closeness, I was firmly held and glued to him even more.

Gya, close, you're too close!

It began to move slowly; however, it shook more than I expected.

Because we were going slowly, I would have been fine even if Hasumi didn't hold me, but if I didn't hold on tightly when we started to run, I'd have fallen off probably. My motor skills are catastrophic.

Hasumi gradually raised the pace whilst watching my situation.

I thought he wanted to run but our weight burdened the horse too much; so, I was told that it was impossible to make it run.

It was a bit of a pity, but it can't be helped. It's good enough that I could ride on a horse. Even if it wasn't something I wished for.

When the riding experience was over, Hasumi smoothly descended without anyone's hand. But such a feat was impossible for me; so, I looked around in search for a hand I could borrow, when Hasumi held out his hand. I took it without a second thought.

Hasumi gently caught me in his arms to take me down as if he was attending to a princess.

At that moment I sensed a light fragrance on Hasumi. I had never been conscious of it till now but, I like Hasumi's smell.

Pungent but a gentle aroma.

“Thank you very much, Hasumi-sama.”

“Iya…..how was it?”

“I had fun. It was a very good experience.”

“Is that so? Then it's all good. Let's resume patrolling then?”


At that time, I should have noticed. That this was a place with many eyes, where many well-known people from various places gathered together at this culture festival.

The fact that I would regret today's events, is still a talk for the future.

Tn: Naoriel

Ed: Aeternatrix

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Pffft considered to be on the same level of a dog and now even a horse can beat you.....

Do your best Hasumi!!!! Oh and I just found out that at chap 40 there's Prince pov! Who is the prince? Did we even have such a character? Yeah we had! xD

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 This one is when Rinka and Hasumi first meet!

 This one is when Rinka was at the botanic gardens stalking Miku!


this is the day they almost had their first date!

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