The Phoenix Arises Chapter 30.2

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Published at 16th of July 2019 06:00:40 AM Chapter 30.2

Chapter 30 . 2: A Challenge


[The Crown Princess was clearly saying Heir Qing is filthy . That is quite true as well . Who doesn’t know about the mult.i.tude of good looking man in Heir Qing’s royal harem? If not in the thousands, the number was at least in the hundreds . Compared to the Crown Princess who has not wedded a husband or any spouse, she is indeed a rather filthy woman . ]

Duanmu Qing was so angered by Duanmu Xi she almost wanted to vomit out blood . [How dare she say I am dirty? What a detestable good for nothing . ]

“Since the Crown Princess dares not accept the challenge, then… . . ”

Duanmu Qing had not even finished with her words when Duanmu Xi opened her mouth to speak: “Even though that is the case, Your Highness here will accept your challenge . The time and location is up to you to decide . ”

Once those words came out, the Phoenix Ceremonial Palace fell silent . But that silence maintained only for a few seconds . A few seconds later, the Phoenix Ceremonial Palace suddenly boiled and bubbled with voices in heated discussion .

“Are my ears playing tricks on me? Did Her Highness the Crown Princess just accept Heir Qing’s challenge?”

“Good Heavens, is Her Highness the Crown Princess drunk? Otherwise why would she accept Heir Qing’s challenge?”

“Her Highness the Crown Princess is really rash . Is she going to risk her life just for a man?”

“… . . ”

Duanmu Xue and Huangfu Che were also staring at Duanmu Xi in shock . Duanmu Xue then called out anxiously: “Little Xi, you… . . ”

The brows of Duanmu Xian and Situ Rui were also tightly furrowed together as they looked at Duanmu Xi with incomprehension .

Duanmu Fei was not as patient as those few others and she jumped right out from her seat .

“Little Qing, what do you mean by doing this? You know that Little Xi has had quite a bit to drink tonight and she is unable to practice any martial arts . But you still went ahead to issue her a challenge . Just what is your true motive?”

Duamu Qing was still a little stunned, but after Duanmu Fei’s bout of roaring, she had come fully awake .

She was greatly surprised by the result . She had originally done it only in a fit of rage, thinking to use that as an opportunity to humiliate the Crown Princess . She had never expected that useless piece of trash would really accept her challenge . It was just one year since she last saw her, and her courage now was something that put the Crown Princess in a completely new light .

This time, she would openly defeat the Crown Princess right before everyone’s eyes . She wanted everyone to know that the useless good for nothing Duanmu Xi was not worthy of being the Vermillion Bird Kingdom’s Crown Princess .

Duanmu Qing gathered her thoughts together and then turned to Duanmu Fei to say: “My Royal Aunt is unjustly accusing your niece here . A duel calls for consent from both parties and since Her Highness the Crown Princess is of the same mind, then let’s set it at the Chen hour after dawn in three days’ time, for a duel at the Vermillion Bird Stage . What do you think? Does Her Highness the Crown Princess have any thoughts about that?”

Duanmu Qing asked with an eyebrow arched up, as she stared tauntingly at Duanmu Xi .

When everyone heard the words Vermillion Bird Arena, they all gasped in shock .

[Heir Qing is really vicious hearted . She was clearly going all out, fully intending to torment Her Highness the Crown Princess to death . ]

Duanmu Xue and the others looked at Duanmu Xi with worried faces, hoping in their hearts she would not agree . Unfortunately… . .

“As you wish . ”

The Phoenix Arises Chapter 30.2

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