I'm The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over Chapter 47

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After the ferris wheel, we finally went to the main facility: The Aquarium.

The aquarium building was really big; it looked like it was divided into various branches.

The first place we went was where the dolphins were.

My eyes chased after those big fishes that swam smoothly in the water tank.

It was so cute…...

Proceeding a bit further, we met a beluga whale.

We were just in front of it and we saw it turn in the water tank.

I'm being wonderfully healed. The dolphins are cute.

Right. I should buy a beluga stuffed toy.

I want to decorate my room with beluga whales; so that I would be healed every day.

Healed by the dolphins, we went slowly looked around.

In the homely deep water, there were some pretty tropical fish.

Compared to the fish we usually eat, there were a lot of strange fish here.

Being attracted by the various and varieties of fish, before I noticed, the figure of Miku-sama, the prince, and Hasumi disappeared.

Are? Have I perhaps……. become a lost child?

No way. Such a thing as becoming a lost child in high school couldn't possibly be…..!

With unsteady feet, I looked around for them but I couldn't find them.

I wonder, where did they go…..? I should contact them with my phone…...are, the battery is dead.

Even while thinking that this was bad, I had no means to contact them and couldn't do anything.

Let's advance for the time being. They might be waiting for me at the entrance.

I who thought so, advanced while looking at the creatures of the sea.

As I was walking ahead, I discovered the room exclusive to jellyfish.

I decided to go peek in that room.

The jellyfish are really pretty.

I went inside but no one was there.

Even though jellyfish were pretty, they may not be popular?

I began observing the jellyfish without worrying.

The jellyfish that were floating in a fluffy manner in the water tank were beautiful.

As their tentacles fluttered, it gave the illusion that they were hanging in the air.

While I was looking at the jellyfish, as if fascinated, my arm was suddenly grabbed.

"I finally found you……!"


"I was looking for you. Even when I called your phone, it wouldn't connect; where did you run off to?"

"Ah…...I'm sorry. It seems like my phone is out of battery……"

"........I did think that might have been the case."

Hasumi made an expression as if he was exasperated and relieved, and released my arm.

Then, looked at the aquarium.

"It's beautiful…...were jellyfish always this beautiful."


We silently watched the jellyfish inside the aquarium.

The jellyfish elegantly swam, as though softly spreading an umbrella.

I don't feel tired of looking at them.

".....hey, did something happen with Subaru at the ferris wheel?"

Suddenly, Hasumi spoke.

I turned my face away from the jellyfish and faced Hasumi.

"We just talked a bit."

"Even so, Subaru looks….."

Saying that, Hasumi shut up as if pondering over something.

Certainly, when the prince descended from the gondola, he looked a bit strange.

It looked as if he had something in mind.

"I wonder if he is troubled about the things he wants to say to Miku-sama……."

"The things he wants to say to Miku?"

I told Hasumi about the conversation I had on the ferris wheel with the prince.

Hasumi opened his eyes wide in surprise as he listened to me.

"He can't make Miku happy…...Subaru said such a thing?"

"Yes. That's why I told him to not decide Miku-sama's happiness; and to have a proper talk with Miku-sama."

".....is, that so."

"But…...I might have said too much. I ended up telling him that he was directing his feelings towards me to escape……"


"I, too, have been only running away; so, I don't have the qualification to say such a thing….."

".....but, you properly faced Subaru today."

"Have I faced him I wonder……"

"I think it's better than when you continued to avoid him."

".....is that so. No, it must be so……"

I thoroughly reflected upon Hasumi's words.

I wonder if I made some progress?

"I somehow managed to avoid the event too….."


Hasumi's ears picked up the words I, distractedly, muttered.

I told him about the manga's event.

As I did that, Hasumi grabbed both my arms with a serious expression, and said:

"Have you been kissed by Subaru?"

"No way! I somehow managed to avoid that."

"I see.…...I'm glad, I thought he got ahead of me….."


Hasumi released my arms, looking relieved, and said: "it's nothing."

Was he worried for me?

"Love is difficult, isn't it? There are times where the pieces won't fit, mh."


"I wonder if I'll fall in love someday….."

I distractedly muttered.

I wonder if the person I'd fall in love with would be a piece that would fit perfectly? Or maybe someone that wouldn't match...?

Suddenly, I recalled that the prince misunderstood and thought that Hasumi liked me.



"Ehm…..is it okay if I don't solve Tojo-sama's misunderstanding?"


"Tojo-sama thinks that Hasumi-sama likes me. Is it okay if I don't correct that misunderstanding?"

"Ahh…..about that.…...it's fine with me even if it's not corrected."

"Eh? Is it really fine?"

I opened my eyes wide.

Isn't not correcting that misunderstanding a bother? I thought that it would be a pain if I were in his shoes though.

"I once told you that I've been running away, right?"

Hasumi abruptly changed the topic.

While perplexed at the sudden change of topic, I nodded.

"While looking at you, I thought: That I should stop running away."

Hasumi looked at me with a serious face.

"That's why, I'll stop. I won't run away anymore.―――from Subaru, and... from you too."

kyun, my heart throbbed in my chest.

"Subaru thinking that I like you... Is not a misunderstanding."


No good. I mustn't hear more.

My instinct told me that.

However, I couldn't move from the spot.

I couldn't look away from Hasumi's eyes.

"It's not a misunderstanding. I like you."


Right now, what did Hasumi say?

Without believing what Hasumi said, I stared unblinkingly at him; but there was no sign of him saying that it was a joke.

It's a lie right. Please, say: "It's a lie."

Like you did previously, when you said: "did you think I was serious?" with a teasing smile.

Without granting my wish, Hasumi just looked at me with a serious face and whispered.

"Look at me properly. Not as the main character of a manga. Look at the me who is in front of your eyes."

"Hasumi-sama…...that... I..."

"It's fine if you don't give me an answer right now."

Hasumi softly smiled at me, who was trying to say something.

"I know that you never thought of me that way. That's why, I don't want an answer right now. But, remember.  ―――――because I'll make you look at me."

I couldn't do anything but stare at Hasumi that grazed me with his whispered voice.

Looking at such a me, Hasumi attempted to laugh, then took my hand and began to walk.

"We should go now. Miku and Subaru are also worried."


Tun-tutun the sound of my heart resounded.

I walked, with my hand still in Hasumi's hand.

After that I don't have much recollection.

Before I realized, I was in my room and laid on my bed with my uniform still on. 

The uniform would get wrinkled... I must quickly take it off.

Though I thought so, my body wouldn't move.

I covered my face with both hands.

This doesn't feel real. I feel a fluffy feeling within me.

I wonder if this is a dream?

But, if it's a dream, then why does the warmth from Hasumi’s hand remain?

―――I, what should I do from now on?

Mou, my head felt like it was going funny.

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Ed: Aeternatrix 

I'm The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over Chapter 47

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