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Chapter 24: Arc 2 Part 11

Author: 橘子

I feel like I’ve set you up to expect this arc to mainly be about a system duking it out against another system. It’s not. It’s mainly mech engineer (if you haven’t gotten that yet, lol) but I added the rest of the t.i.tle onto the pages instead of just the table of contents. If you were hoping for a system showdown as the main course, ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ In my defense, I did put it on the first part of arc 2 too >.>

I’m still learning about translating, so please bear with my mistakes~ Happy reading!

Omg I also finally got to editing 2.10/ch 23. I won’t be so anxious to put out chapters like that anymore. The mistakes were so bad! I’ve fixed it up ya’ll. It hurt to read the chapter like that.


After Qiao Chen debugged the sonic emitter, he installed it onto all of the crew members’ mechs. With the emitters on hand, the third fleet successfully drove the Tiejias away from the planet cl.u.s.ter. Their next step was to locate the enriched mineral vein.

Among all of the ore deposits on this particular planet, the enriched mineral was the most crucial part of the mission. No matter where or what they used the mineral for, it was suitable for all manner of applications. The most important function of the enriched minerals, however, was that it was able to make the strongest parts. Another reason they needed to locate the enriched minerals first was because if other minerals or ore were excavated before the enriched mineral was obtained, then its strength would wane and eventually dissipate. It was likely that, even with all the other minerals on the rest of the planet, the enriched minerals would have a greater net worth than all of the others combined. Therefore, they were forced to find the enriched minerals before they could even begin mining for the rest of the ores.

The fifth fleet’s side of the planet was considered a total loss. They couldn’t search for the minerals; let alone mine for any of them anymore. However, they also couldn’t just sit and twiddle their thumbs while the third fleet finished the job either. Canette proposed his idea to the third fleet. He explained that the fifth fleet had an instrument that was able to locate the coordinates of the enriched mineral vein. He also insisted that they would help the third fleet save time if they lent their hand and searched together with the third fleet. If they agreed to the fifth fleet’s a.s.sistance, then they would be able to return to the empire with all the minerals from the ore deposits before any of the other countries even step foot in a s.h.i.+p to make their way here.

Cade couldn’t help but berate them internally. The audacity of that man was astounding… However, to Cade’s surprise, Rouble actually agreed to Canette’s proposal.


Qiao Chen and the a.s.sistant cleaned up their equipment and brought it into their workshop. The Special Ops members were about to begin their search for the enriched mineral vein, so they waited in the mechs’ launch bay.

“Why would the captain agree with the fifth fleet coming over to search for the enriched minerals with us? They were the ones who signed the separation of mission command contract. They aren’t supposed to cross over into our territory. Plus, if we had engineer Qiaoyi develop a locator device, then he’d obviously make one a hundred times stronger than theirs.” Sodini complained.

“Looks like you don’t understand, huh?” Kurit put his hand on Sodini’s shoulder and said. “If we don’t let them do anything, then who else would help make us look superior? All we need to do is believe in the captain.”

“Ready.” Auray affirmed when saw Qiao Chen and his a.s.sistant walking over to help the pilots prepare their mech for departure.

Auray’s mech flew at the head of the mech formation. He was followed by his own teammates as well as members of the fifth fleet.

They flew very low to the ground. Qiao Chen was in Auray’s mech. He was in the c.o.c.kpit as he directed Auray’s navigation with the help of the locator device. They flew for a long time. Qiao Chen compared the energy signals of the areas they flew in with the signals from the locator device for the whole duration of the flight. Eventually, they stopped at the top of a steep hill.

The team quickly set up a makes.h.i.+ft camp with a tent. The third fleet’s crew helped Qiao Chen’s a.s.sistant prepare the equipment. Qiao Chen, on the other hand, sat inside the tent in front of the operation table a.n.a.lyzing the data on the monitor.

The third fleet and fifth fleet waited outside. Neither unit spoke to each other, nor did one really care for the either. The third fleet disliked that the fifth fleet had been following them, as if they were waiting to jump on their coattails. They didn’t like how shameless the fifth fleet was about it either and saw the fifth as an eyesore. The fifth fleet soldiers didn’t want to follow the third fleet in the first place. However, it was their vice captain’s orders. They didn’t have a choice.

Greene and his a.s.sistant also wanted to enter the tent with their equipment.

However, they were stopped by Sodini and Henry who guarded the entrance. “This is the tent we set up, and there is limited s.p.a.ce. We cannot accommodate so many of your people with your equipment too. You can find another place to build your own tent.”

“We won’t take up much s.p.a.ce. Or, better yet, I can go in alone with some simple equipment, okay?” Greene quickly compromised. He was practically foaming at the mouth with this opportunity to copy Qiao Chen’s programs with his system.

“No. You will disturb our engineer’s work. I ask that you leave.” Henry said rudely.

The fifth fleet crew members didn’t look happy after they saw Greene being barred from entry. However, it was indeed the third fleet’s tent.

Greene wanted to say something else, but Jared walked by and interrupted, “Greene, forget it. We’ll set up our own tent. It won’t take much time.”

Greene, of course, wasn’t afraid of kicking up trouble, nor was he afraid of wasting time. He wanted to continue and insist on entering the third fleet’s tent, but he couldn’t now that Jared had said something.

“Captain Auray.” Qiao Chen called from inside.

Auray immediately went in.

“I need more data to accurately determine where the mineral vein is.” Qiao Chen gave Auray six magnetic crystal cards and said, “Have six people insert these cards into their mech. They need to follow the cards’ coordinates and begin searching once they reach their destination. The card will record the energy data they find during the search. Retrieving the data must be done as soon as possible. Please have them search carefully.”

Auray distributed the magnetic cards to six of the soldiers. He explained that they needed to carefully conduct the search as per Qiao Chen’s request.

Henry held the card in hand as he prepared to depart on his mech. After fighting an internal argument, he reluctantly turned around and said, “Captain, you must help me watch over engineer Qiaoyi. Don’t let anyone from the fifth fleet find an opportunity to harm him.”

“Help you look after him?” Auray asked. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Henry strangely.

“Anyways, you must look after him well. Please, captain. ” Henry requested and immediately left when he was done.

With the locator device in hand, Qiao Chen exited the tent and headed to a different location. While he waited for the team of six to gather the data he needed, Qiao Chen was taking a survey of the area on the locator device. He ignored the hostile glares from the fifth fleet members. He knew they were still mad from the triennial combat practice where he caused them to lose in such a humiliating way.

Jared also stared at Qiaoyi with a complicated look in his eyes. Previously, he couldn’t help but persuade his father to agree with annulling the marriage agreement between him and Qiaoyi. He desperately a.s.sured and guaranteed his father that Greene would have made glorious achievements.  However, while Greene did perform well, he didn’t perform as well as Qiaoyi. His father had constantly reprimanded him about the matter, but he didn’t know that Qiaoyi would join the third fleet after resigning from the fifth fleet. The Flock family wasn’t particularly involved in the discourse between the two factions, but Qiaoyi was now very clearly helping the other faction.

One by one, the team of six returned as they completed their search. They gave Qiao Chen the magnetic crystal card. Once Qiao Chen received the last card, he prepared to return to the tent.

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Pleasing Start-Over Chapter 24

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