I'm The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over Chapter 56 – Chapter (56)

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This is the school gate.

I will say it again. This. Is. The school gate.

And if I were to add more context: I'm at the school gate after the dismissal of cla.s.ses.

In short; if you want to say something to me, do it in a place less conspicuous! Is what I would like to tell her.

The students that were going home seemed to be deeply interested.

Knowing, or maybe not knowing, my feelings, with the same smile she said.

"You called yourself Kaguragi Rinksan, right?"

"Yes. That's right, but... do you have any business with me?"

What would a person, who you never ever exchanged words with, want from ambus.h.i.+ng you at the school gate, I wonder?

Other than that convention, I cannot think of anything else.

"I'll introduce myself again, I'm called Tachibana Himeka. I'm Sousuke-sama's fiancé."

The part of "Sousuke-sama's" was said with a lot of force.

Okay. I understood that; so, what business does that fiancé have with me?

"From next year onwards, I plan to attend this school. But before that, I decided to come here to give a warning to the other misses."

"Give a warning……?"

There really was the atmosphere of that convention.

I shall read the air and pretend to not have understood.

It's only a hunch; but, I feel like it's better like this.

"I would like you to not approach Sousuke-sama. Don't get conceited just because Sousuke-sama treated you a little well!"

"Conceited or the like, I wasn't."

Rather, I'm troubled.

"I know. Miss, you rode a horse together with Sousuke-sama, right? Something of that level, I did it too!"

"Haa, is that so……"

"You entered the student council because of Sousuke-sama, right?"

"Excuse me?"

"I understand, you know. Miss, you like Sousuke-sama, right?"


"But—I—won't lose to you! I won't hand Sousuke-sama to you!"

Ehm, aren't you misunderstanding something?

I'm not in love with Hasumi-sama, you know?

Hey, are you listening?

Even though I was saying this; without hearing it, she glared at me with all herself and then left.

Listen to what people say!

Aah mou, why am I surrounded by people that won't listen to what others have to say?

While feeling strangely tired, I went home.

After changing out of my uniform, I collapsed on my bed with a *thud* and remained like this.

So tired. It's because of that Tachibansan.

I recalled her black ringlets.

Tachibansan was younger.

What she was wearing today was Sakuragaoka academy's middle school uniform.

The design of the high school uniform in itself doesn't change much; but, the middle school uniform is a one piece type.

By the way, the boy's uniform has a white stand-up collar. It was something I secretly wanted my little brother to wear.

Since she said that she'd come next year, this meant that she was in her last year of middle school now.

Aah—looks like next year will be a pain…..

It would be good to solve this misunderstanding, but it looks like she won't listen to me, so I should give up on solving it, I guess.

At least she shouldn't affect me much this year.

Let's believe that.

For the time being, let's refresh myself with the pudding from Tsubaki store!

I was able to get on my hands the time limited pudding.

Thinking so, I asked the servant to bring it.

At that, the servant made an apologetic face and said.

"I'm really sorry. Just a while ago, Yuto-sama ate it and there is no more left."

Wwhat did you say…..?

I was looking forward to it so much…..!

Stupid Yutooo!!

That day, I put a curse on my little brother to have his nails split.

"Nee-san, Good morning."

"Good morning, Yuto."

My little brother came out while I was eating breakfast I'd prepared.

He took a seat with an uncheerful expression.

"What's up? You don't look so good……"

"Actually, my nails suddenly split yesterday……"

"Oh my."

"If it was just one, that would be normal, but they all split…..it's a bit ominous, right?"

"Right…. These kinds of things happen, mh."

I made a face as if it wasn't my business and sipped on the miso soup.

The das.h.i.+ is really delicious. As expected, white rice and miso soup are the best in the morning.

To my little brother that grumbled, 'I wonder if I should go see an exorcist,' I answered, 'I'm sure it's just a coincidence'.

You should go to the exorcist only in your unlucky year.

Aah, it looked like this would be a good day.

Even though I thought so, I stumbled and loudly fell down the stairs this morning.

The surrounding people called out to me, worried.

With a smile, I said: 'thanks, I'm fine,' but in my mind, I rolled down again.

It's so embarra.s.sing! Something like falling down the stairs!

It seemed like no one saw under my skirt; but still, falling down when there are so many people nearby, it's too embarra.s.sing!

If someone really did see under my skirt, I wouldn't be able to come to school for a while...

Today, I'm wearing k.u.msan. You can guess the rest...

Discovering my little brother from afar that looked at me shocked, I wasn't able to remain there a second longer.

If you curse someone, the curse will rebound onto you.

I guess this old saying was right.

I'm The Heroine, But I Want To Hand That Role Over Chapter 56 – Chapter (56)

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