Easily Set Aflame Chapter 10 Part3

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Jia He and Teacher Yi are taking turns to s.h.i.+ne. Last time she was the one who declared her trust and also KO'd Tian Chu. This time, Teacher Yi brings girly squeals. Too many things he says and does in this update that I love.

Chapter 10.3 — The Ex and the Ex (3)

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While she was still staring stupidly, Yi Wenze walked out and addressed her. "Jia He."

She turned her head to look at him. The door had not yet closed behind him. The people inside the room chitchatting and toasting one another were like a noisy backdrop. And he, in front of that backdrop, was gazing at her. Because he had consumed alcohol, his eyes seemed cloaked in a floating layer of light, and they were riveted like this on her.

In this instant, she finally realized why she liked him.

It was because his eyes were always so very focused. So long as he was looking at you, there would be nothing else, not even any other shadows, inside them.

"Going now?" Wu Zhilun looked at him in surprise.

Yi Wenze stepped over. "You go ahead and continue. I'm going to bring Jia He back." And then, his motions natural, he took her hand.

Jia He suddenly remembered that Tian Chu was still in the washroom and if she came out and ran into them like this, it would be even more awkward. Hence, Jia He, tilting her face up to look at him, simply stated, "Let's go now."

Before Yi Wenze could speak, Wu Zhilun lifted his lips into a broad smile and asked him in a low voice, "Do you know what Harmonious Family Prospers said?" All Jia He could feel was that her head was buzzing. She honestly just wanted to stuff this guy back through the door, burn his corpse, and completely destroy all the evidence.

Luckily for her, Yi Wenze did not show any interest, merely smiling and slapping the cap onto Wu Zhilun's head. "Don't drink too much."

Grinning, Wu Zhilun gave him a light shove and then looked down at Jia He. "Even though Ze graduated from architecture school, he actually has a good brain for financial management. You can rest a.s.sured that you absolutely won't need to support the family and pay back debts." With that, he reached a hand up, twisted the cap to the side so that the brim was at an angle, and then very suavely sauntered past Yi Wenze into the room.

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Even when they were in the car, Yi Wenze did not follow up and ask her the meaning of Wu Zhilun's words.

It was actually Jia He who was rather preoccupied, Tian Chu's remark continuously running through her head. Inside the washroom, she had spoken out of self-defense, so of course she had needed to make up a bunch of reasons to make herself seem strong. However, was that remark not the same thought that would occasionally pop up in her own mind? When all was said and done, she still had questions and things that she did not understand, still had misgivings and fears.

She suddenly very pathetically discovered that, actually, all this time she had been preparing herself for being broken up with.

Some sort of accident had occurred up ahead. Traffic was a mess, jammed up like a pot of rice porridge. There were constantly drivers stepping out to have a look and also people honking their horns furiously, impatiently trying to rush others. Finding this all very strident, Jia He tried turning up the volume of the music, but still this was unable to drown out the din outside. Time pa.s.sed like this for a while until Yi Wenze spoke up first, asking a question. "Is something troubling you?"

All right, it's time to lay things out in the open. If you have any questions, just ask them.

Though she wrestled with herself about it, she still spoke what was on her mind. "I was thinking, why do you like me?"

She reckoned that in some corner of this city, someone else was definitely asking this same question. The frequency of these words playing out is second only to "I love you" and "Let's break up." Most people, in order to verify how much they are loved, will constantly ask things like "What about me is so good? Why did you fall in love with me?" But she genuinely wanted to know why Yi Wenze, someone who had been surrounded by all sorts of excellent, outstanding women for more than a decade, would fall for her?

This circle that they were in was simply too florid and ostentatious.

Jia He had thought he would mull over this with seriousness for a bit, but to her surprise, he actually chuckled and glanced at her. Very slowly, he stated, "If we judge based on normal standards, you have a harmonious family and also a pretty good career, and you also have the ability to pay a house mortgage and buy a car."

Jia He's jaw fell open and she gaped at him, wis.h.i.+ng with all her might that she could throw open the door and run from there. What kind of darned restaurant was that? Its soundproofing couldn't be that bad, right? …

So did that mean everyone in the room had heard her?!

Unfortunately for her, he soon added the last sentence: "If one day in the future I go bankrupt from investment failure, I might be able to rely on you to support the family and pay back the debts."

The racket outside and the silence inside the car were like fire and ice, two extremes. She suddenly felt hot, then the next second was cold, and she dared not look at him anymore. She only felt that she had humiliated herself all the way to Siberia.

"Tian Chu called my mobile and deliberately let me listen in."

So that meant he was the only one who heard?

She exhaled a pent-up breath. Her heart, though, felt no relief and actually grew heavier.

It turned out… they still had such a good relations.h.i.+p.

The road ahead had cleared already. One after the other, cars began moving. It seemed that this was not any sort of good time to talk.

Her gaze floated from the side of his face to the steering wheel, and then she completely pulled it back. In the end, however, she still could not restrain herself, and softly she said one sentence: "I think I might be jealous."

Quiet. Very quiet. He did not speak.

The seat belt was a bit tight and made her a little uncomfortable. Jia He reached a hand over to loosen it slightly. Then, sitting herself up straight and facing forward, she fixed her eyes on the flow of vehicles in front of them. Had she been too frank? To actually even state that she was jealous… After they had turned onto a different road, Yi Wenze finally picked up his mobile phone, tapped around on it a couple of times, and casually handed it to her.

He isn't joking, is he? He's letting me go through and check up on him?

Jia He gazed blankly at him, not expecting that this would be his reaction, and did not dare take it. At last giving a chuckle, Yi Wenze told her, "Go ahead and look."

That smile was very warm. Outside, a light happened to flash by, s.h.i.+ning a beam of white between them.

She wavered for a moment before taking the phone from him, lowering her head, and looking at it. Displayed on that light-blue screen was the outgoing call log. It was a long, long name list, but there were only the same two words—"Jia He."

"I don't really like making personal phone calls. If there is work, I still mainly just take phone calls." His gaze on her was earnest. "Does this make you feel a little better?"

How can I feel good about this? she thought gloomily.

He was so open and forthright. That just made her seem too small-minded and petty…

And then that very gracious and forthright person continued, "Workwise, she and I don't really have any interaction. If you truly do mind, I will forward her calls directly to Qing's mobile."

That would be too unreasonable… She had not even taken things to such an extreme with Gu Yu.

If she really did request things to be that way, wouldn't that mean she had become like a magistrate who sets houses on fire?

"No, that's okay. That's too hurtful."

"To me, you are very important." He stated this as a certainty, like it was a definition.

He did not use "more important," meaning there was no intent at all to even compare.

Four simple words, but they caused her to immediately completely lay down her arms in surrender. "There's honestly no need. I…" She wanted to say, "I'm not that petty," but she did not even have the conviction to say those words aloud. She could only give a sniffle and let herself fall into silence.

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The hotel was not far.

The two of them purposely walked in at staggered times. As it was late already, there were only a handful of people inside. When Jia He was seated and handing over her ident.i.ty card, Yi Wenze sat down in the chair next to hers. The hotel desk clerk checking Jia He in stole a glance at the adjacent computer and then whispered to Jia He, "You're next door to Yi Wenze. So lucky." Exhilaration glimmered in her eyes.

Jia He could only put on a look of astonishment and murmur back, "Really?"

That young girl nodded her head furiously. Then speedily finis.h.i.+ng the check-in process for her, she slid the ident.i.ty card and a room key card over to Jia He. "Wait until you see him stand up, and then you can leave. That way you'll definitely be able to go up in the same elevator as him."

So keen and friendly… Jia He sheepishly said a thank you.

Both their rooms had been booked by Qing, so of course they were next door to one another.

"I still have some things to do tonight." He helped her to put away her luggage.

"That's perfect." Jia He hastily pulled out her laptop computer from her bag. "I have stuff to do, too. We can be busy with our own stuff." Then she immediately took out the charger and mouse and swiftly plugged them in to show that she really was not lying.

Watching as she pressed the power b.u.t.ton, he remarked musingly, "Who would have thought? My girlfriend is workaholic."

She turned a doleful look on him. "It's all because of you. We just out of the blue came here to Tianjin. I haven't even come up with how I'm going to explain this to Director Liu."

"It's no problem. I'll talk to him."

With an "Ah?" Jia He turned him down. "No, don't. I'm very professional. I can't always just pull you out as an excuse to be lazy."

"He sent a script over to me and has been saying all this time that he wants to have a face-to-face meeting." Yi Wenze drew the curtains closed for her. "I'll just call him and have him come over here, and that will solve things."

Oh, right…

A look of reverence instantly flooded Jia He's face. If that was the case, then this Monday's meeting would definitely be cancelled…

"Let's agree now; you're not allowed to say that I'm your girlfriend."

In reality, there really was no problem mentioning it to those within the entertainment circle itself, but she just felt weird thinking about the fact that she and Director Liu would be collaborating for several months.

Yi Wenze sighed in resignation, "You're planning on keeping me underground and completely hidden away?"

Jia He's eyes shone. "When one episode of mine commands more than ten thousand [RMB], I'll make you known to the public."

With a smiling shake of his head, he said, "I'll have Lun sign you for the next film." Strolling back over from the windowside, he scanned his eyes over Jia He's computer desktop, a faint grin on his face. "I'll use that to buy an above-ground, made-known-to-the-public status."

Jia He let her eyes follow his gaze. At once, heat rushed into her cheeks, and hastily slapping her laptop shut, she began striding forward and shoving him. "Forget it. I'm just going to put in the effort myself. Hurry and go now. It's really late already."

He walked to the door but all of a sudden stopped, quietly gazing at her for a moment. Then, bending down, he gave her a good-night kiss.

It was just a light touch. Because he had had some drinks, his lips were a little hot and carried the rich aroma of alcohol.

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She had always disliked it when people were drunk, but yet because it was him, she only felt that the scent was so fragrant. Thump, thump, thump. Her heart pranced wildly. Closing her eyes, she very naturally moved in to meet his kiss. Love is such a peculiar thing. When it first begins, there is always endless pa.s.sion and impulsive desire. You will continuously try to draw nearer to the other person, continuously try to feel things out. You want only to be closer by just a little bit more, to know whether you can be even closer still and what extent of closeness will finally satisfy you… The central air-conditioning system was producing a faint hum. And she was encircled in his arms, her back against the wall, until finally he released her first and murmured, "Rest earlier."

Her eyes, slightly dazed, were riveted on him, and softly she asked, "You still haven't told me, why do you like me?"

Fine, she admitted that her memory really was too good… She truly was too curious, and also genuinely uneasy. She dared not let him show his face, dared not tell the people around her about him, because she was afraid this was just an impulse of his that had suddenly arisen and once the novelty wore off, he would disappear from her life without a trace. She was not someone suited for spontaneously entering into a romantic relations.h.i.+p. Only because it was him, she had muddleheadedly thrown herself into this.

But she truly had no confidence…

No confidence that she could hold on securely to this type of man.

Those eyes that were so close, that were right before her, gradually grew tender. He told her, "I actually am not really good with words."

She looked at him, puzzled.

Lowering his head, he brought his forehead to hers. "So, don't ask everything all at once. Leave some for me to say."

She was still confused and was even beginning to become baffled.

"Leave them for me to tell you when I ask you to marry me."

His voice was very light, but so clear.

This was the first time in her life that someone had said to her the words "ask you to marry me." And moreover, this man was the person she had always liked, a person with whom she should have had no connection whatsoever… It was only a short dialogue, but it succeeded in sealing her ability to think.

Even when the room door had shut completely with a light click, Jia He was still leaning against the wall, not daring even to breathe.

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There is a saying, 只许州官放火不许百姓点灯 “the magistrates are allowed to set houses on fires, but the common folk aren't even allowed to light their lamps." Basically, this means that the powerful people can have double standards and do whatever they like, whereas the weak and powerless are not allowed to do anything. Jia He means, if she requests Yi Wenze to screen out Tian Chu's calls but she herself does not do that to her own ex, Gu Yu, she is having double standards.

This story was translated with the express permission of the author for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com only. All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or re-posting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, the copy is unauthorized and has been taken without consent of the translator.

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