I'm The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over Chapter 34

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In the student council room, after cla.s.s ended. The silence between the first year student council members continued.

One hanged his head and held it with his hand, another crossed his arms with a difficult expression on his face.

While I, was agonizing over the pain.

My hand hurts because I struck the desk with force. Anyway, I've become quite frantic in solving the misunderstanding with Asuka.

Is this what people call ‘suffering from the consequences’?

“In other words, it resulted in the senpai misunderstanding and thinking that Hasumi-sama and I are dating, so he didn't call out to us because of tactfulness, is what is happening?”

When I somehow recovered from the pain in my hand, I confirmed with Asuka again, he nodded with a serious face.

I see…...so the cause of all this.

“It's Hasumi-sama's fault, mh.”

“......ha? Me?”

“That's right. If I didn't ride the horse with Hasumi-sama, such a thing wouldn't have……”

When I was approaching him, Hasumi coldly laughed and muttered.

“You say this in spite of having been happy.”

Ugh! C-certainly, I did enjoy my first horse riding experience, but still!

My gaze roamed about and I chewed on my lips.

I couldn't find the words to object.

Looking at our exchange, Asuka, seeming amazed, said.

"......in my opinion, it would have turned out like this even if you didn't ride a horse together, you know?"

"Why's that?"

"Well, it's fine even if you don't understand."

Without understanding the meaning of Asuka's words, many question mark's flew about from me.

Hasumi stared motionlessly at me, who was in that state, and then suddenly turned his face away, Asuka simply smiled wryly.

Somehow I feel like Hasumi had a pained face but…..it seems like it's just my imagination. Right now, he has his usual expressionless face.

"So, what is your secret plan?"

Asuka asked me to divert the topic.

At that, smiling, I answered.

"I thought of gifting the senpais some sweets. How about it?"

I made a triumphant face.

Hey, don't you think it's a good idea?

I'll get a chance to talk to the senpais, plus it's delicious. Truly one stone, two birds.

So what if the person herself that gifts it has the full intention of eating it?

Contrary to me, Hasumi looked to have a headache, and Asuka made a difficult face.

W-what is it. I think it's a good idea though.



"Do you know that, according to school rules, it's prohibited to bring sweets to school?"

".......Ah, now that you mention it, yeah…..'

"Moreover, we are the student council; we enforce discipline. We are people that cannot not be the models for the students of Sakuragaoka academy. Do you think it would be good for such figures to break the school rules?"

"N-no. I don't think so."

I wonder why. My mental state right now is that of a student being preached at by a teacher……..

Yes, I was bad. I understand, yes.

"Therefore, that proposal is rejected."

"N-no way……! Since Asahi-san often brings pastries, I thought it would be okay…….!"

"......Do you want to eat sweets that badly?"

Something like Hasumi's shocked voice, I can't hear it.

"Sagami-san does such a thing?"

"Huh, yes…...the third year senpais bring them quite often……"

"........for now, let's check that with Sagami-san. As of now, have you two finished your tasks?"


"I finished."

"We'll dismiss for today and think about it again tomorrow."

"I understand."


And so we were dismissed for the day.

The next day, we asked about that with Asahi-san, and it seemed like, for the sake of the student council members that often work till late, the school gives tacit consent to late night snacks. Provided that it's only within the student council room.

In other words, there is no problem with my plan of providing refreshments. I grinned.

However, even with that, Asuka had an awkward face, so I somehow persuaded him, and, even if reluctantly, I got Asuka's acknowledgement.

On that occasion, I went to report it to the sensei who is the adviser, and I was told, "Ah, no one is going to complain even if you don't report such a thing, you know~. When you want to eat, eat as much as you like~. Because that is the only merit for the busy student council, don't you think~".

Oioi, is it fine for you to say something like, 'The only merit'? You're a teacher right, though I didn't regard you as one; so, now that I got sensei commitment, I will bring in pastries without worrying from now on.

Hooray! Now I can enjoy myself once cla.s.ses end!

I went to request Hasumi to make sweets at once.

Even while he said, "Why, me?" It seems like he will make them.

We'll carry out the plan next week. Next week, we'll dispel the misunderstandings about Hasumi and I, and then get along with the senpais.

'Make it that everything will go well', I prayed in my heart.

In the end, my plan was a great success.

After some time pa.s.sed, we first years brought out tea and sweets.

The senpais looked perplexed, but when I pushed through the sweets, everyone praised their deliciousness.

On that occasion, I didn't forget to solve the misunderstanding of the relations.h.i.+p between Hasumi and I.

Perhaps because I denied it with all myself, the senpais understood that it was a misunderstanding and laughed.

A senpai guy and Asahi-san approached Hasumi, and with a *pon*, putting a hand on his shoulder and told him some encouraging words.

Hasumi didn't shake off the senpai's hand; however, he had a face like he detested it from the bottom of his heart.

A senpai girl also said, "Hasumi has it hard too," that felt quite interesting.

I'm sorry, I cannot see the flow of the conversation.

In any case, us student council members got along from that day on.

As expected, sweet things are the best and strongest.

The day where sweetness will save the world may be near.

Well. That may be too much.

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