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Xie Xi couldn't help saying to Jiang Xie, "…The little moon is too cute."

His voice was very low and he whispered it into Jiang Xie's ears. In fact, speaking loudly was fine since this was more like a playback.

Jiang Xie deliberately leaned close to Xie Xi and whispered. "No, you're the cute one."

Xie Xi, "…"

Jiang Xie patched up a bit of his brain. "What did you look like when you were a child?"

He must've been the loveliest baby in the world.

Xie Xi laughed. "Teacher, this carries a minimum of a three years prison sentence or the maximum death penalty."

Teacher Jiang winked. "What are you thinking, little friend? I only have a fatherly heart towards the underage you."

Xie Xi unceremoniously dismantled him. "Fatherly? What d.a.m.n father?"

"Cough…" Jiang Xie cleared his throat."Baby, you have a deep misunderstanding of me. I think it is necessary for us to talk in depth."

Xie Xi hadn't adapted to this messy name even after 60 years and cried out, "Don't call me that!"

"Yes Dear."

Xie Xi raised his eyebrows and glared at him.

Jiang Xie compromise. "I was wrong. We are married and I'm your legal husband. I should call you… wife."

Xie Xi shouted angrily, "If you want to see me leave then keep calling me that!"

Jiang Xie had no lower limit but had to say, "Okay, you are my husband." It was still marriage!

Xie Xi, "………………"

If it wasn't for the fact that he would've lost, Xie Xi would've killed him by now! The green 999 goodwill became 998.

Jiang Xie instantly sobered up while his heart dripped blood like a boss experiencing a 50 billion yuan loss.

He tried to turn the tide by making a pair of s.h.i.+ning silver things appear in his palm.

Xie Xi was staring at the plot when he felt something cold on his ring finger. He looked down and froze.

Jiang Xie asked, "Can you help me put it on?"

It was a pair of rings. The larger one was engraved with Xie Xi's name while the smaller one had Jiang Xie's name.

Xie Xi stared at it while the tip of his nose became sour. This pair of rings was bought by Xie Xi and were their wedding rings. He and Jiang Xie and engraved the words together, doing their best to write each other's name on the ring.

Xie Xi hadn't taken it off for 60 years and Jiang Xie was the same.

Until the end of their lives, this pair of rings were worn on their fingers. Their bodies turned into dead bones but these rings, engraved with the names of the two people, always shone beautifully.

Xie Xi stared at the ring and wondered, "Is there a rope?'


Xie Xi repeated, "A rope."

Jiang Xie took out a thin black rope.

Xie Xi glared at him. "One more."

Jiang Xie took out another one and couldn't help saying, "Can't you wear the ring on your finger?"

He lost a goodwill point. Did the child not want to stay with him forever? Jiang Xie didn't lose 50 billion yuan. It felt like he was bankrupt and owed 50 billion yuan.

Xie Xi ignored him and carefully put the ring on the black rope, placing a fixed bar to prevent it from slipping. Jiang Xie was opening his mouth again when Xie Xi interrupted. "Come over."

Jiang Xie hesitantly didn't move. Xie Xi felt amused and angrily as he got up and tied the black rope with the ring around Jiang Xie's neck.

Jiang Xie reluctantly said, "This is a ring. Why do you want to make it a neckla…"

Xie Xi handed the black rope to him. "Help me put it on."

Jiang Xie, "…" He honestly helped Xie Xi while taking the opportunity to touch his white neck.

Xie Xi's body trembled slightly and he s.h.i.+fted his gaze. "Okay, watch the plot."

Jiang Xie stared at the black line again the fair skin. "This isn't suitable as a necklace. I have…"

Xie Xi stared straight ahead. "It was a game."

Jiang Xie's heart throbbed. The tip of Xie Xi's ears were slightly red but he spoke earnestly, "Don't you want a real wedding?"

Jiang Xie, "!"

Xie Xi felt that his entire body was boiling and gulped. "I mean… we… well…"

He couldn't speak because Jiang Xie kissed him. How could he endure this? How could this be endured? Jiang Xie felt that if he didn't do anything, he would be stimulated until he was sick.

Xie Xi had given him a proper stimulation and couldn't push him away… he also didn't want to push it away.

After wearing the ring on the black rope, Xie Xi stared carefully. It was their rings and Jiang Xie had completely restored them. Even the most subtle scratches and the way it adjusted to the shape of their fingers after many years were still there.

60 years, it was like looking back on their past. Xie Xi had many things he couldn't remember but he remembered every moment with Jiang Xie.

The appearance of Xie Su, his childhood memories and the cold and lonely nights had all become faint. The nightmare he was entangled with had long disappeared without a trace due to Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi wanted to understand the whole Jiang Xie and he also wanted Jiang Xie to understand the new Xie Xi.

This pair of rings was a dream of the past and they had an infinite future.

Jiang Xie released Xie Xi and said, "We'll go now…"

Xie Xi covered his mouth and exclaimed, "I haven't graduated yet!"

Jiang Xie blinked. Xie Xi spoke helplessly, "Do you want to be with me for a day or…"

"To be born from age to age."

Xie Xi's eyes curved. "Then we should know more about each other."

"But we…"

"You aren't Professor Jiang and I'm not your student."

They had understood each other for 60 years in the dream but that was the Jiang Xie and Xie Xi in the dream.

In reality, Jiang Xie was a designer with 'eternal life' and Xie Xi was a beginner collector.

The gap was so big. How could they be together? Hadn't Xie Xi always been dependent on Jiang Xie? Xie Xi couldn't allow that. Being needed without losing himself, he knew exactly what he wanted. It was walking side by side and mutually supporting each other for a long time.

Jiang Xie's heart was a soft mess as he whispered, "Okay, I am waiting for you."

Once he grew up and became stable, they would be together for a long time. Xie Xi put it out of his mind right now. He turned his head away with embarra.s.sment. "Don't disturb me from watching the plot!"

Jiang Xie nodded. "I won't disturb you."

His big hand stretched out like a thief. Xie Xi wanted to take it off but Jiang Xie had already clasped their fingers together.

Xie Xi, "…" He allowed his hand to be held.

The plot of the sun and moon wasn't a continuation of when they departed from the world but an earlier time.

The open world did have residents who were normal humans. They weren't developed in science and technology and were a farming society.

At this time, the sun was an adult and the moon was a child. It was unknown how they were born but they contained a powerful force.

To be precise, the sun had a powerful force.

At first, he only helped a group of people who were going to starve to death. The moon was unhappy and thought he was meddling.

The sun just smiled and kissed his forehead. "I'm just helping them."

The moon frowned and told him, "It's going to be troublesome." The sun told him, "You can't be so indifferent."

The moon didn't overdo it. "Hmm."

The sun hugged the little moon in his arms. "Okay, Big Brother won't care about them. Shall I just stay with you?"

The little moon grabbed his clothes and spoke disdainfully. "You aren't my older brother!"

The sun told him, "Yes, you were born earlier than me. Shall I call you Big Brother?"

The little moon looked at his hand and then the sun's big size. "How are you so big?"

The sun poked him in his small chest. "Who told you to be so picky and not eat well? That's why you're not growing."

The little moon held his finger and exclaimed, "You grew too fast!"

The sun smiled but there was a faint hint of worry in his eyes.

They were born together but the moon always maintained the body of a young child and showed no signs of growing up. The sun didn't know the reason but he was really worried. He had left the Holy Land to find the cause.

The little moon frowned. "I don't like it here."

"Let's look again. Once it is boring, we'll go back."

The little moon was silent and lay quietly in his arms.

The two brothers were actually very simple. In particular, the sun had a 'divine power' but also a friendly personality. He soon attracted a group of people.

The moon's personality was cold and didn't like to talk to people. However, people didn't care because he was just a child and they circled around the sun.

At first, the sun only helped them a bit. Then more and more people came and the help became more troublesome.

The little moon scolded, "They can build a house on their own. Why are they asking for your help with everything?"

The sun replied, "It takes them a few months to build a house while I can do it in a day."

The little moon said, "So what? While you're building it, they…"

"Once I come back, I'll bring you some sugar to eat."

The little moon hugged his chest. "I won't eat!"

The sun suggested, "Two?"

The moon, "…"

"Three, okay?"

The little moon shouted, "Get out of here!"

The sun left and the little moon stayed inside the house. He was afraid to go out. Since the sun wasn't here, he couldn't even leave the room.

It wasn't that he didn't want to go out, it was that he couldn't. The light outside was so great that he would be burned without the sun.

The little moon was bored in the house. Whenever he heard a bit of movement, he would stand up to look and then be disappointed when he didn't see anyone.

After waiting a long time, he slept with the quilt in his arms and then the sun came back.

The little moon's eyes brightened and his lips curved. However, he had a straight face once the sun entered. "You are so noisy when coming back, you woke me up from my sleep!"

Unfortunately, his face was too soft to frighten people.

The sun smiled. "I'll take a shower first." He was dirty and afraid the little moon wouldn't be happy.

The little moon didn't like looking at his back since he always felt the sun would leave again. The small moon was very panicked but bit his lower lip and didn't say anything.

After a while, the sun came back with three candies.

The little moon told him, "I don't like this type of thing."

The sun said, "It is very sweet. I had them wrap it with extra sugar."

"I don't like sugar."

"If you don't want to eat…" The sun asked, "Shall I eat it?"

The little moon grabbed the sugar. "This is mine. I will throw it away but I won't give it to you to eat!"

The sun smiled, "Okay, don't eat too much. It won't last long."

It was unknown which pot was opened but the little moon bit the sun's arms. "I will eat you once I grow up!"

The little moon often bit him when losing his temper. The sun wasn't hurt at all and was just afraid of the teeth falling out.

The next day, the sun went out early in the morning and tried to coax the little moon with candy again, only for the moon to shout angrily, "If you go then don't come back!"

The sun explained, "There's always something hanging around the woods lately. I have to check it."

The little moon asked, "Why is it your business? That thing can't hurt us!"

The sun stated, "The town is finished if it comes out."

The little moon wondered, "Why does it matter if it is finished? We can just return to the Holy Land."

The sun told him, "It will kill a lot of people."

The little moon was speechless.

The sun left and the little moon looked at the two remaining pieces of candy with anger.

'It will kill a lot of people… so what? You haven't slept for a long time.'

The little moon woke up again when he heard movement from afar. He thought the sun was back and jumped out of the bed with joy, only to find it was a few strangers.

He was stunned and could perfectly hear the low voices.

"Is it that child?"

"Yes, it's him."

"If we take him away, we can really make the sun go to our city?"

"Yes, he might be a G.o.d but even he has a soft spot."

"Once we take his son away, the sun won't…"

“How can we tie him up? We are just taking him to play. He is a little kid and is easy to trick."

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s.h.i.+fting from One to Another

The moon was furious after hearing this. The sun was constantly helping people, making him stay awake day and night.

Then these trash didn't hesitate to use such dirty means for their own selfish desires!

If the moon was really a young child who didn't know the world, he would've been deceived by them and turned into a tool for enslaving the sun. However, the moon wasn't a child. Once the men came in with all types of things, he shouted, "Get out, don't try to take me away!"

Xie Xi saw this and his heart thumped.

Jiang Xie waved his hand.

Xie Xi whispered, "They're still too simple."

No matter how powerful or how good their qualifications, they were simple children who hadn't explored the world.

Humanity had conquered the world. They might not have power or qualifications but they had worldly experience.

The moon's mouth exposed everything. The men glanced at each other and malice was born.

Originally, they wanted to trick him and not tear apart off their masks in front of the sun. However, the moon saw through the intentions. They didn't give up despite the sun's eventual rage and simply tied up the moon!

They couldn't go against a big person but what about a small child?

They swarmed and easily subdued the moon.

The little moon panicked. He couldn't walk out of this room but they were going to force him outside.

It was impossible to ask for mercy with his temper. He would rather be burnt to death by the light outside then ask for mercy from such a disgusting group of people!

This group used a lot of effort to bring the small moon out of the house. As soon as the light hit him, the little moon screamed uncontrollably.

It hurt too much, it was really too painful.

It was as if there were countless needles tied to him, stabbing in and then being pulled out, leaving a bright redness behind.

His appearance frightened the men.

"W-What's going on?"

"He's afraid of the light!"

"He is very hot and is burning up!"

The man holding the moon threw him to the ground and the young child fell, the blood making him look miserable and terrifying.

A very long time ago, the moon was as big as the sun. They were both young children and clung to each other in the Holy Land.

One day, the bored moon was very curious about what was outside the Holy Land. He walked out along but was burnt and couldn't move.

At the time, he thought he was going to die and that he would be burnt to ashes by the light.

The sun suddenly grew up and found him, picking him up in st.u.r.dy arms.

The moon couldn't open his eyse and the sun's clear voice was heard in his ears, "Don't worry, there is no pain. I'll blow on it and it won't hurt."

The moon's pain really stopped. The moment he entered the sun's arms, the scalding heat slowly stopped and he healed.

Since then, the sun was always grown up but the moon maintained the appearance of a young child, never growing.

In the present, the sun came back and saw the small moon curled up and b.l.o.o.d.y.

He turned pale and his veins bulged. "What's going on?"

No one had ever seen him so angry. They had never seen him furious. No one ever thought the originally warm sun would become a brutal fire!

Those who took the moon out of the house were burnt to ashes and even those who followed the sun were burnt. The fire stretched out and burnt countless fields!

It was a disaster that horrified people…

Only the small moon gradually recovered in the sun's blazing fire. The little moon eventually opened his eyes and the sun's eyes were red. "I'm sorry."

The little moon frowned and tried to speak fiercely in his weak voice. "I have long told you that you should leave them alone."

The sun hugged him and cried out in a choked voice. "It's my fault."

The little moon stretched out his healed arms and hugged the sun. "Let's go home."

The unprecedented soft cry touched the sun's heart but…

"Wait." The sun told him, "I want to find out why your body can't grow."

The little moon froze and bit him on the shoulder. "What do you mean by I'm not growing?  Do you think my body is small?"

The sun was distressed. "How can I dislike it? I just…" He paused and whispered, "I know you want to grow up."

The moon had strong self-esteem and was more curious about the outside world then the sun. However, since the incident at an early age, the moon never walked out of the Holy Land alone.

The sun often saw him standing at the exit or standing in front of the mirror while looking at his small body.

Who wanted to be trapped in one place forever? Who was willing to lose his freedom? Who wanted to be a child forever?

The sun didn't want to see the moon unhappy.

The moon released his anger and his voice was m.u.f.fled by the sun's shoulder. "I don't want to grow up." If the prince was… then he would rather be like this forever.

The sun smiled and promised, "Afterwards, I will always go out with you. Wherever we go, we'll be together, okay?"

The little moon scoffed. "I don't want to see these annoying people!"

"I can't leave you here alone anymore."

The little moon frowned. "Then let's go back to the Holy Land!"

The sun suggested, "Wait a bit more… once the peace blossoms are open, if we can't find a way for you to grow up then we will return to the Holy Place."

'I don't want you to become smaller when you find it.' The moon didn't say this and nodded. "Okay, wait for the peach blossoms to open. If you still don't go back, I will leave."

"It is a promise."

They stayed but unfortunately, life became unsettled after the fire. The sun had a child who was afraid of the light. The sun's energy had set fire to the entire forest.

Humanity was afraid of the real powerhouses. In particular, there was the obvious heterogeneity of the sun and the moon. Rumours that the moon was a devil quietly spread and the two brothers became aware of it once it fermented to an uncontrollable level.

By this time, it was already too late. The humans found a justified reason for their greed. They seized the moon under the pretense of eliminating the devil and threatened thes un.

The moon was too weak and the sun was afraid that he would be hurt. The sun promised to do anything for them.

How could the people be satisfied? They started to want the power of the sun and wanted to know the secret of his 'eternal life.'

Once the peach blossoms were in full bloom, the sun fell into the traps set by the people and his body was pierced by the spears he had smelted.

The sun fell into a coma and the light that illuminated the entire world disappeared.

The moon came out. He took step by step with an expressionless face. His body gradually grew from a young child to a tall boy and finally a handsome man with silver hair.

Everywhere he went, the sky became dark and a silver glow spread under his feet. It was like flowing mercury that brought unparalleled beauty and death with it.

People were terrified and surrendered their weapons to him. It was a pity that they couldn't hurt him.

The silver light covered the earth like it wanted to wash away everything filthy and all traces of humanity were gone.

This included humans. Since then, there were no humans in this world, only the walking dead.

The moon picked up the sun that had turned into a baby. The sun was too weak and didn't remember anything. Once he opened his eyes and saw the moon, he only showed a bright smile.

The moon stared at him and his voice was as cold as ice. "Idiot." However, tears slid down from the corner of his eyes.

Xie Xi was stunned. "They… has it always been like this?"

Jiang Xie told him, "Continue to watch."

Then there was the world ruled by the moon. It was cold and dark, like a huge tomb.

The moon wanted to turn everyone into zombies and control the world. Thus, he needed to maintain an enormous amount of power.

Under these circ.u.mstances, the sun couldn't maintain the appearance of a young child and was always in a baby state. He forgot everything and didn't know anything. He was afraid to leave the Holy Land.

It was because the darkness outside would corrode him, just as the moon was burnt by the light.

The moon knew that as long as he helped this person go outside, the sun would slowly grow up and remember the previous things.

However, the moon didn't want to. He wanted to end all the disgusting things. Until one day, the sun who had forgotten everything saw the moon and screamed out, "Brother."

This word was like placing a soldering iron on the ice that covered him. The moon no longer saw the sun but still heard his voice.

Brother, Brother, Brother, Brother…

One cry after another was like a sharp knife off the ice that sealed the moon's heart.

Then the players entered the open world and the underground game field consumed the power of the moon. Jiang Xie completely defeated him and the sun came back.

Xie Xi saw only one fragment of what happened to the open world after he left.

The sun held the little moon and walked out of the dark Holy Land. He turned the zombies back into humans but never got involved in their lives.

The little moon was sulking and the sun rea.s.sured him, "I won't repeat the same mistakes."

The little moon cried out, "The human heart is like that!"

The sun replied, "The human heart isn't constant."

There were greed and restraint, evil and good, cruelty and kindness. There was no need to deify humans and no need to hate them.

The sun said, "They aren't G.o.ds or demons. They are just humans."

The sun stood on the highest mountain and used his greatest strength to place a fiery ball in the middle of the sky.

If a person looked closely, they would find the smiling face of a naive child, emitting countless light and heat that lit up the whole world.

The moon was silent and the sun turned towards him. "I can only maintain this for a while. Once I'm tired, can I change with you?"

The moon was disdainful. "I will only turn them into zombies!"

The sun replied, "That's good. Let them have a peaceful sleep under the light of the moon."

"What peaceful sleep? I want them to have nightmares!"

The sun laughed. "Yes."

The moon continued, "I will make everything dark and black."


"I will also release zombies to catch the people who don't sleep!"

The sun kept nodded. "Yes."

The moon still wasn't willing. "Also…"

"Okay." The sun told him, "You can do whatever you want."

The moon thought of countless cruel means before finally saying, "I'm too lazy."

Finally, the world had a sun and a moon, a warm day and a cold night, with balance and constraints.

The plot was over. Xie Xi took a moment for his spirit to return.

Jiang Xie wondered, "Isn't it like a fairytale?"

In Xie Xi's world, the sun and moon weren't like this. They were two stars and the moon was very small.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. "It's very good."

Such a world was also very good. It was a logical and rational world, as well as a world filled with emotions and dreams. This was the real truth.

Jiang Xie asked, "Are you relieved?"

He was relieved. The sun had the moon to take care of him while the moon had the sun. The two of them were together, balancing each other and relying on each other.

Old Jiang was evil for a second. "Unfortunately, they are always big and small. How can they be intimate…"

Xie Xi glared at him. "They are brothers!"

Jiang Xie blinked. "I am still a father."

Xie Xi, "………………"

He had absolutely no misunderstandings about Jiang Xie. This guy was never serious! Xie Xi was so angry that he directly left the garden.

Jiang Xie was startled but didn't chase him. He only sent a message, "Tell me before you enter the world."

Xie Xi replied to him with a single, "Yes."

He didn't want to risk Jiang Xie but he couldn't stop Jiang Xie. Rather than let him do something silly, it was better to have him under Xie Xi's eyes.

Jiang Xie sent a message to his group. "Are you free?"

Yan Zhe didn't want to see him for a while and ignored it. Qin Ge was more honest. "?"

Jiang Xie replied, "Do you want to spar for a while in the training field?"

The entire group was silent.

Jiang Xie told them, "Don't be afraid. I will stand still and be your sandbag."

Yan Zhe couldn't figure out what this fool was doing. "Have you finally lost your mind?"

Jiang Xie explained, "I want to consume my power so the price of going to the next world will be relatively small."

It turned out to be this…

Yan Zhe was in a good mood since he could justify screaming and hitting Old Jiang! Jiang Xie spoke again, "I know you won't go so I'll tell you the good news first."

A few people in the group, "……." They had a bad feeling.

Jiang Xie deliberately cleared his throat. "Xiao Xie said that we will get married again. At that time, I will send you an invitation."

The perpetual single dogs wanted to go and beat up this dead person!

Jiang Xie added another knife. "Ah Zhe, don't come. You won't be able to damage me and it will be a waste of time fighting you."

The pure healer G.o.d Yan was silent for a second before swearing, "f.u.c.king arrogant self-off Old Jiang!!!!"

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